Tottenham Hotspur vs Crystal Palace – Betting Tips & Predictions – 03-04

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


While it hasn’t been the best of weeks for either Spurs or Crystal Palace, these two do still remain among the most interesting to watch in the Premier League. Each are capable of some truly thrilling encounters. Tottenham have had no luck throughout March or the latter half of February in the Premier League. Although, you only have to look at their excellent performances against Dortmund and the quality they showed in their most recent losing effort against Liverpool to see they are a force to be reckoned with.

Palace, on the other hand, have traded wins and losses throughout the same period, and managed to best the likes of Leicester, Burnley and Huddersfield in their most recent outing. Despite this, their lack of consistency have made them among the most frustrating teams in the league to watch. Both come into this with plenty to prove.


Tottenham Hotspur vs Crystal Palace Prediction: Spurs 1-0 Palace

Although Tottenham’s recent win-loss record in the Premier League – at least over the last month – is worse than Crystal Palace’s, we still think they are more likely to walk away with the victory here. With the exception of a few games in particular, their performance quality has remained high against top opponents. And while we don’t wish to understate Crystal Palace’s victories, Spurs have achieved more throughout the season. However, when you consider that Palace hold a recent victory over Tottenham, we think we’re in for a nerve-shreddingly close event. With that in mind, our scoreline prediction is 1-0 to Spurs.

Our recommended tip: Tottenham Hotspur win

With nine positions and 25 points separating them in the Premier League standings, it’s no surprise that the home side hold the clear advantage here. Tottenham Hotspur come into this contest with a 64% win probability. In contrast, Crystal Palace only have a 15% probability of winning – with a drawn result being more likely at 21%. At the bookmakers, Palace fans will find high-risk 11/2 match odds from the likes of Ladbrokes. Meanwhile, Spurs supporters will get low-risk 4/9 odds on a win. Therefore, for the best chance of winning your wager, we recommend backing the favourites to victory.

Previous matches

Crystal Palace will be be especially thankful for their FA Cup victory over Tottenham considering that, in general, their previous matches favour Spurs quite significantly. Before then, Tottenham had a five-match wining streak over their opponents and have consistently produced more victories in this fixture over the last century and beyond. In fact, you have to go back to 1907 to find two wins for the Eagles in a row. That would make a win for them here extremely historically significant. It also makes it statistically very unlikely, which is another reason to think that Spurs will probably take this one.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Hugo Lloris & Wilfried Zaha

Tottenham Hotspur: Hugo Lloris

Quite often, it’s the Tottenham Hotspur forwards who get all the attention from the press. However, as we saw during his incredible performance against Dortmund, goalkeeper Hugo Lloris’ saving abilities mean the difference between success and failure. His form in this battle is certainly one to watch to get an idea of who will likely come out on top in what should be a tense and difficult match up.

Crystal Palace: Wilfried Zaha

The Eagles will have to work hard to be able to match Tottenham Hotspur in the offensive department and there’s no one more qualified to give their defenders a hard day’s work than Wilfried Zaha. He’s a man who has the unusual distinction of being far more succesful in away games as of late, scoring in his last three. That’s something no one else can boast for the team. Should he manage a repeat performance here, he may once again make history.

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