Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool – Betting Tips & Predictions – 15-09

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021

Liverpool and Tottenham have had success in their season’s thus far, but each represents the other’s biggest challenge yet. Both will want to use this opportunity to strike fear into the hearts of any and all other contenders.

The away side may have already achieved that, remaining undefeated at the top of the league in these early stages after coming off the back off two astonishing wins – besting both Manchester City and United in a matter of days.

Speaking of the Red Devils, Tottenham have been no slouch either, with their astonishing 3-0 win over the team famously plunging one of the most decorated sides in football into chaos. Even after their shock loss to Watford, that momentum still carries weight.

It’s two of the finest teams in English football going at it with plenty to prove. What more could you possibly want?

Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool Prediction: Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Liverpool

There aren’t many games where a win for either side seems like an almost even possibility – although we do say ‘almost’ for good reason. Despite there being a historical basis for predicting a draw, we think the stakes on this one will be enough to force a win one way or another, and although we predict this as the most likely outcome by an absolute razors edge, we think Liverpool have a little more momentum, a little less pressure and have played a little better.

Their excellent defence, however, probably won’t last the whole game without seeing some damage. So with all that in mind, we’d say that our prediction for the scoreline is 2-1 in the favour of Liverpool.

Our recommended tip: Kane Scores First

Having secured the Golden Boot after an absolutely phenomenal performance as England captain at the 2018 World Cup, all eyes will be on Harry Kane when it comes to Spurs’ offence. After breaking his goalless curse against Fulham back in August, he presents a serious threat to anyone on the opposite side of the pitch to him. Therefore, it is a pretty safe bet that he will kick off this closely-contested match by scoring the first goal for Spurs, with Betfair offering good 16/5 odds on this result.

Previous matches

If you’re looking to find something in their recent meetings to widen the gap here, we’re afraid you’re going to be disappointed. Their recent history is frustratingly deadlocked. They drew in 2018, traded wins in 2017, Liverpool won one more game than Spurs in 2016 and Spurs won one more game than Liverpool in 2015. Liverpool get on a winning streak, Stoke get on a winning streak: you get the idea.

Historically, Liverpool have a clear advantage, but when it comes to previous matches that could tell us something about a game in 2018? Well, they are predictably too close to call.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Harry Kane & Sadio Mané

When is Harry Kane not the player to watch? In all seriousness though, this may be an obvious pick but we think that his ability to find ways through a tough defence will be absolutely vital in this contest, especially when you consider Spurs have only conceded a single goal so far this season. He’s a difference maker and against a team like Liverpool, that kind of spark is exactly what you need to knock a brilliant team off their game.

He’s had quite the year in 2018 – scoring his first hat-trick at the start of the year and becoming the first Senegalese player to score in the final of the 2018 UEFA Champions League, as well as becoming the highest scoring player from his home country of all time. Sitting at four goals already in the World Cup, he has the potential to once again outshine his incredibly talented teammates.

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