Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City – Betting Tips & Predictions – 02/02

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


Plagued by injuries, the mighty Tottenham Hotspur aren’t coming into this match looking like the dangerous team they were what seems like many months ago. Sure, their last Premier League outing was a successful one, but barely squeezing out a win over bottom of the league Norwich is hardly the type of performance that will make them feel confident here. On top of that, their injury woes worsened with the loss of Harry Winks 10 minutes in.

Still, there has been some room for optimism. Son Heung-min remains as brilliant as ever, while Giovani Lo Celso is a star on the horizon. Unfortunately though, they are coming up against a Man City team out to prove their rejuvenation is for good. They will be smelling blood at the opportunity to dominate a big name like Spurs. Who knows if Tottenham’s new sparks will be enough to light the fire needed to take down City.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City Prediction: Spurs 1-3 Man City

While we do think there are more positives to Tottenham right now than some commentators, their issues run too deep for them to be considered anything other than underdogs here. Manchester City have been brilliant both in the EFL and FA Cup – just look at how they picked apart Fulham’s defences for proof of that. They have also been consistent enough to sit second in the Premier League despite many rocky times during the season. With all that in mind, we think that they will seize the opportunity to further solidify their position, with our scoreline prediction being 3-1 to City.

Our recommended tip: Total goals over 3.5

When we made our scoreline prediction, we considered results over that number as much more likely than a final result involving less than four goals. We see City really wanting to prove a point here. While we don’t think Tottenham have the capabilities of staving them off in their current state, they do have the firepower in the likes of Son Heung-min and Dele Alli to perhaps get a receipt or two on their opponents. Therefore, we recommend a wager on total goals over 3.5 if you want to bet on the overall direction of the game rather than a specific score. MarthonBet have 5/4 odds on this bet.

Previous matches

These two have every bit the epic history you would expect from two Premier League juggernauts. There has been over 15 matches beginning well over a century ago, and barely a game between them. Honestly, in all that time, Manchester City lead by a mere two victories. It’s an astonishingly close history of fixtures. With that said, City do pull away a little more in recent encounters. After Tottenham managed a trio of wins in 2016, City began to dominate and Spurs have since only won a single match in eight games, with their opponents winning five.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Giovani Lo Celso & Gabriel Jesus

Tottenham Hotspur: Giovani Lo Celso

In such trying times, Spurs really needed a new jolt of creativity and quality beyond what they can expect from their regular star players. The recently permanently signed midfielder Giovani Lo Celso has proven to be exactly that, earning every bit of that £27.2m transfer with incredible performances during otherwise difficult games. He’s got to be a huge part of Tottenham’s plans to get back on track, and an absolute key to them being able to surprise longtime opponents City.

Manchester City: Gabriel Jesus

Who to pick out of City’s all-star lineup of players? As always, there’s several which immediately spring to mind, so great is their depth of talent. However, based off his brilliant outing against Fulham – where he scored two second-half goals – Gabriel Jesus is our choice for picking up momentum and turning that into results. If you need a player to transform a game in a flash, the ability to score two goals in nearly as many minutes should just about do it.

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