Tottenham vs Newcastle – Betting Tips & Predictions – 02-02

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


Although Tottenham are still considered clear favourites by the bookmakers, the fact that Newcastle managed to defeat the defending champions 2-1 in their last Premier League outing certainly provides a healthy amount of doubt here. It’s an accomplishment that Spurs themselves have failed to achieve, losing to City 1-0 back in October.

Nonetheless, as clear cut as those results are, so is the fact that Tottenham have played better throughout this season. Perhaps though, this recent victory has roused something within Newcastle, who will certainly not want to give up their momentum if they can help it. Tottenham, on the other hand, will smell blood in the water with regards to their Premier League aspirations, and if they have to take out the team which handed them such an opportunity, so be it. We’ll have to tune in on Saturday to find out which determined titan has their way.

Tottenham vs Newcastle Prediction: Tottenham 2-1 Newcastle

While there’s no denying the impact of Newcastle’s recent success – and it certainly does show that they are capable of beating the likes of Tottenham –, that doesn’t necessarily make an away win the most likely outcome here. Put simply, a season’s worth of performances counts more than a single successful game, or even a few for that matter. Consistency is key and that’s what, for the most part, Tottenham have and Newcastle don’t.

For that reason, we predict Spurs to win here. Considering how passionately we think both teams will be fighting, along with Tottenham’s naturally offence-heavy style, we also predict that the final scoreline will be 2-1 to Spurs.

Our recommended tip: Tottenham win

The odds are heavily weighted in the favour of the home team, with Tottenham coming into this contest with a 68% win probability to Newcastle’s 11%. That should hardly come as a surprise though, seeing as Tottenham currently have a 30-point lead over their opponents in the Premier League standings.

Had it not been for Newcastle’s recent 2-1 shock victory over Man City, our recommended tip would have likely been for Tottenham to win to nil. However, despite that impressive showing by the away side, we still think Tottenham will take the win here and you can get low-risk odds of 4/9 from Ladbrokes on that result.

Previous matches

Although the gap between the bookmakers’ expectations for the two sides in this contest is very wide, historically, there’s not actually that much in it. Spurs have the slight advantage statistically, but not by a significant enough margin that it would suggest a clear advantage here.

However, it’s only been recently that they’ve truly pulled away from Newcastle, winning a trio of consecutive victories beginning in 2017. Before that, things are largely back-and-forth, although the scoreline does seem to swing quite wildly either way at points. Still, coming off the back of three successful head-to-head contests, Spurs will have a psychological advantage going into this matchup.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Son Heung-Min & Fabian Schär

Tottenham: Son Heung-Min

With the elimination of South Korea from the Asian Cup, Tottenham got back one of the shining lights of their all star offence in Son Heung-Min. He immediately showcased exactly what they were missing, scoring an 80th minute equaliser to help the team come from behind to defeat Watford. Whether he starts the game or is brought on in their time of need, there are few people who can act as a difference maker quite like Son Heung-Min.

Newcastle: Fabian Schär

Many will understandably be looking at the likes of Salomón Rondón to snatch victory away from another top tier side. However, we’d argue that against a team as skilled on the attack as Tottenham, a defender of the clibre of Fabian Schär is equally, if not more important. He was brilliant against Manchester City and a vital cog in the machine which took down the defending champions. To beat Spurs, defence is always key and Newcastle have no more vital a defender than Schär.

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