Watford vs Fulham – Betting Tips & Predictions – 02-04

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


Fulham’s fortunes have not gotten any brighter in recent weeks. The losses have just kept on piling up and their dreams of a future in the next Premier League are beginning to fade away. Watford, on the other hand, have managed to keep their heads above water. Although, a mixed bag of results makes their performance quality hard to judge match-by-match.

The key differences between these teams is that, while Watford usually manage to get the upper hand over the sides in the lower half of the standings of the Premier League, Fulham have not. Trends will need to be bucked for the bookmakers to have called this one incorrectly.

Watford vs Fulham Prediction: Watford 2-1 Fulham

We think Watford will likely win this one. It might be an obvious choice but when you consider their results, it’s hard to come to another conclusion. Both have fared similarly against many of the Premier League’s top teams. However, while Watford have far and away had much more success over those in the lower standings, Fulham just can’t seem to pull the trigger on their opportunities. The gulf between them isn’t just felt in their league position but also in their average performances. With that in mind, our scoreline prediction for this is 2-1 to the home team.

Our recommended tip: Watford win

Sitting nine places and 26 points ahead of Fulham in the Premier League standings, it’s no surprise that the home side hold the advantage here. Watford come into this contest with a 57% win probability. In contrast, Fulham have just a 19% probability of winning – with a draw actually being more likely than an away win at 24%. Therefore, for your best chance of winning your wager, we recommend that you back the favourites to victory. If you decide to bet on the home team, then you’ll get low-risk 4/6 match odds at Paddy Power.

Previous matches

Despite the first match between these two taking place back way back in 1928, these sides have only actually met on less than 30 occasions. That’s very little, considering the years gone by. However, we’re sure it’ll please Fulham fans to know that they have the overall statistical advantage, winning 10 games compared to Watford’s nine. It isn’t much but an edge is still an edge.

Sadly though, it is one which is blunted when we look at more modern meetings. Fulham haven’t beaten Watford since back in 2005. Although, the fact that their last encounter in 2018 went to a 1-1 draw will at least provide some comfort.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Gerard Deulofeu & Ryan Babel

Watford: Gerard Deulofeu

If Fulham want to get some sense of the scale of the challenge ahead of them, they should look no further than the recent performances of Gerard Deulofeu. He was a constant threat against Manchester United, despite the game not ending in victory. Before this, he was the difference maker in a tense battle against Crystal Palace. Accurate and a menace to even the best defences, Deulofeu could prove to be Fulham’s undoing.

Fulham: Ryan Babel

The injury status of key goalscorer Aleksandar Mitrović is under question at the time of writing. With that in mind, Fulham may need to look elsewhere for someone who can push the team forward and, most importantly, secure some desperately needed points. Left winger Ryan Babel might be the best fit. Even the mighty Liverpool weren’t able to prevent him from hitting the back of the net over a fortnight ago.

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