Watford vs Southampton – Betting Tips & Predictions – 23/04

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


A lot of different factors converge here to make this an especially intriguing match up. For starters, each side has plenty to play for. Watford are still looking to make it to the Europa League with time running out. Meanwhile, Southampton aren’t quite in the clear when it comes to relegation just yet. Further complicating matters is Watford’s team captain Troy Deeney’s suspension, alongside several other injuries on either side.

Another thing they have in common is their recent seesaw like form, as both team’s have frequently traded wins and losses throughout the last couple of months. They even both hold recent Premier League victories over Wolves. They’ve taken very different paths this season, with similarities becoming clearer the closer they come to meeting in a game which we hope will be as exciting as it is interesting.

Watford vs Southampton Prediction: Watford 2-1 Southampton

However, for all the similarities we have pointed out between these two teams, there is just as much that distinguishes them. And, unfortunately for Southampton, not all of them are positive. The differences between their standings is a result of a more consistent form from Watford, with the gulf in points being backed up by more quality performances. That, alongside the home advantage, means we think Watford will win this one. However, we think that they will have a fight on their hands without their captain and against a highly motivated Southampton. That means our scoreline prediction is a hard-fought 2-1 win to Watford.

Our recommended tip: Watford win

The home side currently sit eight places and 13 points above their upcoming opponents in the Premier League standings, so it’s no surprise that they are the bookmakers’ favourites. Watford enjoy a 43% win probability, while Southampton have a 29% win probability – with an away victory being almost as probable as a drawn result. At BetVictor, Watford fans will find low-risk 5/4 odds on a win, compared to higher risk 12/5 Southampton match odds. Therefore, for your best chance of earning a ROI on your bet, we recommend that you back the favourites to victory here.

Previous matches

There’s good news for underdogs Southampton here, as history is very much on their side. Not only do they have the overall statistical advantage – holding several more victories than Watford since their first clash in 1900 – but they also have the edge in modern contests too. With two out of three of their last matches ending in a draw, Southampton hold the most recent win, besting Watford 1-0 in January 2018. Watford do hold a victory of their own from 2017 but you have to go all the way back to 2008 to find another. It’s not enough to change our prediction but it should certainly be a source of optimism for Southampton fans.

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Players to watch: Gerard Deulofeu & Nathan Redmond

Watford: Gerard Deulofeu

Not only did Gerard Deulofeu manage to keep Watford’s European dreams alive by doing the double against Huddersfield in their last Premier League outing, but he also proved to be a menace to their opponent’s defences throughout the game. He produced more shots, shots on target and crosses than any other player. With the help of Deulofeu, Watford may be able to overwhelm a side that they have historically had a tough time beating.

Southampton: Nathan Redmond

Sometimes when you want to see who might be your best chance of success, you need to look at when you were last successful. For Southampton, that would be their 3-1 victory over Crystal Palace. And no one was more instrumental to that victory than man of the match Nathan Redmond whose accuracy saw two goals tear apart the Eagles’ defence.

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