West Ham United vs Burnley – Betting Tips & Predictions – 03/11

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


It’s fair to say that for both West Ham United and Burnley, the last few weeks haven’t been too kind, and this actually reflects quite well how these two sides have trodden similar paths so far this season. West Ham is on a four-match losing streak, while Burnley just suffered brutal back-to-back losses, going no less than 4-0 and 5-0 down against Chelsea and Manchester City. There’s a mere couple of places between them and not a single point, but one team is by far the favourites according to bookmakers. Is that fair? Or is there something missing here?

West Ham United vs Burnley Prediction: West Ham 2-1 Burnley

The team that the bookmakers greatly favour is West Ham, and although that prediction is justified, the level of confidence behind it seems off. This is far from a sure thing. Keep in mind that, not only do Burnley match West Ham in the league right now, but they also did significantly better last season, coming in seventh to West Ham’s 13th.

We do actually think that West Ham have the better shot here based on performance, even if it hasn’t always shown in the results. However, we think this will be much closer than the odds would suggest. We predict a back-and-forth affair, with West Ham coming out on top 2-1.

Our recommended tip:Burnley score first

We’ve already made it clear that we think a lot of bookmakers have Burnley quite underrated, despite us giving the overall nod to West Ham. However, in terms of bets, this can be used to our advantage, as a wager based on Burnley simply performing better than many expect can result in good odds.

In this case, we think that Burnley will manage to get a goal by West Ham, even in defeat, making the possibility of them getting the first goal a decent one. For Burnley to score first, you can get 15/8 odds from Betfair.

Previous matches

There’s one huge surprise in their head-to-head history and it comes in their most recent game, which only took place in March of this year. Not only did Burnley beat West Ham, but they did so in a heartbreaking 3-0 encounter. This may have been the nadir of the club’s recent history: an awful performance further marred by ugly scenes on and off the pitch. It’s another reason not to count Burnley out, but also a painful memory that West Ham will want to put to bed.

Before that, there was a draw and then a long string of West Ham victories stretching back to 2011.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Marko Arnautović & Sam Vokes

West Ham United: Marko Arnautović

When you consider that there has not yet been a game in which West Ham has scored that did not see at least one Marko Arnautović goal, there could be no other choice. He has gone from being a liability to indispensable in his time with West Ham, and it’s little surprise that when Manchester United showed interest, the Hammers were desperate to keep him around. A powerhouse of speed and skill, Arnautović is one to watch in every West Ham game.

Burnley: Sam Vokes

One of Burnley’s big issues is actually the lack of a consistent difference maker. The man with the biggest potential to become that is probably Sam Vokes. The only player to have scored twice for the team so far this season and their last goalscorer, he’s grown with the club from their Championship struggles to their impressive 2017/18 season. Having recently recommitted himself to the club for another three years, we’re fascinated to see how much further he can go with the team.

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