LuxBet Deposit Bonus Code | Signup Bonus Terms explained

LuxBet has a gambling license from the Northern Territory Racing Commission, and it is also regulated by the Isle Of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. Their headquarters are based in Northern Territory, Australia. LuxBet managed to generate $39 million in 2013, but is by no means one of the biggest players on our best online bookmakers list. It started in October of 2008 and is part of the Tabcorp Holdings Limited company. A well respected one so you can be confident that your money is safe at this bookmaker.

Unfortunately, Luxbet no longer operates within the UK. For that reason we suggest you check out Betway’s incredible range of bonuses, including their awesome £100 sign up offer for new customers.

There is an affiliate program that LuxBet runs which gives 30% commission on the money that is generated by new players. Also just by browsing the site you might notice that they have a big focus on racing sports, but they do provide a wide variety of sports to make bets at.

Here you’ll find all of the Luxbet deposit bonus terms explained in full, as well as any Luxbet bonus codes you need. For an in depth review of this bookmaker, read OpenOdds’ Luxbet Review.


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LuxBet: The Bonus – Are free bets given with the LuxBet deposit bonus?

When using the Luxbet bonus code LUXBET500 you get a 100% matched bonus of up to £500. This is a phenomenal bonus in terms of size that can give you a huge boost to your sports betting bankroll. You’ll need to clear the bonus at minimum betting odds of 1.5 and you have 30 days to make the qualifying bets. This is a lengthy amount of time that should be long enough to place all of the bets that will release the bonus.

During that amount of time you also have the opportunity to develop a good quality betting strategy that can keep you in profit. The Luxbet sign up bonus is a 100% matched bonus offer, which means that you’ll need to deposit £500 in order to receive this bonus offer. If this is above your budget level then you can always deposit a lower amount, but you’ll receive a smaller bonus if you do that.

The Luxbet deposit bonus is comparable to some of the Best Online Betting Sites Offers.

Bonus overview – What bonuses can LuxBet customers get?

      • Luxbet sign up bonus: 100% matched bonus.
      • Available for new users
      • A maximum of £500 bonus is available when depositing £500.
      • Minimum odds of 1.5 are allowed for qualifying bets.
      • You have 30 days in order to process this bonus.
      • LuxBet bonus code: LUXBET500
      • Comparable to some of the best offers available

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LuxBet current Promo code and signup bonus

The Luxbet bonus code for this offer is LUXBET500, however the bonus code changes on a regular basis so make sure that you have the most up to date one by taking a look at the LuxBet promotions page. You can receive a maximum of £500 with this offer, which is huge when compared with the rest of the top bookmakers out there. It is one of the best free bets offers out there. It is a great reason to give LuxBet a try, and once the bonus is processed you might decide this bookmaker is to your liking and you’ll plan to stick around.

Keep in mind that you have 30 days to unlock this bonus offer and you need to place bets at a minimum of 1.5 odds. Since this bonus offer is of a large size you need to place lots of bets in order to process this bonus. It is advisable that you start off with small bets so that the current strategy can be figured out. Once you have a plan of action there is no reason why you can’t increase the size of the bets in order to process the large bonus.

Bonus Conditions: the Luxbet deposit bonus explained

            • Name: £500 in Bonus Bets.
            • Bonus type: 100% matched bet.
            • Maximum bonus amount: £500.
            • Able to be cashed out: Yes.
            • Betting requirement: Bet the deposit amount.
            • Minimum odds: 1.5.
            • Bonus code: LUXBET500.

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The review of the LuxBet Bonus

Compared to other sports betting bonuses, this £500 bonus is an impressive offering that should attract a wide range of punters, just make sure you’re using the right Luxbet bonus codes! Keep in mind that the best offerings on Luxbet are racing events, so the racing enthusiast will have the best time at this bookmaker. Having said that, there are plenty of sports on Luxbet that should cater to everyone.

The positives of the Luxbet sign up bonus are that you get to a large £500 bonus, and you have up to 30 days to make the qualifying bets. Also the odds that you must place the bets at is 1.5, which isn’t that high. It’s not uncommon to find minimum betting odds of 2.0 when placing qualifying bets at other bookmakers. Also if you don’t have the budget to deposit £500, then you can always deposit less and you’ll still get a 100% matched bonus – but the bonus amount will be lower.

The OpenOdds team has determined that the rating for the bonus at LuxBet is 95 out of 100. This is because of the fact that the bonus size is large and you have a whole month to process the bonus amount. You can compare the Luxbet bonus with other . So there you have it, the Luxbet bonus explained.
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5 expert tips for the LuxBet bonus

Interested in getting full access to the LuxBet bonus, but don’t know many betting strategies to have the bonus processed? Once you’ve read through all of the LuxBet deposit bonus terms explained above, take a look at the following 5 different betting strategies to help you have a more successful sports betting experience:

          1. Bonus whoring sites:

            Online there are a number of websites that are dedicated to the art of processing a bonus offer at a bookie with the minimum amount of risk – this is called bonus whoring. These websites will give you plenty of ideas to process the Luxbet bonus that you can follow. The great thing about these bonus whoring websites is that a variety of strategies will be presented to you, and you can select the ones that you like the sound of the most. Then simply put a few of them into practice to determine which one works best for you betting style. Keep in mind that you need to execute a particular betting strategy for a significant sample size before you conclude if it works or it doesn’t. Researching online is a great way to make the most of your online betting. With so much information at your fingertips it would be a shame to miss out on all the tips fellow punters have shared with the world. Take a look at these websites for yourself to see if there is any value in them.

          2. Small bet sizes:

            To test out a betting strategy it is important to use small bets. This allows you to risk a minimal amount of your bankroll in order to see if a particular betting strategy works. Once you are comfortable with a strategy and you decide it’s to your liking and you are executing it correctly then you can increase the bet sizing. Also try to keep the bet sizing to amounts that you feel comfortable with. Just because you’ve won a couple of small bets doesn’t mean it’s time to bet it all. If you feel stressed when you bet certain amount of money, then perhaps you are not ready for those betting ranges yet. After all, sports betting is a form of entertainment. When it stops being fun, stop placing bets. Starting off small to get comfortable with the sports betting world is the way to go. As you progress, you can begin to make your bets larger and larger until you’re raking in the millions.

          3. Keep track of all your bets:

            Try to make sure all the bets you make are recorded for future review. At the end of the day try to analyze the betting results so that you can get an idea of what you are doing wrong and similarly, what things you are doing right. Using software to record these bets allows an automated approach that also gives you the chance to use graphics to display and manipulate the results. So do try to look for a software solution and you will quickly realize that it is beneficial. Some of you might find that analyzing your bets is a bit cumbersome, but in the long run you will get better at sports betting and processing bonuses at the various bookmakers is only going to get easier. If you don’t want to use any fancy software, just take a look at your betting history.

          4. Carefully select the sport:

            It is important that the sport you select to place bets on is carefully selected. If you place bets on a sport that is unfamiliar to you then you might not have a handle on predicting the results as much as you’d like. Consider sports that you have played yourself and have watched as a kid growing up into your adult life. This is perfect since you’ll have a lot of understanding that’s acquired over the years. Overall you’ll notice that your ability to place good quality bets will be much higher when you have followed a particular player or sports team for a significant period of time. Just remember to keep things objective by not letting emotion creep into the decision making process.

          5. Odds enhancement promotions:

            LuxBet like most online bookmakers offer odds enhancement promotions that taking advantage off is a complete must. You need to keep an eye out for this in order to make processing the nous a lot easier. However, what if the promotion is limited to a sport that you know nothing about? Instead of blindly placing bets you need to do a bit of research online to get some picks from people that have a much better understanding of the sport in question. If you know where to look you can get help on almost anything online.

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