What is Bogan Bingo? Check out our Bogan review!

We are all aware of the fact that the humble game of bingo has been going through some fairly dramatic changes recently. But when we stumbled across the Bogan Bingo phenomenon, we had to admit that we were taken by surprise.

Whilst many people may think of bingo as being a fairly sedate pastime that has the potential to deliver some potentially huge winnings, it seems that Bogan Bingo have managed to create an outrageous alternative that revels in heavy metal music, some seriously un-PC Bogan commentary and plenty of booze.

So if you’ve ever asked what is Bogan Bingo, then our Bogan review will hopefully deliver a decent grounding in this surprise hit of the bingo gaming world.

So what is Bogan Bingo exactly?


A quick look at any Bogan review shows you that Bogan Bingo is like any other real-life game of bingo where players have to check off all of the numbers in their bingo card in accordance to the caller’s instructions and then they have the chance to win a prize. But Bogan Bingo takes things to the next level by having two callers who look like they’ve stepped out of Wayne’s World and the whole affair is carried out to the accompaniment of loud rock music and ridiculous amounts of alcohol.

The Bogan Bingo nights are focused around a venue in Fulham, London, but such is the success of the franchise that it’s managed to pop up in all manner of places from Brighton in the UK to Melbourne in Australia.

The fact that Bogan Bingo would be a success in Australia isn’t too much of a surprise as the company’s founders are Australian, and most of us will have heard the term ‘bloody bogan’ being shouted on top Aussie TV shows. And so this slang term for anyone who’s slightly socially challenged has provided the perfect inspiration for Bogan Bingo’s outrageous gaming nights.

How did Bogan Bingo become such a success?


Whilst there are still many people out there who will have no idea about what is Bogan Bingo, it’s clear that the brand is making their presence felt in the gaming world. What started as a fun idea quickly snowballed since the brand started up in 2005 and now we have the unlikely sight of seeing Bogan Bingo somehow becoming a multi-million pound business.

So what’s behind Bogan Bingo’s success? Whilst shouting ‘bloody bogan’ is a fairly Australian-only concept, the brand have cleverly exported the concept to the UK thanks to a heady blend of booze, loud music and very bad jokes. Playing chaotic games of bingo whilst being serenaded with hits by Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams has somehow proven to be incredibly popular, and it shows how this classic game is always capable of a quick reinvention.

Undoubtedly, it’s the comedic element of Bogan Bingo that could be its greatest asset. The night’s hosts not only have some of the best mullets since 1987, but their brand of outrageous humour has helped Bogan Bingo become an unlikely success in London’s nightlife scene. And we have to mention the fact that being able to take part and win some decent prizes hasn’t harmed Bogan Bingo’s outlook either.

Is Bogan Bingo a good option for all gamers?


Bogan Bingo has proven that it’s here to stay and is more than capable of being a success in many locations around the world. But is it a good option for your bingo gaming needs? First of all, we have to state that Bogan Bingo nights still only cover a fairly limited number of locations. Unless you happen to be based in London, the chances are that you will have to travel fairly far in order to enjoy this bingo gaming phenomenon. Plus as Bogan Bingo is a strictly night-time activity, you’ll have to save your bingo betting until doors open on one of the special Bogan Bingo nights.

We have to say that Bogan Bingo’s outrageous humour probably isn’t well-suited for all tastes either. Whilst a handful of the jokes here are relatively safe, the majority of the words that come out of the callers’ mouths are definitely capable of causing serious offence to anybody who thinks that they are vaguely politically correct.

Plus whilst we can all enjoy some rock music every now and then, the fact that Bogan Bingo’s nights are soundtracked by some of the biggest crimes against music ever with hair metal bands like Poison, then we have to admit that Bogan Bingo is probably something that you can enjoy a couple of times, but anymore than that will leave you somewhat deafened and stinking of booze.

What decent alternatives are there to Bogan Bingo?

There’s no shortage of other decent bingo options across the UK if the idea of being showered with alcohol and bad music doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time. Classic UK casinos in London like the Hippodrome, Grosvenor and Gentings all deliver plenty of glamorous table games in suitably extravagant confines, and most UK towns and cities will also have their own dedicated bingo halls.

Despite these brick-and-mortar institutions, there are growing numbers of bingo fans in the UK who have started realising that online bingo sites offer a far greater choice of bingo games with the added convenience of being able to play whenever you want, wherever you want. Not only do these sites allow you to play bingo games from the convenience of your laptop, smartphone or tablet, but they also feature a much greater range of different bingo gaming options too.

This means that you can get the chance to play anything from 90-ball bingo to 45-ball bingo at any time of day, and you don’t even have to leave the house to do it. And when you throw in plenty of generous bingo bonuses, and some great technological innovations like the popular auto-dab feature, you’ll quickly see why so many bingo fans are switching to the online alternative.

How have online gaming sites been inspired by Bogan commentary?

But surely being sat in front of your computer playing online bingo games isn’t as much fun as the chaos of Bogan Bingo? We have to admit that Bogan Bingo’s outrageous antics are hard to emulate within the home, but despite this, we have seen plenty of evidence that the best online bingo sites are doing all they can to add a touch of life to their gaming options.

Rather than make you sit through your online bingo game in isolation, the majority of good bingo sites now include a handy social chat feature. This gives you the chance to chat with friends as you watch the numbers being called up, which is not only a great way to pass the time, but it also gives you chance to compare bingo strategies and boost your betting knowhow.

In addition to this, everybody knows how online bingo sites have been seriously ramping up the size of their bingo jackpots recently. Whilst Bogan Bingo does deliver some great winnings, we can’t see how they can match the phenomenal prize sums delivered by some of the top UK bingo sites.

Plus we have to mention the fact that playing online bingo gives you way more freedom than having to go out for your gaming action. Whether you want to create your own bogan bingo party in your home by breaking out a few tinnies and offending the neighbours with hair metal music, or just want to take it easy with a cup of tea, there’s little doubt that you can game in your own way when you play at an online bingo site.

If Bogan Bingo isn’t right for you, try some of these top bingo sites

Whilst we’ve been impressed by what we’ve seen at Bogan Bingo, we have to admit that they are probably not for everyone. So if you want to enjoy a nice game of bingo without all of the carnage, you should check out our shortlist of the best online bingo sites around at the moment. Just to give you an idea of what Bogan Bingo are up against, here’s a handful of some of the best online bingo providers that we’ve come across.

Gala Bingo

You can’t be a bingo fan in the UK and not know the name of Gala Bingo. This brand have become one of the market leaders in the bingo world, and their online website has done a great job of allowing you to access a fantastic variety of bingo games. Their fully licensed site gives you a safe and secure environment to play in, and we were glad to see that how Gala Bingo haven’t let you down with some incredible bonuses and special offers either. So if you want to enjoy top class bingo gaming with one of the UK’s best-loved brands, give Gala Bingo a try.

William Hill

William Hill might be primarily known for their sports betting options, but they have also introduced a pretty good bingo gaming section on their site. With at least 18 different kinds of bingo games on offer, it’s clear that William Hill is about so much more than horse racing betting, and we are sure that you’ll have a great time gaming on this UK Gambling Commission licensed site. And with a very nice welcome bonus that can give you an extra boost on your bingo gaming profits, we were very pleased by what we saw from this famous UK bookmaker.


If all the machismo and misogyny of Bogan Bingo is a little too much for you, then you can indulge your feminine side by checking out what 888Ladies have to offer. This fun and friendly bingo site may have plenty of pretty pink touches, but they also very serious about their bingo gaming options. Not only will you find over 12 different bingo rooms, but if you pick up the 888Ladies bingo bonus, then you are sure to enjoy some very lucrative winnings on this classic game.


This top bingo site does exactly what you’d expect, it gives you a fun, safe and easy way to play a vast amount of online bingo games. Bingo.com give you access to eight different varieties of bingo that cover popular options like 90-ball and 75-ball bingo and many others. But our tip is to try and get into the All-Stars-Room where you will find less players to compete with and there are also some incredible prizes up for grabs.

Final thoughts on the Bogan Bingo phenomenon


We have to admit that we might have been a little unfair in our review of the Bogan Bingo nights. The brand have certainly injected plenty of fun into the often stagnant live bingo scene, and whilst their blend of loud music and foul-mouthed humour might not be to everyone’s tastes, we can’t deny the skill with which they have made bingo somehow fashionable amongst younger generations.

For some time bingo has been seen as purely being something that women of a certain age enjoy, but Bogan Bingo have shown us that bingo is a game that can be enjoyed by just about anyone – even those with hideous mullets and fondness for bad metal songs.

But how can Bogan Bingo survive in the face of the online competition? Firstly, you have to realise that Bogan Bingo and bingo sites like Gala Bingo can easily exist side by side as they both offer their own unique selling points. Secondly, we are pretty sure that there will always be plenty of casual gamers who will love the prospect of winning big whilst being deafened by loud guitar riffs. So whether you are looking for a relaxing online game of bingo, or prefer getting wild down at Bogan Bingo, it’s nice to find that there’s truly something for everyone.


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