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The best Nigeria betting sites – Enjoy Nigerian sports betting

There are a solid amount of bookmakers in Nigeria, but how can you be sure that you are getting the best possible sports betting service? At OpenOdds we have put together our contenders for the best betting site in Nigeria 2019 so that you can easily find a betting site that offers you something a little extra.

Whether you want to bet on Alex Iwobi to score the next goal for the national football team, or just want to see who has the best odds for an upcoming boxing contest, then we will help you find the Nigeria betting sites that suit your needs best.

Our bookmaker comparison will provide you with much more than a glance at the bookies’ odds. We will also help you understand important features such as licensing, payment methods and customer support so that you can stay safe whilst you lay down your bets.

Plus with a look at how Nigeria betting sites are rewarding new and existing customers with some nice bonuses, you should have everything you need to make a decent start with your sports betting. So here’s a quick look at who made the shortlist for best betting site in Nigeria 2019.

Helping you find the best bookmakers in Nigeria

We’ve shown that there are plenty of quality Nigeria betting sites out there. But how did we choose the contenders in our shortlist? By putting each bookmaker through the following questions, we think that we have shown who the best sports betting site in Nigeria really is.

1. Who has the best Nigerian online betting odds?

All sports betting fans will have spent plenty of time shopping around to find the best odds. But we’ve recognised those betting sites who routinely serve up the best price for your bets. This will make it much easier when you next want to back the Super Eagles to win the Africa Cup of Nations.

2. Is there a wide variety of betting markets?

For most of the more popular sports like football, you should find that all decent bookmakers will provide you with lots of specialist betting markets. These allow you to wager on things like who will score the next goal and so on. But what about when you want to bet on sports like athletics, boxing, tennis or basketball? By heading to one of the above bookmakers, you should enjoy plenty of flexibility in your sports bets.

3. How much will Nigeria betting sites pay out?

It’s common practice for betting sites to put a limit on everything from your betting stakes to how much you can actually win. All of our bookmaker reviews will let you know what kinds of betting limits these sites include. This means that you can place your bets without worrying about having a low ceiling on your potential profits.

4. Can you make easy deposits and withdrawals?

All of the bookmakers featured in our shortlist should provide a decent selection of payment methods. These could include reputable payment brands like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and a few others. Be sure to check to see which payment methods the betting site includes for Nigeria to make sure you have a secure way to make deposits and withdrawals.

5. How fast can you get paid your winnings?

Some bookmakers will payout in a few hours whilst others take days to process payments. We’ve taken special consideration of this in our bookmaker comparison so that you know which betting sites pay out the fastest. Plus we’ll let you know which bookmakers allow you to make instant deposits too.

6. What kinds of special offers and bonuses are there?

There’s nothing like a sports betting bonus for giving you extra to play with. Most bookmakers will give you a bonus simply for making a deposit on their site, but others will also give you enhanced odds for big sports competitions like the Africa Cup of Nations. So make sure you check a bookmaker’s promotions page to find out the best special offers.

7. Is the language used on the site easy to understand?

We are aware that many bookmakers promise a lot but confuse things with some very complicated terms and conditions. Nowhere is this more evident than with bonuses. So we will take a look at each bonus and walk you through the terms and conditions so that you can see how good it really is.

8. Does the bookmaker have live betting?

If you want to add some excitement to your sports betting, you should check to see which bookmakers have some in-play bets. All of the betting sites featured on our shortlist will have odds that you can bet on after the match has kicked off. Just remember that the odds are always changing so be quick with your live bets.

9. Who has the best website and betting app?

There’s nothing worse than trying to use a badly designed betting site. So we will reward those bookmakers who have taken the time to develop a site that’s fast to use and easy to put into action. Extra points will also be earned by any betting site who have created their own betting apps for use on a smartphone or tablet.

10. How can you get in touch with the bookmaker?

All decent bookmakers will put on a customer service team who are ready to take your queries via telephone, email or even live chat. Be sure to check out whether a bookmaker includes a FAQ section that can be useful for getting to grips with a new betting site.

Join us in our search for the best betting site in Nigeria 2019

We are constantly checking out new bookmakers in Nigeria to see who can make our shortlist. But we need your help to make sure that we don’t miss out on any great betting sites or bonuses.

Which bookmakers in Nigeria have we missed out?

Every year there are more and more betting sites that cater to Nigerian sports fans. If there are any bookmakers that we have missed off our list, then you should let us know. Simply join our OpenOdds community and send us a message.

Help us find the best Nigeria betting sites

We want OpenOdds to be a truly interactive sports betting resource. This means that you can tell us who your favourite bookmaker is, or even just give us your tip for whether Ahmed Musa will be Nigeria’s next top goalscorer. By doing this you will help all other sports fans in Nigeria take their betting to the next level. So be sure to keep us informed about your sports betting experiences.

Before you visit bookmakers in Nigeria, ask yourself these questions

Sports betting is simple to get into, yet tricky to master. So before you lay down your next sport bet, it can be worthwhile to think about the following questions.

What sporting event should you be betting on?

The best way to get a decent winning record is to only bet on those sports, teams and players that you know best. By narrowing the scope of your betting, you will be much better equipped to see when a bookmaker’s odds are worth taking up. So whether you want to wager on Victor Moses’ next transfer move, or just place a bet on the fortunes of Lobi Stars, then only bet on the things that you know inside-out.

How much are you willing to stake on your sports bets?

All experienced sports betting enthusiasts will know the importance of setting themselves a sensible budget. This means that you can survive the occasional loss and live to fight another day. So if you were betting on a weekend’s action in the Nigerian Premier League, it would mean using small stake bets to make sure that you had enough funds for each match.

Are there any decent sports betting bonuses on offer?

Whilst you should always take the time to make sure that you are betting on the best odds, we all agree that bonuses are a great way to get some more profits. So be sure to check whether a bookmaker has any bonuses on for your sporting event so that you can boost your wagering funds.

Can you trust your chosen sports betting site?

Never use a sports betting site that fails to display a license that permits legal online gambling. But by using any of our approved bookmakers, you can be sure of a service that’s safe and fair.

How can you make a better informed sports bet?

There’s no such thing as a sure bet in sports, but by taking the time to research each team and player’s past form, you’ll be much better equipped to put your bets down. So do your homework!

Too many good offers?