Best Betting Offers & Bookmaker Bonuses 2019

The best betting offers comparison offered by OpenOdds finally puts an end to the often chaotic world of UK betting promotions and makes things transparent and brings things into perspective! Here, comprehensive information concerning current sports betting bonus offers from leading bookmakers can be found. Of course, we recommend only the best bookmaker bonuses from bookmakers that we ourselves, being the passionate sports bettors that we are, also prefer to use. This is exactly why we can recommend them whole-heartedly and without any reserve. In our comprehensive sports betting bonus codes comparison, only the best betting offers provided by the top 20 bookmakers duke it out in order to earn the title "Best Betting Bonus"!

Best Betting Offers comparison by

Bonus Amount
Bonus calculator
/ 10
Up to£200
100% Einzahlungsbonus
Bonus Review
Deposit + bonus = betting credits
/ 10
Up to£100
100% Einzahlungsbonus
Bonus Review
Deposit + bonus = betting credits
Bonuscode anzeigen *****
Redeem Bonus T&Cs apply, 18+
/ 10
Up to£100
100% Einzahlungsbonus
Bonus Review
Deposit + bonus = betting credits
Bonuscode anzeigen *****
Redeem Bonus T&Cs apply, 18+
/ 10
Up to£0
Bonus Review
Deposit + bonus = betting credits
Bonuscode anzeigen *****
Redeem Bonus T&Cs apply, 18+

Our mission at is to find the best sports betting bonus out there!

Deciding factors for the betting bonus offer comparison are as follows:

1. Where can I find bonuses?

Today, there are numerous types of betting bonus codes available with just about every bookmaker, due to the fact that it is a dog-eat-dog world among bookmakers out there. Since the individual bookmakers are usually businesses independent of each other, there is no reason why you cannot take advantage of all of the best bonus codes offered for new customers by all of the top bookmakers that were selected by our very own OpenOdds team!

2. What bet bonus type are you?

This question is not as idiotic as it might sound. It is very easy to get confused with all of those free bet, deposit, welcome, new customer, loyalty, long-term customer, and bring-a-friend bonuses out there. Sports bet bonus codes range from everything from free bonuses for risk free trials in order to get to know the bookmakers to numerous new customer bonuses with 100 percent credit for the first deposit.

3. The best bet bonus is always the new customer bonus

The reason for this is obvious: the sports bookmakers are working like crazy to acquire new customers! This is why we at OpenOdds concentrate specifically on the best sports bet bonuses for new customers. That is where there is money to be made!

4. Maximum bonus value

Some deciding factors for the actually reachable bonus value are: Does the bookmaker offer a fixed Euro amount as a bonus for new customers or is the offered bonus connected to the amount of the first deposit?

icon_tippAn example: As a welcoming bonus for new customers, a bookmaker offers a sports bet bonus to the amount of 100% of the first deposit up to a maximum amount of 100 €. Meaning, as a player we can gain a bet bonus of 100 €, but only when we actually deposit 100 € to start with.

5. The bonus conditions

The maximum reachable bonus value is often the determining factor when selecting a sports bookmaker. This is not exactly a bad way to start when it comes to looking at UK betting promotions. After all, having 100 Euro is better than not having it even for the most experienced bettors! However, do not let an unbelievably high welcoming bonus blind you because often the conditions concerning the bonus are designed in such a manner that makes it almost impossible to actually make use of that attractive new customer bonus.

icon_tippHere at OpenOdds, our job is to achieve maximum bonus transparency for you! We turn those never ending bonus condition explanations into an open book: OpenOdds style!

We ask the important questions:

How high are the wagering requirements of the bookmaker? To be more specific, how often does a bet bonus actually have to be wagered until the earnings made are able to be cashed out? While for some bookmakers only the personally deposited amount or the bonus amount is linked to certain wagering requirements, other sports bookmakers require a multiple wagering of the deposit as well as the bonus amount.

Of course, the risk of losing the bonus amount increases with each additional bet made by us bettors – to the joy of the bookmaker! Another interesting factor for the corresponding wagering requirement is as to whether or not there is a time limit by which the wagers have to take place. Other bonus conditions are especially complex when additionally minimum odds are demanded for the placed bet because high odds do not only offer chances for high earnings but also drastic losses.

  • Testsieger: betway
    • 100% 250
    • Einzahlungsbonus
    • 6x Bonus
    • 1.75
    • 5%
    T&Cs apply, 18+
  • Platz 2: William Hill
    • 100% 100
    • Gratiswetten
    • Erstwette über 10 Euro
    • 1.5
    • Ja(im Gewinnfall)
    T&Cs apply, 18+
    William Hill
  • Platz 3: sportingbet
    • 100% 150
    • 100% Einzahlungsbonus
    • 7x Bonus + Einzahlungsbetrag
    • 1.7
    • 5%Abzug
    T&Cs apply, 18+

The best bet bonuses in our bet bonus comparison are from bookmakers with fair bonus conditions.

To be fair, a bettor should of course thoroughly read the corresponding bonus conditions. This is too much stress for you? We understand that! Of course, it is even more stressful when a bet is won from an adrenaline loaded derby and the earnings made, along with the bet bonus itself, are not paid out. The most common reason for this: The bonus conditions were, during the registration, just "breezed through".

This is why we here at OpenOdds have created the most user-friendly and transparent bet bonus comparison. So that you are in-the-know about everything concerning the "best bookmaker bonuses" and their fine-print!

icon_wettanbieter_highlightThe Bet Bonus Comparison goes to the next Round:

Your Vote Counts!

Only if online bookmakers fulfil all of these criteria, are they rightfully allowed to take ranks among the "best sports bet bonuses" within our review!

The following bookmaker bet bonuses have been put to the test for you: 10Bet, 888 Sports, Bet770, Betclic, Betfair, Betsson, BetVictor, bwin, Expekt, Interwetten, Ladbrokes, mybet, Pinnacle Sports, Redbet, Sportingbet, Tipico, Titanbet, William Hill, Youwin and much more!

By betting experts for betting enthusiasts:

OpenOdds has made it its mission to start the best and most user-friendly online bookmaker comparison on the web!

By players for players:

It is only with your help that this ambitious goal can actually be met! At, there is already a very comprehensive comparison of the best bet bonuses, and now we need your input to see who has the best UK betting promotions!

What personal experience have you gained with specific sports bet bonuses? Do the deposit bonus and the releasing of the bonus actually work like promised during the registration? Your experienced input is of immense value and assistance to other players within the OpenOdds-Community. We are looking forward to your numerous personal reviews! –>

icon_wettanbieter_questionbangBet Bonuses in Review: 5 Make-or-Break Questions and Answers

1. What are the newest trends in the world of sports bet bonuses?

Until recently, there was something of a gold-rush fever within the market of sports betting, particularly with bookmakers. These times are long gone: Sports bettors are an attractive target group and the bookmaker market is becoming flooded. This trend brings with it an advantage for players because now bookmakers have to work hard to win over new customers. Not only is the trend of offering bonuses for new customers holding true, but also bonuses for existing customers are becoming more and more popular…


2. Is it even any fun to place sports bets with free sports bet bonuses?

Betting on sports is generally a lot of fun, especially when the amounts used for the bet do not go too far and a good betting strategy is applied! It even becomes a little relaxing when, in the beginning, it is not your money being wagered, but rather smaller sums of absolutely free bet bonuses offered to you by a leading bookmaker. What is the worst that could happen? The free sports bet bonus is gone and you have gained some pretty valuable experience which you can use to begin your, hopefully, successful career as a sports bettor…

3. "I have found a new sports bet bonus – and it is surprisingly high!"

As a bet bonus comparison by bet experts for bet enthusiasts, we are always happy to hear the latest news from the community of sports bettors. If this recently discovered sports bet bonus has such a big impact, then maybe your discovery will make it into our list of the "best sports bet bonuses"…

4. 100 Percent bonus up to a maximum deposit of 100 Euro. Is this for real or is this just baiting?

One step past the free bet bonus is the so-called deposit bonus. Here, the player has to first invest money, thankfully not so much, due to the fact that the other half comes from the bookmaker so-to-say for free. We, in the OpenOdds team, like to look at things the other way around: A bookmaker offers us a 100 percent sports bet bonus for a deposit of up to 100 Euro? Cool, then we of course deposit the full 100 Euro in order to make the most out of every single Euro. After all, who says no to a present…

Bonus: Sportingbet 100% up to 150€

5. Is really the best and most user-friendly bet bonus comparison?

This is our bar and we are prepared to raise it every day. The immediate feedback from you OpenOdds readers is of great value to us in keeping it that way! With your messages, your bet bonus experiences and invaluable insider tips, you help keep one of the most informed betting communities on the web well informed! We know that we have the best betting offers available.