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Welcome to our resource for cricket betting tips. Whether you want to wager on Test match cricket, a one day international, or the Indian Premier League, our free cricket betting tips will help to supercharge your sports bets.

All of our betting tips on cricket come from our team of experts who have spent many hours scouring the statistics and news stories to provide you with online cricket betting tips that are unbiased, accurate and can help you win your next bet at one of the best cricket betting sites.

Plus all of our cricket betting tips can be read and used completely free of charge. Whilst some tipster sites will ask you for money in exchange for online cricket betting tips, our free cricket betting tips won’t cost you anything. So if you are looking for betting tips on cricket, then you are definitely in the right place.

Why do you need betting tips on cricket?


Most cricket fans will probably think that they know enough about the game to successfully place a winning bet without needing any cricket betting tips. However, there is always a time when your favourite team might be playing a side that you don’t know too well. This is when our free cricket betting tips can come to the rescue as you will be able to instantly get up to speed and know the key ingredients for how the game might pan out.

If you wanted to wager on a test match where India where playing away to a team like New Zealand, then you could read our home cricket betting tips free and find any weaknesses in the New Zealand team that could be exploited by India and therefore get a much better chance of winning your bet.
Above all, for a sport that has so many statistics, cricket betting requires plenty of research.

If you don’t have the time to scour all of the head-to-head records, batting averages and so on, then you can simply use our cricket betting tips free of charge to get a detailed overview of who is likely to get a winning result. So if you want a greater understanding of any forthcoming match, our free cricket betting tips should be able to help you out.

What do our betting cricket tips include?


If you are looking for cricket betting tips online, then you will have probably found a few cricket betting tips in sites that seem to be happy to just give you a prediction without explaining any reasons for this decision. However, we want to make sure that you know exactly how we come up with our betting tips on cricket.

We do this so that you can make your cricket bets safe in the knowledge that you have used our tips that are based on sound statistical fact, rather than just a vague idea. If you are into sports betting, cricket tips can often seem to be hugely unreliable as things like injuries and the weather can wreak havoc with even the most surefire prediction.

But just so that you know where you stand with the cricket betting tips in our online resource, we will now take a look at what you can expect to find in each prediction.

Only the best cricket matches covered in our cricket betting tips online

We’re proud of the fact that our betting cricket tips cover a vast range of matches from all over the world. Obviously we pay very close attention to Test matches as these still are still the main focus of the sport. But you can also look forward to getting plenty of expert advice on all of the relevant one day internationals and of course, you will be first in line for predictions for the T20 competitions.

When it comes to cricket matches on a national level, you will also find plenty of expert analysis. Everybody knows that the India Premier League is one of the world’s best loved cricket tournaments, and so we will be on hand to provide you with great tips for teams like Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Plus we will also pay attention to many other cricket leagues from all over the world so that you never have to make a misguided bet on the English County Championship ever again.

Detailed analysis of both teams’ past form

There’s no point in placing a sports bet unless you take a detailed look at the cricket team’s past form. Whilst it’s easy to bet on a strong team like Chennai Super Kings, even the best teams can hit a bad run of form. So we will carefully examine how each team have been playing over the past five games and let you know whether there are any problem areas in their batting, bowling or fielding.

Obviously the occasional surprise result can still cause a shock. But if a team have had a good winning run or a disastrous losing streak, then you will know that this can play a massive role in how things pan out once match day comes around.

Handy overviews of head-to-head encounters

All cricket teams have their grudge matches that can really raise the adrenaline levels on the pitch. Whether it’s India versus Pakistan, or England against Australia, then you will know that these matches are great fun to wager on and can throw up plenty of fireworks.

As a result, we will give you a detailed analysis of the head-to-head encounters between the featured teams. This will help you to see whether home form can play a big role in the outcome of the match, or whether a team’s morale will play the deciding factor. So that whether you want to back the away team, or the team at home, cricket betting tips freely give you a way to see how head-to-head encounters can play a big part in whether you win your bets.

Authoritative cricket match prediction

Once we’ve looked at the past form and examined previous head-to-head encounters, then we will give you our prediction for which cricket team will get the winning result. Whilst there is no such thing as a sure thing in cricket betting, by carefully examining all of the relevant statistics and news stories, you will get a good grounding as to the way that things could eventually happen. Our cricket predictions won’t just give you tips on who will win, but we will also give you clues as to the potential winning margin so that you know just how safe your betting stake is.

Get the best price for your cricket bets

Even the best cricket tip is going to be worthless unless you find a bookmaker who is going to give you decent odds for your bets. As a result, our tips page will also include a quick overview of which betting sites are currently offering the most competitive odds for our predicted outcome. This means that you don’t have to waste time in looking around for the best cricket odds, and can instead get on with the fun of placing your bets and then waiting for the winning result to come in.

How do we come up our cricket betting tips?


If you are looking for online cricket betting tips, free advice is everywhere on the internet. But we want to make sure that you get an extra level of insight into your cricket bets. After all, you will be putting your own real money down on your bets, so we want to make sure that you aren’t just throwing your cash away. So here’s a quick look at how we decide who is in with a strong chance of winning a particular cricket match.

The power of cricket statistics

All cricket fans know that there’s a wealth of statistics in the game. From batting averages to run rates, all of these statistics can be used to provide an excellent insight into how things could unfold. Our team of experts are on hand to unravel all of these cricket statistics and help you understand how a bowling average could influence your betting decision.

Making a note of cricket news stories and rumours

Obviously there is more to cricket betting than just looking at the relevant statistics. So we will pay plenty of attention to the latest cricket news stories so that you are kept up to speed with all of the latest developments in the game. From stories about star players picking up nasty injuries, to rumours about trouble in the dressing room, by reading our online cricket betting tips, you will know what’s really going on with your favourite cricket teams.

Past form and history are hugely important

It’s fairly easy for newcomers to cricket betting just to bet on the team who won the last test series or the last season of the IPL. However, we want to go further than that. As a result, we will look at the prior head-to-head encounters between the two teams, and see whether any long-standing rivalries could affect the way that things go down. Obviously, there is plenty of room for surprises. But we have found that history plays a big part in the outcome of all cricket matches, and so we always factor this into our cricket betting tips.

Why are our cricket betting tips free?

If you are looking for online cricket betting tips, free predictions like the kind that you find at our site offer you an easy way to get an extra level of insight. But why are we willing to offer you free cricket betting tips for the IPL when plenty of other websites charge money for their predictions?

This is because we want to help you enjoy winning your sports bets. All of us love the game of cricket, and whether it’s a top level Test match, or a grudge match in the Indian Premier League, we are keen to share our love of the sport.

We’ve seen way too many cricket tipster sites charging money for tips that don’t always work out. But by offering you our cricket tips for free, you will not only get expert advice for your next cricket bet, but it also won’t cost you a single penny.

Great cricket betting sites to try our tips at

There is a massive range of online betting sites that give you an easy way to put our cricket betting tips into action. But which bookmakers’ websites offer you the best price for your cricket bets along with the most trustworthy service? Here is a quick look at some of the best cricket betting sites who always seem to serve up some seriously competitive odds.

Spin Palace Sports

If you are new to online cricket betting, then Spin Palace Sports could be a great place to start. This Malta-based site offers a massive range of cricket odds on Test matches and the IPL, plus their odds are able to keep up with much bigger brands. We like the fact that Spin Palace Sports have 24/7 customer support, and they have a license from the Malta Gaming Authority. In addition to this, their welcome bonus is great value for money.


For the sheer variety of cricket betting markets, BetWinner is hard to beat. This Cyprus-based bookmaker have earned a great reputation for their cricket betting odds, and this covers both prematch and live bets. Just so you know, their Government of Curacao license should also give you plenty of customer protection.


1xBet are well worth keeping in mind for the next time you bet on cricket. The bookmaker always serve up competitive IPL odds, and their great welcome bonus can even double your first deposit. So be sure to check out what 1xBet have to offer.


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