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Dafabet is Asia’s leading sports betting and gaming site. The site offers much more than just sports betting—it boasts many other online gaming products such as online poker, online casino (and live casino games), flash games and online betting games of all sorts. The company has 1,000+ employees and its headquarters is located in Makati City, Philippines. Dafabet was founded in 2004 under the private flagship brand and subsidiary AsianBGE.

Dafabet has also been involved in several sponsorships. The bookmaker has become a main club sponsor of Sunderland AFC, Celtic FC, Burnley FC, and Blackburn Rovers FC, offering a 50% bonus deposit and up to 80 euros as a sign-up bonus. Dafabet is also an international gaming and betting partner of Everton FC.

The result of the OpenOdds Dafabet review

After analysing this bookmaker’s site and history, the OpenOdds Dafabet sportsbook review has concluded that Dafabet is recommendable, offering a wide array of gaming and betting options. The sign-up bonus of 80 euros makes it worth a try in itself, and the frequency bonus of up to 100 euros shows that Dafabet looks after its loyal customers. The user interface is easy to navigate, making your betting experience simple and fun.

But is Dafabet safe? Since this bookie is based out of Asia, the security standards vary from those of European bookies. Another downside is that there is no live streaming option. Nevertheless, all other features explain the bookmaker’s success, especially in the Asian market: a great mobile platform, customer service and communication, good betting odds and lots of gaming options.

To summarise, the OpenOdds Dafabet sportsbook review has found that Dafabet has a lot to offer and is certainly a top betting site, but there is room for improvement. That’s why our OpenOdds team have awarded this Dafabet review with a rating of 85 out of 100. This Dafabet rating shows that it’s a rewarding bookmaker with some small problems to attend to, like security standards and live streaming options but overall, Dafabet is worth a try.

Experiences with Dafabet: Asia's leading bookmaker

  • Sign-up bonus of up to €80.
  • Dedicated customer service support.
  • Quick and easy payment methods.
  • User-friendly website and mobile version.
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The 10 test categories:Dafabet: OpenOdds detailed rating report regarding this top bookmaker

The OpenOdds team has analysed this bookie in depth, and has divided its findings into 10 main areas of review. We analyse all bookmakers according to this same criteria in order to give users a comprehensive look at each bookmaker; that way, you can maximise your earnings and choose the most secure and user-friendly betting experience, fit for your needs. Here are the 10 categories of examination:

01.Bonuses:What is Dafabet’s sign-up offer?

Claim dafabet bonus
Dafabet’s sports betting bonus is among the best free bets offers examined by the OpenOdds team—you get up to 80 euros worth of bets and a 50% bonus on your first deposit. However, you’ll have to take a few steps to claim your bonus.

To start using your free 80 euros, you’ll need to first create an account with Dafabet sportsbook. Then, make a deposit into your account, fill out the form on the promo page, and send a copy of your valid ID to [email protected] along with your Dafabet username. After that, the process goes quite quickly: Dafabet reviews and processes your request within 12 hours. Remember that you must claim your bonus immediately after making your first deposit (or before placing your first bet)—otherwise your bonus will go to waste.

It’s also important to note that it must be your very first deposit and you can only have one active bonus at any given time. The wagering requirement is 35x on odds 1.80 and above. This offer is valid from 01 August 2016 to 31 October 2016.

02.Customer services:endless options at your fingertips

Dafabet’s customer service communication options are helpful and bountiful. On their contact page, you can see several options listed for whatever problem you have (and how quickly you need your issue resolved): 24/7 live chat; social networks such as Twitter and Facebook; email addresses for general inquiries, Dafabet’s marketing department, and affiliate-related inquiries; and finally, an international toll-free number as well as a number specific to the UK. There’s also a contact form you can fill out if you prefer that a representative contact you.

Customer Service

03.Sports covered:nothing lacking here

A crucial question users ask when deciding on where to bet is, “Which games are available on Dafabet?” If a bookie doesn’t offer your favourite sport to bet on, it doesn’t matter what the betting odds or limits are. Fortunately, with over 5,000 live games in sports per month, Dafabet passes this part of the review with flying colours. The Dafabet sports betting section includes mainstream sports such as football, American football, basketball, tennis and baseball, but also offers the lesser common sports, such as snooker/pool, cricket, motorsports and muay thai. You can also bet on e-sports. Despite not being included on the Best UK Betting Sites, Dafabet is going in the right direction.

If sports don’t pique your interest but you like betting, you can even bet on politics using the same site. Each of these betting options are divided into at least two sections: world and outright. Some though, like soccer, have a plethora of regional options: you can browse globally, by continent, or by country—England, Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, Japan, Russia… just to name a few. As you can see, the options here are not lacking.

04.Payment methods:quick and easy, but not the safest

Dafabet’s deposit & withdrawal options for the UK are pretty standard for the industry. The payment processors, Skrill and Neteller, work with Visa and Mastercard and are common in the sector. While other bookmakers usually provide more choices for customers, the ones chosen by Dafabet all deliver instant deposits and withdrawals, and are secure ways to send and receive money. However, it’s important to note that Dafabet is based in Asia and is not subjected to the same security regulations as those in Europe are. The OpenOdds team couldn’t find any encryption software or verifications that other websites have, on its website. This means we cannot guarantee the safety of your payments with Dafabet.

Depending on the payment method, withdrawal options range from 10 GBP to 60,000 GBP. Deposits range from a minimum of 8.29 GBP and a maximum of 60,000 GBP. Remember that is deposit and withdrawals are made via credit cards or e-wallet accounts, your personal information connected to theses accounts must match the information you provided to Dafabet when you registered with the site.

05.Security:is Dafabet gambling safe?

A question that comes up with every bookmaker is: is Dafabet safe? The answer is tricky. As we mentioned before, being an Asian company, Dafabet does not have to abide by the rules we’re accustomed to in Europe. This means the site won’t carry the stamp of approval from any government bodies in Europe, like the juego seguro previously described, now does it use encryption software. That being said, the bookie’s ratings are regularly high and Dafabet remains a leader in the world of sports betting, so it seems like the company has safely handled its customers’ finances during its roughly 12 years of operation.

Security & License

06.Betting odds:room for improvement

The betting odds at Dafabet aren’t bad, but could be better. If you compare the odds to other industry leaders, like Betfair or Betway, they pale in comparison. On many games, for instance, if you bet 1 euro, you could win 1.11 euros at Dafabet and 5 or 6 at other sites. The average odds at Dafabet are certainly lower than other industry leaders which you can see in our betting odds comparison. It’s important to have good betting options to suit the punter’s budget, and of course, the higher possibilities to win more, the better. To attract and maintain more clients, Dafabet should expand their users’ opportunities to win.

07.User-friendliness:up to industry standards

Dafabet reviews agree that the website is very well done: colourful, organised, easy to navigate and not overwhelming. Each main page in the top navigation bar (Sports, Casino, Live Dealer, Poker, Games) has a different colour scheme, making it clear when you click on one of them that you’ve chosen a different betting type. As you scroll, two icons follow you, one on either side of the page: Deposit Now and Live Chat. This way, no matter what you’re reading or where you are on the site, you can find the two most important actions: deposit money to bet and ask questions to Dafabet’s friendly customer service team. For how much information and how many options Dafabet offers, they’ve done a great job organising the site.

Finally, if you like to bet while you’re out and about, at any time of the day, you’ll love the Dafabet App, available for iPhone and Android as well as WAP. The only downside of the mobile betting app is that it doesn’t accept payment transactions (yet).

08.In-play product:available, but needs more options

In recent years, many bookmakers have joined the trend of offering bets on matches and games as they are happening. Dafabet hasn’t been left behind on this. The bookie offers in-play options for football, basketball, tennis and e-sports. However, while it’s great that this feature is offered, it could stand to add more options and more regions for those options. For example, football is only available for in-play in Vietnam.

In-Play bets

For reference, other bookmakers offer double the amount of sports for in-play betting. William Hill has all the sports Dafabet offers, plus volleyball, ice hockey, table tennis and cricket. That said, the fact that Dafabet has an in-play option at all is a good sign and a good way to attract and keep bettors coming back.

09.Other products:Is there a Dafabet casino site?

In addition to a huge selection of sports betting games, Dafabet does offer a casino site, complete with slot games, poker, other card and table games and live games. The site even has a new Live Dealer feature with the choice of playing at the Diamond Club, the Black Pearl Club or the Topaz Club. These features blur the lines between virtual and physical betting and make the experience more exciting and fun.

If you already have a Dafabet account for sports betting, you don’t have to make a new one for the Casino. If you haven’t signed up already, though, it’s quite easy to do so and the website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

All you need to know about eSports Betting with Dafabet

Despite only match winner bets being covered on the majority of eSports encounters, handicap, number of kills, first blood and map winner markets are often offered on larger events, such as the Dota 2 Asia Championships or DreamHack Series. Dafabet is unsurprisingly the leading provider of Asian Handicap betting, which has quickly transferred to the eSports market. Starcraft 2 and League of Legends dominate their eSports coverage due to their popularity in Asia, with tournaments such as the SC2 ProLeague and LoL World Championships among the most anticipated.

Although Dafabet aren’t one of the best eSports betting sites at present, they have achieved a significant amount in a short period, with their coverage only likely to improve as the eSports industry continues to grow. Dafabet recently signed a partnership deal with eSports operator Fnatic, meaning that they will sponsor and promote the site to its international player base, which is certain to increase their following. Live-betting is also available, generally on the larger tournaments and events, with backing the likes of Team Liquid and Cloud 9 to win during a game often proving fruitful.

Unlike some other sportsbooks, Dafabet do not take requests when it comes to odds and markets, although customers can rely upon a 24/7 customer support service, as well as some of the quickest withdrawal times around. As well as this, Dafabet provide a number of promotions at any given time, including accumulator refunds and free bets, all of which can be used within the eSports market. Dafabet will 100% match any first deposit up to £30, providing the perfect platform for customers to quickly add to their account balance, with eSports odds comparison showing some very appealing odds.

10.Bet limits:free rein

Now you’re probably wondering, “Okay, but what are Dafabet’s betting limits?” You’ll like the answer: there are essentially no betting limits. However, there are some small exceptions. For example, if you’re a new member, you’ll have to earn your limitless betting by making a few deposits and withdrawals. Until then, limits will be placed on various games, such as the €500 limit for sports bets. Later on, you’ll have no monetary betting restrictions, including on their table games for bets that include double and triple options. This is a massively alluring feature for gamblers considering signing up for Dafabet. The only limitation for members is the table limit for casino games.

Our Verdict of Dafabet:Great all-round bookie

in the editorial board: Dafabet
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Dafabet stands out for its wide array of gaming and betting options. The Dafabet bonus of 80 euros makes it worth a try in itself. However, play at your own risk: with this bookie being based out of Asia, the security standards vary from those of European bookies. Another downside is that there is no live streaming option. All other features explain the success of this bookie, especially in the Asian market: a great mobile platform, customer service/communication, good betting odds, and lots of gaming options. For these fantastic features, the OpenOdds team has ranked Dafabet very highly. Give it a try and see how you like it.
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Dafabet: OpenOdds user feedback

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