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DOTA 2 Odds Comparison 2021 | Best Betting DOTA 2 Odds

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Let the battle commence for Dota 2, the stand-alone sequence to Defence of the Ancients, between two teams of five players defending their own base on the map. The Dota 2 online multiplayer video game offers the biggest prize money on the planet. Millions of people play the game by taking on the persona of an online superhero with special powers. In teams of five, they battle it out to conquer their opponents land and emerge as the victors.

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As Dota 2 is one of the world’s most popular esports, then it goes without saying that betting sites will be competing to give you the best possible price for your Dota 2 bets. If you go to a classic esports betting site like Cyber.bet, then you will see how their bets for Dota 2 are easily some of the best on the market. Most of our reviews of esports betting sites such as our Cyber.bet review will carry out a quick odds comparison test so that you can see exactly how competitive the site is for esports like Dota 2.

Dota 2 Bookmaker Comparison

Huge professional tournaments have been set up around the game, offering life-changing sums of money. Even if you don’t play video games, you can join in the action by gambling on Dota 2. Not all bookmakers offer eSports but many are getting in on the action with different Dota 2 bets. On some sites you can play for money while others offer play money or in-game prizes. It’s a highly competitive business and can be lucrative if you know where to get the best Dota 2 betting odds and predictions. Our OpenOdds DOTA 2 Odds Comparison review will compare Dota 2 odds at different bookies to see who is offering the best Dota 2 odds for you.

  • How Dota 2 has evolved.
  • Which bookie is offering the best Dota 2 betting odds?
  • What is the Dota Major Championships series?
  • Learning about Dota 2 bet prediction reviews.
  • How to place Dota 2 bets.

Dota 2 is played by millions but the big money for bettors is during the professional tournaments. Before delving into betting strategies and Dota 2 betting odds, let’s take a look at how the game is played. The free-to-play eSports online battle video game sees each of the 10 players controlling a powerful character who has unique abilities and different playing styles. There are more than 100 heroes to choose from, so the game has endless possibilities depending on who has been chosen. During the game, a player and their team notch up points, currencies and items for their heroic characters so they can fight the opposing team trying to break down their defences. A team wins by destroying a large structure, known as the Ancient, in their rival’s base.

Bought to you by Valve Corporation, huge communities play and follow Dota 2 and it is one of the most played games on the Steam workshop with more than a million players at any one time. Teams from around the world also play professionally in different leagues and tournaments for a chance to win millions of dollars. Valve hosts the largest tournament known as ‘The International’ and also ‘Majors’, which are broadcast live on the internet attracting many millions of viewers.

dota 2 esports betting

The top competitors will fight it out for the top spot in the Dota Major Championships, hosted by Valve. Three major tournaments will be held at different venues around the world culminating in The International 2017. The International 2016 took place at KeyArena in Seattle, USA, with open qualifiers where the winner goes through to the main qualifiers. This is followed by a wild card stage of four teams playing three matches with the top two going through. The group stage is held just before the main event with two groups of eight teams playing for a place in the upper bracket of the main event and four in the lower bracket. These 16 teams played in a double elimination over six days in the main event to decide who will be crowned ‘The International’ champion. For 2016 there was a total prize pool of nearly $21,000,000 with the winner, Wings Gaming, receiving just over $9,000,000.

As befitting a contest attracting the largest prize money in any eSport, it is no wonder that it has also caught the attention of the betting industry with many sportsbooks offering the chance to win your own prize money by wagering on who is likely to win in the head to heads and the overall tournaments. So we have delved into the world of eSports for you to find who is offering the best Dota 2 betting odds and to compare Dota 2 odds offered by different bookmakers. We’ll show you how to predict Dota 2 bets and the different types of Dota 2 betting odds available. So, let’s begin.



Netbet also offers a good selection of odds for its eSports: you can simply pick the full-time winner of a match or tournament or use spreads and over/under full time. Spreads give the outsider an advantage so the odds are more competitive. They are determined based on the league, so for Dota 2 these are maps rather than rounds. In over/under or total betting you can predict whether over or under a stated number of maps are needed to decide the winner.


Betway has superb coverage of eSports with a welcome offer, eSports coverage on Twitter – so you won’t miss a thing – and special eSport blogs including write-ups on Dota 2. There’s an impressive range of bets from an outright win, to handicap bets or group winners. You’ll even find a specials board where you can bet whether or not Dota 2 will be part of the Winter Olympics 2030. Betway has a welcome offer of a matched bet on first deposit, although terms and conditions apply. Free sign-up bets are worth looking for as you can effectively enjoy a free wager.

DOTA 2 Odds Comparison 2021 | Best Betting DOTA 2 Odds

Pinnacle Sports:

Pinnacle is one of the top bookies for eSports with amazing graphics to appeal to gamers. Since opening its eSports betting in 2014, more than 3,000,000 bets have been placed with Pinnacle eSports, including the world’s largest competition Dota 2 – The International. You would think as it’s a head-to-head match, there would be more even odds than there are. Pinnacle states that it is no wonder bettors are turning to such competitions to increase profits because of eSports’ impressive favourite win percentage compared to other sports. On average, favourites win 37% of the time in all sports but an amazing 63% in eSports and 53% in The International. We agree with Pinnacle that this is a major attraction.

William Hill:

Although not the most comprehensive betting odds, William Hill has top match betting odds for Dota 2 game. William Hill is a tried and trusted bookmaker, so you know you’ll get good odds while using a secure system. It’s also offering a £5 free bet each week for new and existing customers. It was founded by William Hill in 1934 for postal and phone bets and is now one of the most trusted online betting brands.

esports betting william hill

VP Game:

At VP Game you can wager on a Dota 2 vpgame with a choice of handicap betting, 10 kills – to decide the team to get the first 10 kills on the scoreboard which can include suicide, being killed by a teammate or by creeps and first blood. Although relatively new, VP Game is the biggest Chinese Dota 2 betting site. You will need to register by filling in the online form and then to bind up your steam account. Then go the My Inventory to deposit items and start placing bets. You can get mythicals or legendaries but you may not get the items you bet with although they are replaced with items of the same value. This looks like a fun site to try out but isn’t a match for the licensed sportsbooks.


With Dota 2 BestYolo you also sign up through Steam to place bets on eSports. If you’re competitive, then you’ll enjoy this site because there is a board showing the top 20 monthly gamers and the top 50 users along with the number of wins, total bets and win rate. You will need to add items to your betting stash, namely value armory for value betting or rarity armory for rare and treasure key betting. It’s best just to add items to the stash when you want to place a bet because you cannot claim them back until you have used them for betting.

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If you like trading in Bitcoins and enjoy Dota 2, Roshpit is the site for you. It claims to be the world’s first eSports bitcoin gambling exclusively for Dota 2. Simply open an account, fund it by buying ‘gold’ which is basically credits and then you’re ready to do battle. If your Dota 2 bets prediction is on the winning side, you will earn a share of the losers’ pot since all wagers on the losing side will be lost. The odds are calculated by seeing how much gold is put on each team so really the odds are crowdsourced by the users. We’d like to see how Roshpit develops because we’re loving the idea of linking bitcoins and eSports.


If you are new to eSports betting, you can use play money at eGamingBets. If you’re in the UK you aren’t able to make real money bets so this is a handy way to get a feel for this type of gambling without bankrupting yourself. Once registered at this costa Rican-based site, you will be given 20 play money. If you lose it, just press restore and back it comes.


WePlay.TV accepts real and virtual money. You can withdraw money to your bank card or if you save up enough WePlay points, you can exchange them for prizes in the shop. You have countless possibilities to place your bets including the winners. For instance you could bet on whether a game will be finished in less than 20 minutes, killing of roshan before the fifth minute or first blood before creeps spawn. You’ll also find a handy news site on WePlay.TV about eSports including Dota 2 updates. We would recommend you use this site just for fun because we could not find evidence of a Malta, UK or Isle of Man licence or registration.

Competitive Dota esports betting

Tips for Dota 2 Betting

    1. If you are new to the world of eSports, try one of the free sites or ones offering prizes before wagering with real money.
    2. Keep it simple to begin with and since odds are so good, it pays to just bet on the outright winner of each game unless you’re a real pro.
    3. Only bet what you can afford to lose. Put aside a percentage of your wages and use that and only that.
      Always read the small print, especially for the sites offering prizes and points so you know what you are getting yourself into.
    4. Keep up with the news of the latest Dota 2 games and clashes. The more informed you are, the better the chance of placing a winning bet.

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Conclusion: DOTA 2 Betting Odds Comparison

The first thing you’ll notice when conducting your own Dota 2 betting odds comparison is whether you can use real money, put up awards or use bitcoins. Not every betting site has cottoned on to the world of eSports so there isn’t the great choice that you will find in other sports. For real money bets, the top brands are the best places to sign up for as there are many Online Bookmaker Promotions & Sign Up Offers as well as other betting choices to make it worthwhile.

Some of the other sites are more attractive if you like geeky things or are impressed by the idea of crowdsourcing funds to predict the odds. Dota 2 is the biggest competition on the planet and we predict the betting side will only get bigger and more popular. If you compare Dota 2 betting odds today, you will find some bookies offer straight wins while others allow handicap betting or predicting how many kills, for instance. Once you find your favourite, stick to it but still take a look around the competition to see how they stack up. You can read more about Best Gambling Sites in UK in our review.