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Last updated & tested: 2020-01-11

ebettle esports review - OpenOddsOriginally set up by three childhood friends from Denmark, Ebettle is now owned by a British company, and registered in Curacao, in the Dutch Antilles. It is not licensed to take real money bets in the UK, USA or Hong Kong, however, so residents of those territories who want to place eSports bets will need to seek out a mainstream, properly licensed bookmaker instead, such as William Hill or Betway. Formed with the intention of being primarily for people looking to place eSports-bets, Ebettle has branched out recently to offer markets in conventional, mainstream sports, like football and basketball, in addition to offering customers the chance to place CS:GO bets or bet on League of Legends or any of the other markets for eSports bets it provides. Despite not being licensed in some territories, Ebettle has moved up from simply being a specialist platform for eSports, and now resembles a mainstream bookmaker in terms of its site, its available markets and its format.

The result of the OpenOdds Ebettle review:

Ebettle is a slick and professional looking website, with each section of the site clearly indicated by tabs at the top of the homepage. The eSports section is fairly comprehensive in its offerings, providing clearly labelled markets for League of Legends betting, Dota 2 betting and CS:GO betting, as well as markets for eSports bets on Starcraft 2, Vainglory, World of Tanks and Overwatch. There are plenty of tournaments covered too, with, at the time of writing, CS:GO betting markets being offered on ESEA Premier Season EU, the Binary Dragons Cup and the IEM Sydney tournament. Customers could place a Dota bet on the Asia Championship, featuring teams like Invictus Gaming and Team Liquid. Fans of League of Legends betting could wager on teams like Misfits, G2 ESports and Royal Never Give Up, participating in tournaments such as the LCS Europe, the LCS North America and the LCK Korea. Plenty of other tournaments are also available, in all the games previously mentioned. This makes the site very appealing to customers who want to place eSports-bets. It should always be remembered, though, that Ebettle is not licensed to offer bets to USA, UK or Hong Kong-based customers. Players from these territories need to find a mainstream bookmaker, such as, in the UK, William Hill, with whom to place their eSport bet.
A wide choice of eSports betting Operators

Other than the betting markets it offers, the site is very basic in the other services it provides to users who want to place eSport bets. Unlike some of their rivals, Ebettle does not have a news section on site, or a blog updating customers about recent happenings in the world of eSports. This is a little disappointing, as it has marketed itself as an eSports specialist in the recent past, and similar sites often have this facility. With the recent growth of eSports, a news service like this does add value for customers who want to use the site for their e Sports bets.

Although focused primarily on eSport betting, Ebettle has started to offer customers a greater variety of gambling products in recent times. It now provides players with the chance to bet on other, mainstream sports, and also has a casino section now, as well as a brand new slots section. There is a good range of sporting markets available, and the odds are pretty good, but, if you are in the UK, you cannot place sports bets with Ebettle, due to licensing issues. So, if you want to bet on football alongside your Dota 2 betting, and you are based in Britain, it is better to opt for another, properly licensed bookmaker. Odds can be presented as decimals, in UK-style fractions, or in American formats, making it simple for an international audience to understand and calculate potential winnings, using the form to which they are used. eSports betting at ebettle.com: review

In terms of customer service, options at Ebettle appear a little limited. Contact details are available at the bottom of the site’s homepage, with an email address and what appears to be a London telephone number available. There is no live chat option available to discuss any eSport betting queries that you may have. Once again, UK customers would be well advised to choose a mainstream bookmaker for their CS:GO bet or similar. Customer service at sites like William Hill, 10Bet or Betfred is more extensive than what it offered at Ebettle.

Ebettle eSports experiences: An industry leading bookmaker

  • Licensed in Curacao, in the Dutch Antilles, and not able to offer legal options for eSport bets in the UK, USA or Hong Kong.
  • Originally a specialist site for eSports bets, Ebettle has recently moved into other sports markets, meaning you can bet on basketball or ice hockey, alongside your CS:GO betting or League of Legends betting.
  • The site provides a massive range of markets for e Sports bets, featuring most of the major tournaments, all of which are clearly listed on site.
  • No news service or blog featuring some eSports industry analysis, which can be useful for people who want to place a successful eSports bet.
  • Odds can be changed to the format the customer favours, whether decimal, fractional or USA style.
  • Limited customer service options, so a more mainstream bookmaker would be a better option for UK-based users who want to bet on League of Legends, or place a CS:GO bet or Dota bet.

OpenOdds eSports Bookmakers Comparison

1.) Bonuses: Worthy welcome bonus, but UK players are not eligible

There is a good bonus on offer for new customers at Ebettle. If a customer makes a first deposit of at least $10 or €10, then they are entitled to a qualifying bonus of up $50 or €50, on their first qualifying bet. To qualify, the bet must be on a market with odds of at least 2.0 or greater. UK customers are not eligible for this bonus, due to Ebettle’s licensing arrangements, and would be better off looking at other sites to place their eSport bet. Ebettle also from time to time offers event or customer specific bonuses, so it is worth checking back at the site from time to time to see what is available.

Ebettle.com Review - Read our eSports Betting Site Rating in 5 Mins.

2.) Betting Odds: Easy to navigate and a betting margin in line with the best

The odds are easy enough to access at Ebettle, with all markets clearly displayed and easy to find. There is no fumbling around from screen to screen here, struggling to find the right market for your eSport bet. The site is simple to navigate, whether you want to bet on League of Legends, a CS:GO bet, or find a Dota 2 ranking tournament on which to wager.

ESL Meisterschaft best odds

In terms of the value on offer, the odds compare pretty favourably with what is on offer elsewhere, and there is some good value to be found if you are prepared to look.

Ebettle.com Review - Read our eSports Betting Site Rating in 5 Mins.

3.) Customer Service: Your queries may go unanswered for days

It would be worthwhile at this point to restate that Ebettle is not licensed to take any kind of real money eSports bet from UK residents, so customer service is always going to be something of an issue for British users of the site. Options to contact the customer service team are very limited, with just an email address and a telephone number available on site. This does leave an impression that if you have a query relating to your CS:GO bet, then it may not be answered especially efficiently.

4.) User-friendliness: Smooth navigation with a slick and professional design

The site is very easy to use, and looks very slick and professional. Each section of the site is clearly labelled on the homepage, and finding the right section in which to place your CS bet or similar is very simple. It is easy to change the language being used on the site, and also the clock, with two tabs at the top right hand side of the home page allowing customers to do this.

esports betting players and fans

It is simple to find the game on which you want to bet, and each event within each game’s section is very clearly displayed, alongside all the relevant odds. This is one aspect of the site which makes it very tempting to place an eSport bet with Ebettle.

5.) Games Covered: Offers a wider range than mainstream operators

This is another area where Ebettle scores highly. There are plenty of opportunities for League of Legends betting and CS:GO betting, as well as bet on your Dota 2 heroes, or place bets on Overwatch, World of Tanks or Vainglory.

top ranking site for esports betting

This is a wider range than many mainstream bookmakers can offer, but UK users should remember that it is technically illegal for them to indulge in sports betting with Ebettle, so they will be better served placing that CS bet with Betway or Betfred, or another mainstream, fully UK-licensed bookmaker.

6.) Events & Tournaments: Offers markets on a plethora of events

As one might expect from a site which covers so many games in eSports, Ebettle offers markets on a large range of tournaments and events. At the time of writing, customers looking to bet on League of Legends could access markets from the LCS Europe, LCS North America, the LCK Korea and the LPL China.

pinnacle esports events and tournaments

For fans of CS:GO betting, Ebettle covers tournaments like the ESEA Premier Season 24 EU, with teams in it like BIG and VeritasAequitas, as well as the Hellcase Cup and the IEM Sydney event. There are also plenty of events for the other games that the site covers.

7.) In Play eSports Betting: Plenty of options to choose from, quick and easy

Ebettle offers plenty of in-play betting options for eSports fans. At the time of writing, in play CS:GO bets were being taken on the Team Kinguin versus Team Spirit match, with users of the site able to watch the action on a livestream. Placing an in play CS:GO bet or similar is also very simple.

8.) Payment Methods: Not licensed to take real money from UK players

Ebettle accepts Bitcoin payments, as well as a range of other methods. For credit card users, Visa and Mastercard options are available. Other payment methods on offer are Skrill, InPay and Neteller, as well as Sofort, Inpay, QiWi, Paysafe, Yandex and Moneta. Always remember that Ebettle is not licensed to take real money CS:GO bets, or any other eSports bets, in the UK due to licensing issues. British users must know this before they decide to deposit any real funds with the site.

Ebettle.com Review - Read our eSports Betting Site Rating in 5 Mins.

9.) Security: Limited info on how transactions are processed and protected

There is an extensive privacy policy detailed on the site, as well as plenty of information about confirming identity and legal age of users. There is little information, however, on how secure transactions are processed and protected.

esports bookmakers uk

Again, this relates to the licensing issues that the site has in the UK, so customers are advised to think carefully before depositing real money in an Ebettle account for their CS:GO betting activities.

10.) Betting Limits: No minimum betting limit, though withdrawing is restricted

There appears to be no minimum betting limit at Ebettle, though customers can withdraw a maximum of €100,000 in winnings from their account every 30 days. Ebettle states in its terms and conditions that it will set individual minimums and maximums according to its discretion, in terms of deposits made to players’ accounts. If you want to place very small or very large CS:GO bets at Ebettle, it is a good idea to contact their customer service team first.

Ebettle.com Review - Read our eSports Betting Site Rating in 5 Mins.

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Conclusion of the Ebettle eSports Betting review

feedbackEbettle is, overall, a good eSports betting site, as long as you are resident outside of the UK, USA or Hong Kong, where it is not licensed for online betting. Users from those countries who want to place a CSGO bet or similar need to find a bookmaker who is licensed in their own territories. There is a good range of markets available to eSports gamblers, and the site is professional and slick in the way that it operates. Easy to use, it is to be hoped that Ebettle can become licensed in the UK soon, as eSports growth statistics continue to indicate rising popularity for eSports betting.



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