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Last updated & tested: 2020-01-08

EGB Esports Review - OpenOddsEGB stands for EGaming Bets, and the site has been operating nearly six years now, having started in 2011. A specialist bookmaker for people who want to place eSports bets, prides itself on providing a comprehensive and informative service for all eSports gamblers. Licensed in Curacao in the Dutch Antilles, is classed as an offshore bookmaker in the UK, and British fans of eSport betting need to be careful about trying to use them.

UK residents may find that opting to use an established British bookmaker, such as William Hill or Betway, is the better option for that CS:GO bet they are keen to place. has a history of partnering with some of the biggest eSports tournaments, but has also begun to sponsor eSports teams too. In 2016, started sponsoring the Luminosity eSports team. The sponsorship seemed to bring the team some good luck, with them taking second place in the DreamHack Leipzig 2016 soon after signing the deal. also now sponsor a young European eSports team called Hellraisers, who have featured prominently and successfully in tournaments such as the CS:GO Champions League Season 2 and Game Show League Season 1. This review will see what can offer to customers who are looking to place some successful e Sports bets.

The result of the OpenOdds review: seems somewhat confusing to the first-time user, with much of the content seemingly a little out of date. It is, however, easy to find the markets which are available on site, with each of the games covered given its own tab on the home page, but then those markets are a little confusingly presented, in a long list. For customers who tend to place their eSport bets with mainstream bookmakers, this may look a little confusing. The odds are presented in the decimal format, favoured by continental European bookmakers. Of course, is not officially licensed in the UK, so British gamblers should be looking to get their odds elsewhere, if they want to be technically within the law. There are plenty of markets on offer here, with League of Legends betting and CS:GO betting available. Dota 2 betting markets are also offered, and there is also the chance to bet on Starcraft 2. A comprehensive range of events and tournaments is covered, with, at the time of writing, markets available on the LPL Spring Split and the EU LCS tournament, amongst others. It is also possible to watch some live streams of events on site, though it is sometimes unclear as to which actual event is being covered. Certainly, newcomers to the site will need to have a good familiarity with the world of eSports, if they want to find what they are looking for quickly.
online esports betting and oddsEGB makes a point of welcoming winners to its site, with it viewing successful bettors as being essential to helping them set accurate odds. If you have a habit of placing a winning CS bet, then this site could be for you. More mainstream bookmakers can often restrict the bets of very successful gamblers, which can frustrate many more serious bettors. There is also a prize pool on offer, where players can make picks and predictions in a sweepstake style competition. If you are new to eSport betting, then the site can be a little confusing. There is a live chat facility where players can interact with each other live, with comments displayed on the site’s homepage. Overall, the site has an amateurish and rushed feeling to it, with spelling mistakes in many of the articles, and an often cursory approach to giving detailed information. Again, it should be remembered that is an offshore bookmaker, in UK terms, and British residents looking to place some CS:GO bets may be better opting for a mainstream bookmaker like 10Bet or Betfred. One very useful feature of the site, though, is its news section. Although brief, each article here carries significant details about upcoming tournaments and events. With few mainstream bookmakers carrying this kind of detail, despite the rapid recent growth of eSports, this is a real selling point for Users can place that CS bet here with the benefit of having useful information to back it up.

Customer service options seem quite well developed, considering the offshore status of the bookmaker. There is a live chat function, where users can present queries about their eSports-bets. There are four separate email addresses available at the site, dealing with, respectively, customer support, promotions, security and the site’s shop. The shop section seems quite well-stocked, both with gaming equipment, and fan items, such as T-shirts. All prices are given in the site’s points, though, rather than hard currency. Points can be won by participating in the site’s various additional games. There is also a telephone number available, though it is unclear as to which country this is actually located within, so caution is perhaps best advised when it comes to placing a real money CS:GO bet here.

Competitive CS:GO gamblingAnother interesting aspect of the site is that it gives customers from the UK, USA and Singapore the chance to place eSport bets using ‘Play Money’. This Play Money allows customers to place bets, but it is not real money and cannot be exchanged for hard currency. This makes the site useful for inexperienced gamblers who want to place an eSport bet, without having to deal with the stress of possibly losing real money. It is also a way for UK residents to use the site legally. If you want your League of Legends betting to be profitable, though, and generate hard cash winnings, then you need to head to a mainstream UK bookmaker like William Hill. eSports experiences: An industry leading bookmaker

  • Licensed in Dutch Antilles, it is technically illegal for UK, USA and Singapore residents to use this site to place a real money eSports bet.
  • Plenty of available markets for Dota 2 betting, League of Legends betting, CS:GO betting, as well as Quake and World of Tanks.
  • Good range of tournaments on which users can place eSports bets, including the LPL Spring Split.
  • Helpful news section on the site, so that gamblers can place better informed e Sports bets.
  • An onsite shop offers the chance to purchase gaming equipment, as well as fan items. Customers cannot use real money, though, and must use the site’s own points to purchase items.
  • ‘Play Money’ option available, aimed at British, American and Singaporean users, where eSports bets can be placed without using real money.

OpenOdds eSports Bookmakers Comparison OpenOdds detailed rating reports regarding eSports betting

  1. Bonuses
  2. Betting Odds
  3. Customer Services
  4. User-friendliness
  5. Games Covered
  6. Events & Tournaments
  7. In-play eSports Betting
  8. Payment Methods
  9. Security
  10. Betting Limits

1.) Bonuses: Generous welcome bonus offers, but lacks clear terms and conditions

There is a fantastic bonus offer available for new customers at Any customer who makes their first real money deposit at the site will receive a 100 per cent bonus of up to $600. The fact that the bonus is given in dollars is another indication that is an offshore site, and is technically illegal for British customers to use to place real money eSports-bets. There is also another bonus available, called ‘Tell a Friend’, where customers receive up to $50, if they recommend the site to other people. The text outlining this bonus suffers from a fault which is common on, however, in that it does not make sense. It seems as though the text has been inexpertly translated from a foreign language, which makes the precise terms of the bonus somewhat opaque. UK users would be better off, if they want to bet on League of Legends or any of the other games available, to use a mainstream bookmaker, where their eSport bet can win legal, real money. Review - Read our eSports Betting Site Rating in 5 Mins.

2.) Betting Odds: Decimal format makes it easier to calculate winnings

All the odds at are simple to find, and are presented in the decimal format. This format may not be that familiar to UK users, who may be more familiar with the fractional format favoured by UK bookies, but it does make the likely winnings from a CS:GO bet at the site easier to calculate.
fnatic intel extreme masters

While it is easy to find odds on the list of matches taking place, it can be harder to identify which tournament each match is part of. For this reason, is a site which more experienced gamblers may prefer, rather than being aimed at newcomers to CS:GO betting. It always wise to carry out some kind of eSports industry analysis, in order to see where the very best odds can be found.

3.) Customer Service: Basic but efficient

Customer service options look pretty basic but pretty solid. Potential problems may arise for UK customers, however, who try to bet with real money at the site, as it is not licensed in the UK. Customers can use one of four email addresses depending on their type of query, and there is also a live chat function. The telephone number is not recommended for UK users, as it is unclear as to which country it is based in. If you have a query about a CS:GO bet or similar, then it may be best to use the email option.

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4.) User-friendliness: Needs improvement

This is one area where could improve. The site looks like it has been put together in a hurry, and not by professionals. Frequent spelling mistakes and nonsensical sentences in the site’s text detract from its overall effect and usability. It can be hard to see which tournament matches are from. It is simple enough, though, to find individual markets for League of Legends Betting, CS:GO betting, or to place a Dota bet, or wager on the other games covered at the site.

The site covers most of the more popular games in eSports, and customers can place CS:GO bets, bet on League of Legends, place a Dota bet, or bet on Starcraft 2.
esports games covered

The site also contains references to being able to bet on World of Tanks and Quake, though markets on these games did not seem to be available at the time of writing. Review - Read our eSports Betting Site Rating in 5 Mins.

6.) Events & Tournaments: Covers all major events and more

The site covers most of the major events, if not all of them, though, due to the way the markets are presented, it can be tricky to see exactly which tournaments are available to bet on.
pinnacle esports events and tournaments

At the time of writing, people who wanted to place CS:GO bets could bet on the ESEA league, the Hellcase Cup and the ESL. A customer looking to bet on League of Legends could opt for the LPL Spring Split and LCK and LMS events, amongst others. Anyone looking to bet on their Dota 2 heroes could wager on the ProData Cup and the Dota Asia Championships. Review - Read our eSports Betting Site Rating in 5 Mins.

7.) In Play eSports Betting: Ample opportunities offered for all eSports markets

Placing live, in-play eSports bets is possible on the site, and there is a tab at the top of the homepage which brings up all live betting options, and the markets available.
in play esports bettingCS:GO betting markets are well covered, but there are also opportunities to place live bets on Dota 2 ranking tournaments, and LoL and Starcraft markets are available too. Review - Read our eSports Betting Site Rating in 5 Mins.

8.) Payment Methods: Real money bets are illegal for UK customers

Customers can deposit funds in their account using Visa and Mastercard, as well as Neteller, Paysafe and Skrill. Other ways to pay for your eSports bet at include Webmoney, Alipay and Astropay. QiWi and Yandex Money are other options. Again, it has to be stressed to using to place a real money CS:GO bet, if you are resident in the UK, is technically illegal. esports bookmakers ukUK users should head for a mainstream UK bookmaker to place a real money eSport bet.

9.) Security: Site makes no reference, whatsoever, to security procedures in place

It is hard to discover just how secure the site is, as there is no reference to any kind of security technology being used on site. As takes money from customers using a number of reputable methods, one has to assume that security is reasonable. If you are in any doubt, though, about whether your eSport bet will be safe with, it is better to use a different, properly UK-licensed bookmaker.

10.) Betting Limits: No betting limits specified, best check procedures with customer service

The minimum amount for withdrawing money from an account is $15. No betting limits are specified on site, so customers must check with if they want to place a particularly large CS:GO bet or similar.
overwatch esports betting Likewise, if a customer wants to bet on League of Legends with a particularly small stake, then they need to check with the site’s customer service team.

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Conclusion of eSports Betting review

feedback is a specialist eSports site, and therefore looks like a decent bookie for someone looking to place CS:GO bets or similar. There are some major issues with the site, though, particularly if a customer is resident in the UK, USA or Singapore, as the company is not licensed to operate in these territories. The site can look a bit amateurish at times, and the lack of security certificate is somewhat concerning. There are plenty of markets for CS:GO betting and other types of eSports gaming, though, and the news section of the site is genuinely useful. Hopefully, as eSports growth statistics continue to show rising popularity for the phenomenon, can obtain licences to operate legally in territories it does not currently cover. It is highly recommended to use fully licensed UK/European eSports betting operators – like Betway and William Hill – to avoid unpleasant surprises.   


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