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Esportsbetting.com Review – Read our eSports Betting Site Rating in 5 Mins.

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esportsbetting.com review on openoddsEsportsbetting.com is an online betting site that’s completely dedicated to eSports. One instant standout feature is the fact that Esportsbetting.com is fully regulated with Malta Gaming Authority license, unlike other non-EU regulated operators such as EGB and GG.bet.

As such, this eSports bookmaker has all the potential to blow the market wide open. Whether you want to take a CS:GO bet, or try some League of Legends betting, the brand’s objective is to deliver the best odds for you to bet on eSports. So read our esportsbetting.com review and see how you can make your first eSports bets.

Introducing esportsbetting.com in eSports betting

Esportsbetting.com are one of the newest betting websites to be completely dedicated to eSports betting. Whilst other betting sites like Betway and Pinnacle tend to keep eSports hidden away behind their traditional sporting bets, this exciting brand seem to be only concerned with giving you the biggest selection of ways to bet on eSports.


As well as the massive selection of eSports betting markets, there’s plenty more to esportsbetting.com that can make it a better option than some of the shadier CS:GO betting sites. This is because the brand are fully regulated in the EU, with the Malta Gaming Authority license giving a reassuring answer to any questions like is esportsbetting.com safe.

esports betting review Although the Maltese betting firm are relatively new, they’ve already got a strong selection of titles for you to bet on. From making a quick CS:GO bet, to trying some League of Legends betting, there’s plenty here to suggest that the esportsbetting.com eSports rating is going to go sky high.

In addition to this, they website has a great eSports news service so that you can instantly get the lowdown on all of the top eSports teams, players and tournaments. And with many dependable payment options, and multi-language support for English, German, Swedish and Norwegian speakers, you should have everything you need to make some easy, safe and profitable eSports bets.

The result of the OpenOdds Esportsbetting.com esports Betting Site Review

Our esportsbetting.com eSports review found that this brand have got a truly massive selection of eSports betting markets to rival some of the best eSports betting sites. Whether you want to bet on the outright winner of a massive tournament like DreamHack, or take a live in-play bet on a qualifying round of a CS:GO tournament, then you’ll be able to find the some decent bets at esportsbetting.com.

You can easily find your favourite eSports bets by simply scrolling down the navigation bar to select anything from first-person shooters like Counter Strike Global Offensive and Call of Duty, to legendary battle arena titles like Dota 2 and League of Legends.

If you are in the mood for making an exciting last minute bet, then be sure to click on the Live Esports tab at the top of the esportsbetting.com homepage. This will open up a treasure trove of in-play bets for all of the best eSports tournaments going on around the world right now.

Regardless of whether you are placing some pre-match eSports bets, or are taking an in-play bet, then you will be able to enjoy a massive choice of betting markets. From guessing the overall winner of each contest, to predicting the total amount of kills or maps won, it’s clear that there’s no shortage of choice when making a bet at esportsbetting.com.

Call of Duty eSports betting

Everybody knows that Call of Duty is one of the biggest games in eSports. This iconic first-person shooter is a great eSport to bet on, as you can really get to know how certain teams work together to come up with a winning strategy.

Whether you are placing a surefire bet on legendary Call of Duty teams like Team EnVyUs, Optic Gaming or Splyce, or are going against the odds on a promising newcomer like Mindfreak, there are plenty of Call of Duty betting options at esportsbetting.com.

Call of Duty eSports Betting

The brand appear to have taken great pride in creating a strong live betting experience for your Call of Duty bets too. As well as a massive selection of constantly changing odds for your in-play bets, you can also live stream some of the biggest Call of Duty tournaments so that you can watch the latest action for a well-informed bet.

Don’t forget to check into the brand’s eSports news area as this is the place where you get to boost your knowledge about the latest developments in the Call of Duty realm. From rumours about the next Call of Duty player to switch teams, to detailed analysis of the statistics behind the last Call of Duty tournament, you’ll have everything you need to make a successful bet on this legendary eSports.

League of Legends eSports betting

Esportsbetting.com cover plenty of great battle arena titles like Overwatch and Dota 2, but it’s good to find that they seem to pay some extra attention to League of Legends.

This is one of the world’s favourite eSports to bet on as the sheer quantity of top-level LoL teams makes it an incredibly fun eSport to research. Whether you are betting on the famous Korean team, SK Telecom T1, or are trying your luck on eSports organisations like Team Liquid and Team Dignitas, it’s clear that League of Legends offers up plenty of great betting opportunities.

LoL eSports Competitive Games

So it’s good to find that esportsbetting.com manage to offer you odds on all of the best League of Legends tournaments. From exciting competitions like the League of Legends World Championship Series, to the hugely respected Intel Extreme Masters, you should find that this brand have plenty of LoL events to take an eSports bet on.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with taking a bet on the outright winner of these competitions, we all know how LoL betting can be fairly unpredictable. So be sure to check out the brand’s extensive range of in-play bets for the best League of Legends tournaments in order to take advantage of their constantly changing odds to get a decent return on your eSports bet.


Esportsbetting.com esports experiences: Ten reasons to give esportsbetting.com a try

  1. World’s first EU regulated betting site dedicated to eSports
  2. Great live betting service with streaming included for members
  3. Large selection of eSports betting markets
  4. Competitive odds for all your eSports bets
  5. Generous 2x risk-free bets offer and other bonuses for new customers
  6. Helpful eSports news service to keep you up to date
  7. Comprehensive resource for facts about the best teams, players and tournaments
  8. User-friendly website and awesome betting mobile app
  9. Most reliable payment methods accepted
  10. Safe and secure betting service with full licensing and regulation from MGA

OpenOdds eSports Bookmakers Comparison

Esportsbetting.com: OpenOdds detailed rating reports regarding eSports betting

Our OpenOdds team examines all bookmakers according to a list of 10 categories.

  1. Bonuses
  2. Betting Odds
  3. Customer Services
  4. User-friendliness
  5. Games Covered
  6. Events & Tournaments
  7. In-play eSports betting
  8. Payment Methods
  9. Security
  10. Betting Limits

1.) Bonuses: Get your risk-free bets and more at esportsbetting.com

The esportsbetting.com eSports betting bonuses look to provide strong competition to some of the best eSports betting offers. This is because you can pick up the great risk-free bet offer when you sign up to esportsbetting.com, and there are also matched deposit deals or even a no deposit bonus. The risk-free bet offer contains two risk-free bets to the value of €13.37 that can be used on everything from CS:GO and Dota 2, to LoL, Overwatch and Call of Duty. In order to get this great deal, you just need to be a new customer who makes a minimum deposit of at least €30, and don’t forget to tick the Risk Freebet box before you place your first eSports bets.


You have to turn over your winnings once at odds of 1.70 or over in order to get your bonus funds. And you have 30 days to use your risk-free bets. For the matched deposit deal, you need to deposit at least €10, and this amount will be matched by 100% up to €30. However, you will need to bet the bonus seven times on odds of 1.80 or higher within 30 days before you can withdraw any winnings. And when it comes to the no deposit bonus, you just need to register a new account with the brand. From here, you will have to bet the bonus six times on odds of 1.80 or higher to make a successful withdrawal. Terms and conditions apply, 18+.

2.) Betting Odds: Competitive odds on all top eSports

Odds are hugely important part of our esportsbetting.com eSports review, and we were glad to find that the brand include very competitive odds for your eSports bets. Whilst there are a few CS:GO betting sites that might be able to occasionally provide better odds on this first-person shooter, in terms of overall odds for eSports betting, it’s clear that the brand have scored highly in our eSports comparison.

competitive overwatch esports betting

So if you are looking to get a decent return on your eSports bets in anything from Overwatch to Hearthstone, then be sure to give esportsbetting.com a try.

3.) Customer Services: Great live chat service

If you have any questions about your eSports bets or just want to know is esportsbetting.com safe, then you can easily get in touch with one of the brand’s customer service representatives by using the handy live chat feature.

This is a much simpler way to get in touch with the brand rather than having to use a telephone hotline which can often land you with a nasty phone bill. So if you need any help with registering with the brand, or just want to know how eSports betting legal considerations could affect your wagering, then be sure to get in touch with the brand via their live chat feature.

4.) User-Friendliness: Intuitive website and app

We all know how there are more than a few CS:GO betting sites out there that offer decent odds but have incredibly annoying websites to navigate. Thankfully esportsbetting.com has none of these problems as they have provided us with a website that’s remarkably easy to use, and its slick and modern interface is well suited to some eSports betting too.

In addition to this, the brand have given us one of the best eSports betting apps that we’ve ever seen. So that whether you want to make an in-play bet on the go, or just want to top up your account balance, it’s never been easier to do this on a tablet or smartphone than with the esportsbetting.com app.

5.) Games Covered: Excellent selection of eSports

Most of us will have seen that there are some CS:GO betting sites and LoL websites that focus on these specific games. But esportsbetting.com presents you with a much more comprehensive eSports betting service that takes in a huge variety of iconic eSports.

esports games covered

In taking a look at our betting games 2021 comparison we can see that esportsbetting.com are already performing well despite the fact that they are a relatively new brand. With CS:GO, Call of Duty, Dota 2, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Overwatch, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Starcraft to try your eSports betting strategies on, it’s clear that this betting company have plenty to offer.

6.) Events and Tournaments: All top eSports tournaments covered

Whether you want to place a bet on the next DreamHack tournament, or just want to bet on the outright winner of the Intel Extreme Masters, then esportsbetting.com should be able to provide you with plenty of markets for these gaming extravaganzas.

esports events and tournaments

You might find some CS:GO betting sites that cover the qualifying rounds of the ESEA competition a little more thoroughly, but on the whole this esportsbetting.com eSports review has found that this is a brand who are dedicated to covering all of the top tournaments with plenty of strong betting opportunities. Just another reason why the esportsbetting.com eSports rating is going to be pretty favourable.

7.) In-Play eSports Betting: Superior live betting service

There are many betting sites that attempt to offer their customers a handful of ways to bet in real-time on eSports. But if you are keen on live betting, then you should definitely check out the esportsbetting.com live betting experience.


Not only does the brand include way more in-play bets for most of the major eSports tournaments, but if you have registered with esportsbetting.com, then you can even watch the live action via the brand’s streaming service. This is a great way to alter your betting strategies as the action unfolds onscreen for a very modern way to place a bet.

8.) Payment Methods: Most of the major payment brands

Whilst it might not be the most exciting part of our esportsbetting.com eSports betting site review, it’s clear that how you are able to make your deposits is hugely important. This is because you will be betting with your own money, so you will need to make sure that your finances and personal details are kept safe and secure.

Thankfully, esportsbetting.com have lots of reliable payment methods that include Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, EnterCash and bank transfer. Just be sure to check the Payment Options page to see which payment methods are available in your country.

9.) Security: Safe and secure betting experience

As esportsbetting.com are licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, it should mean that you have a safe and secure betting experience. This is because the MGA aims to ensure that all betting companies’ operations are fair and transparent, and this should provide you with an extra degree of reassurance.

Whilst there are a handful of eSports betting websites out there that fail to give their customers much in the way of security, it’s good to find that esportsbetting.com are keen to avoid skin gambling in order to be Europe’s first fully regulated eSports bookmaker.

10.) Betting limits: Fair limits for your eSports betting

Everybody wants to know how much they stand to win when they place a bet with an eSports betting brand. Thankfully, esportsbetting.com have made it clear how much you can receive in terms of winnings by checking the limits in the brand’s terms and conditions.

In addition to this you can also create your own self-exclusion limits so that you ensure that you are gambling within your betting budgets. And with the ability of being able to make your first eSports bets with a relatively small amount, it’s good to find that esportsbetting.com have given us some fair and safe betting limits.


Our esportsbetting.com eSports betting site review found that this is one of the most exciting new websites around. We’ve seen plenty of traditional online bookmakers attempting to include a few eSports betting options alongside their standard sports bets, but it seems that esportsbetting.com is one of the first brands to be completely dedicated to eSports.

This is especially handy as there are many eSports betting websites that don’t offer a safe and transparent betting service. So the fact that esportsbetting.com are licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority should encourage you to take your first safe and secure eSports bets with this exciting new brand who truly deserve their favourable esportsbetting.com eSports rating.

Esportsbetting.com: Opinions & Experiences of Actual Users

feedbackLet us know if you agreed with our esportsbetting.com review by writing your own short review of the brand on our OpenOdds website.
This will help other customers find useful information that we may have missed. All of which will help everyone find a better way to make their esports bets.



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