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One of the most popular tournaments in the UK is the football FA Cup. It is a knockout type tournament that not only features the Premiership teams, but also teams from several divisions lower. It potentially brings together “David and Goliath” matchups where professional football players play against semi-professional players. For the most part professionals do win, but it gives chance to the underdog winning, and that’s something that the British culture really do enjoy – rooting for the underdog.

The popularity of the FA cup means that there is no shortage of online bookmakers that are offering football betting opportunities. With so much on offer, it can be hard to pin-point the best FA cup odds. In this FA Cup betting odds comparison, we’ll give you all the tools you’ll need to compare FA Cup odds for yourself. In our FA Cup odds comparison list you should find one bookmaker that can be used to place a bet. So here is a look at how you can find the most generous FA Cup odds.


  • Betting tips: you’ll be given a few FA Cup betting tips so that a more educated bet can be made with higher chances of a return.
  • Bookmaker strengths: the basic strengths of the bookmakers will be revealed so that you can decide which one is for you.
  • Welcome bonus: the welcome bonus is one of the most attractive things about joining a new bookmaker. We’ll share the various welcome bonuses at the different bookmakers on our list. The best FA Cup odds at one bookmaker for a single match doesn’t mean they provide the best FA Cup odds for all matches. So you’ll need to keep an eye out for great FA Cup betting odds on a regular basis.

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FA Cup Betting Tips

Before you select an FA Cup football match to place a bet on you should increase your chances of success by taking a look at the various betting tips laid out below:

    • The underdog: in a football match it’s very exciting when an underdog manages to steal the victory and go through to the next round. This happens more often than you’d think in the FA Cup and it’s one of the reasons why people like to watch it every year. Fortunately, from a bookies point of view the bookmakers do not give the underdog much of a chance in terms of the odds that are applied. You can use these higher odds to give yourself a better shot at turning a profit.
    • Stick to the teams you know: there are many teams that take part in the FA Cup each year. When placing a bet try to restrict the bets to the team you have actually watched in the past. It might be that a certain match up provides great odds, because there is something you know about the history of the match up.
    • Accumulator bets: to try and hit it big with a small bankroll accumulator bets are very popular in football betting. This involves you placing small bets on a number of matches, and if they all turn a positive result then you can potentially win hundreds if not thousands on your initial bet amount. It can take many times before you get a payout with this bet type, but once you do it will be well worth it.
    • Background info: try to get carry out a little background info on the match before placing a bet. Perhaps there is news of an ankle sprain a player received in training, or that the manager has certain concerns because the opposing team is likely to play a certain style. Whatever the case might be by finding out the little details you’ll be able to get an edge in terms of doing a FA Cup odds comparison.
    • Look for the best odds: at the end of the day it is the odds that will play the biggest role in determining the edge you’ll have. You must find out which bookmaker provides the best odds for a given match.

      Top Bookmakers For Best FA Cup Odds

      Now that you have a few betting strategies under your belt it’s time to figure out where to place those all-important bets. You’ll find that this list of bookmakers is more than enough to get started:


      It might be of no surprise to you that the top bookmaker in the industry is also the best place to execute FA Cup bets. The thing that gives Ladbrokes an edge is the fact that you can watch the matches live for the most part via a video stream. At most other bookmakers you only have the option to watch a box score screen refresh, which is not comparable to the excitement of actually watching the match. Also by being able to watch the FA Cup match you can get a feel for what is going on and that makes placing an educated in-play bet a lot easier. On top of that Ladbrokes has a great welcome bonus offer for all newcomers to the site. Furthermore, processing the bonus offer shouldn’t be too hard with a solid betting plan in place. You simply need to bet the deposit amount at least once at minimum odds and you’ll have the bonus funds to do with as you please.


      Since Ladbrokes is a British based bookmaker they have focused on taking care of their native customers and that means providing a host of betting options on national favourite events such as the FA Cup. At Ladbrokes you can enjoy a website design that’s user friendly, and the customer service department can help you out when stuck. At Ladbrokes you can enjoy a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to £50 when using the bonus code F50. It’s a noteworthy bonus as for most as it helps increase the size of the bankroll when starting out at a new bookmaker. Keep in mind that the qualifying bets must be made at a minimum of 1.5 and you have 7 days to do so. Therefore, don’t wait around for too long as you might run out of time to make those qualifying bets. To carry out your own FA Cup odds comparison you can take a look at our official OpenOdds Ladbrokes review.

      William Hill:

      If you live in the UK then you would have seen the various William Hill retail outlets scattered around the country. They allow punters to place bets in person, but if you have had the chance to visit their website then you’ll be impressed with the wide choice of betting options available. You can have access to so many events per year that you’ll be overwhelmed, and their options for FA Cup betting is superb. The welcome bonus that you can expect when joining the site as a new customer is worthwhile. Using the bonus code F20 you get two instalments of £10 to do with as you please. However, to unlock this bonus you must place qualifying bets that are odds of 1.2, even odds or higher. Therefore, this is one of the easier bonus offers to unlock but it is also one of the smaller ones out there. Using the simplest of betting strategies you can unlock this bonus without much of a hassle. So consider William Hill as the next place that you are going to make an FA Cup bet at. For all participation details, refer to William Hill’s Bonus T&Cs.


      Another great bookmaker that placing an FA Cup bet at is a no-brainer is Boylesports. Here you will enjoy a range of betting options on every single FA Cup football match that takes place. There will even be in-play betting options as the match takes place, which adds another dimension to the betting action. If you have never been to Boylesports before then as a new customer you can enjoy the welcome bonus. It is £25 worth of free bets that will be released in instalments of £5 five times. To get access to this deposit bonus you simply need to wager qualifying bets at minimum odds of 1.5, which isn’t hard to do. A welcome bonus such as this one isn’t going to be a big boost to your bankroll, but it is better than nothing. Also it can take the stress of the first few days at the site, because you have the peace of mind that the bets are on the house.


      Unsurprisingly Betfair has made this list because of its British heritage and that means catering to all British events – including the FA Cup. At Betfair you’ll find a professional and easy to use interface that can help you place a large number of bets in a given period of time. Furthermore, Betfair offers a good quality welcome bonus that’s in the forum of a money-back bet. Basically, when you place a bet of up to £30 then you’ll receive a refund if you lose. This applies only to the first bet that you make at the site so make it count. It’s an attractive offer that’s worth taking advantage of to try out this bookmaker. You might also find that they offer the best FA cup odds for a given match, or at the very least are competitive with the rest of the industry.

      Conclusion – Who offers the best FA Cup betting odds?

      Our FA Cup betting odds comparison has concluded. Now that you have been introduced to the top bookmakers with regards to FA Cup odds you can make an informed decision regarding which one to select. Of course you could just go with the number 1 enter on our list. However, each of these 5 great bookmakers has something different to offer that you need to try out for yourself. By taking the time to give each of the bookmakers a shot you’ll figure out which one is for you.

      When making a decision try to think about various factors, which includes website design, customer service, security, quality of the odds and the availability of in-play betting. Also don’t forget that the quality of the welcome bonus also needs to be considered. Nowadays bookmakers are providing some very lucrative offers for newcomers to the site in the hopes of attracting clients. The online betting world is a competitive one. In order to successfully navigate this world, you’ll have to compare FA Cup betting odds for yourself.

      Now that you have an understanding of the FA Cup betting odds, the top 5 bookmakers for best FA Cup betting odds and the process of selecting a bookmaker, you can get started.

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