What Is An Accumulator Bet In Horse Racing?

Last updated & tested: 2020-03-01

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Placing an accumulator on horse racing


An accumulator bet is a wager where you make several selections on different events. Doubles and trebles are technically types of accumulator, but it tends to be a term that covers bets with four or more selections. Known as an acca for short, we’ve got accumulator betting tips and advice for you if you’re new to it all in this article.


Why should you place a horse racing accumulator? You could just back your fancied horses individually, but with an acca the odds accumulate if you lump them all together into one wager. Let’s look through an example so you can see the difference between four win singles and a fourfold accumulator on horse racing.


If you back horses at 2/1, 3/1, 4/1 and 5/1 all to win individually at £1 per stake, then you have gambled a total of £4 for a cumulative return of £18. There’s £14 of profit to be had there. Yet if you place an accumulator bet on the same selections, you could get a return of £360 from just a £1 stake. This is because the odds combine or accumulate when multiplied to 359/1. With almost £350 in difference between the returns, it can certainly pay to put on an acca.


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Remember this tip…


One of the most important accumulator betting tips we can give you is this – you have to be really confident all the selections will win because, if one lets you down then you lose. Some bookmakers provide acca insurance in their promotions, traditionally on fivefolds and up, that compensate you with free bets or bonuses if you are just one winner away from the bet coming off. Terms vary from bookie to bookie.


There is also the flexibility with a horse racing accumulator – unlike some other sports – where you can back your selections each-way. This of course depends on the number of the runners in the races in question. You need five or more runners in a single event to get each-way terms, and eight or more for three places to be paid out at a fraction of the win price (a fifth for non-handicaps or a quarter for a handicap).


That means you can still be in profit on your accumulator bet if all the horses don’t win. When betting each-way, however, you need to be sure that the fraction of the win price on a place is such that you can at least get your stake back. So all horses you’ve selected for your acca will need to be either 4/1 or 5/1 minimum odds to generate place terms of evens.


Putting an accumulator on horse racing can be really fun, but remember to bet responsibly. With the massive returns on offer via these bets, it is easy to get carried away. Chief among our accumulator betting tips is to keep your wagering to small stakes, because the chance of all your fancies winning are slim – you can also take precautions in other ways by placing alternative multiples.



All it takes is one horse to screw up an accumulator.

Patents, lucky 15s, 31s and 63s contain three, four, five and six selections that on top of an accumulator bet have all permutations covered from singles, doubles, trebles, etc right up to the however many fold acca involved. These are also known as full cover bets and if you want to learn more about them, we’ve got other glossary articles explaining how they work.

Savvy punters can make a bundle off horse racing accumulators, but there is no substitute for studying form with our racing news very carefully across the same card or different ones. With so much horse racing on in the UK and Ireland, particularly on weekends, you’re not short of chances to hone your acca skills. Accumulators are also hugely popular in the world of football with punters betting on results across leagues and cups.


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