What Is A Trifecta? Get Trifecta Betting In Horse Racing Explained

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The betting type trifecta is unique to horse racing and involves making multiple selections for the same race. If you’re wondering what is a trifecta, then we’ll explain it to you in this article. You can also place a box trifecta if you want more bases covered in a particular race. We’ll talk you through how that works too.


Trifecta betting, also known as a tricast in the UK, is where you pick three horses in the same race to finish first, second and third in a specified order. The price you get for placing such a wager may be bigger than backing the horses individually to win or place, or each-way. There is obviously a high degree of difficulty, as you are not just playing the outright odds on a single horse.


A reverse trifecta or tricast, meanwhile, is where you back the horses to finish first, second and third in any order. Only one permutation can win, however, meaning the other outcomes lose. This reduces the amount of profit you’ll make from the bookmaker, but it’s important to understand this type of trifecta betting by working through an example.


You are backing three horses; A, B and C, to finish in the first three in any order. A reverse trifecta this has six possible scenarios covered: ABC, ACB, BAC, BCA, CAB, CBA. If you’re just betting on a straight tricast or trifecta, then only one outcome is covered – from those above.


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A box trifecta, meanwhile, allows you to add even more selections than a regular bet of this kind. This betting type of trifecta gets even more bases covered but, as with a reverse tricast, there plenty of outcomes you’re wagering on that simply cannot win.


Say you have four horses in your box trifecta; A, B, C and D. You’re only betting on three of them to finish in the first three and won’t get anything extra if your fourth selection finishes fourth. More permutations are covered by this kind of trifecta betting, but you are guaranteed to lose on at least one horse selected.



You could say this is a trifecta of horses, but you’d be wrong.


Here are the scenarios covered with a four-selection box trifecta: ABC, ABD, ACD, ACB, ADB, ADC, BAC, BAD, BCA, BDA, BCD, BDC, CAB, CAD, CBA, CBD, CDA, CDB, DAB, DAC, DBA, DCA, DBC, DCB. It’s 24 in total, but 23 of these outcomes at least will lose. It’ll be very difficult to make a profit off a bet like this.


Now you know what is a trifecta, it’s probably still a bet you’ll only use sparingly. You definitely need to have a strong view on a particular race and how it will pan out to even place such a wager. If three of the best horses look well clear of anything else on form or ratings, but look competitive relative to each other, then that is a time to consider looking at reverse trifecta betting. If one horse is clearly superior to the others, yet of those that remain there’s a strong case for two making the frame behind it, then that’s an opportunity to take a punt on a straight tricast.


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