Placing A Trixie Bet On Horse Racing

Last updated & tested: 2019-05-11

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Have a trixie bet explained to you in plain English


If you’re new to gambling on the horses, you might’ve heard some punters refer to a trixie bet. As betting on the races is a tradition as old as horseback riding has happened, terms have built upon around it. We’re here to bust the jargon, however, and tell you what is a trixie bet?


Honestly, it’s not as complicated as you might think. It’s nice to have a trixie bet explained to you, though, if you’re not familiar with it. This is a type of multiple wager where you make three selections all in different races. You could just back these horses individually, but if you fancy each strongly a trixie bet offers even better value.


It is essentially four bets in one. A trixie bet in horse racing is three doubles using those three selections AB, AC and BC and a treble. By combining your bets to win, you are getting the odds multiplied and that means bigger winnings if it comes off. Now you know what is a trixie bet, we’ve got some further advice on how to make this type of wager work for you.


You are still to free to back each of your three selected horse individually if you are concerned one leg might let you down. It’s easy to transform a trixie bet into a patent, which is seven bets in one. Here you would back the three horses as win singles, plus the three doubles and the treble.


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Sometimes though, there’s no value in backing them individually because they are short prices, so you have to make a judgment call. Opting for the trixie bet in horse racing can be a wiser course of action because the odds are multiplied and means you can get bigger returns off smaller stakes.


Say you placed a £1 trixie on horses at odds of 2/1, 4/1 and 6/1, and all leg were winners. For just a £4 stake, you receive a return £176! That’s £172 of profit when backing them individually would only have yielded a £15 return from a stake of £3! Even if the first leg lost, you would still receive £35 back which is £31 profit! If the biggest price horse goes down, then you’d still be £11 up and get £15 back.


Having had a trixie bet explained, you’ll also realise this wager is not without some insurance and it’s worth thinking about how to use different betting promotions for this bet. For total security, then you can consider placing it each-way but remember you need to study the terms of the race in question and get prices for the place part of the bet that will guarantee you evens of greater else you risk losing money. Another way to minimise the risk is to consider the patent as an alternative.



Ahead of the pack. But will he impact your trixie bet?


If two of your three legs in the trixie bet win, however, then you can still be well into profit. You would in the scenario lose out on two of the doubles and treble, but remember to consider the each-way option if its practical based on the place price.


Now if you’re asked what is a trixie bet, you’ve got a better basic understanding of the concept. Finding three winners across racecards from different bookmakers or at the same meeting is already challenging enough, but there’s no finer feeling than when one of these multiple wagers comes off.


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