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Under the Saddle: How a Rule 4 deduction works

Rule 4 deductions and how a rule 4 deduction works explained in our Under the Saddle series

Rule 4 may apply… but what is rule 4? Get it explained to you, how it works and what it means for your betting in another Under the Saddle article!

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Under the Saddle: How do Penalties Work in Horse Racing?

How do penalties work? Elegant Escape (left) won the 2018 Welsh Grand National under a penalty.

Ever wondered how do penalties work? Our horse racing experts explain how they are applied and specified in race terms.

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Under the Saddle: What is a Claim?

What is a claimer? Bryony Frost is a recent example of a conditional jockey to have ridden it out

OpenOdds horse racing experts are back, and once again taking a peek under the saddle at a betting or industry term that is well worth explaining. This latest article centres on what is a claim? Who can claim weight allowances and when? We’ll explain it all to you! Novice punters may hear or read phrases such as, “X takes off a valuable Y pounds with their claim”, and you may …

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Under the Saddle: Each-Way Betting Explained

Each-way betting explained on horse racing

Want to learn more about each-way betting and how it works? We’ve got it all explained for newbie punters.

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