Ice Hockey Odds Comparison 2020 | Best Betting Ice Hockey Odds

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Ice Hockey Odds Comparison 2020 | Best Betting Ice Hockey Odds

Hockey is another sport that often makes the cut of the sports offered on the biggest sportsbooks in the industry. The National Hockey League, or the NHL, is recognised by International Ice Hockey Federation as the most important hockey league in the world. Many professional leagues in countries such as Russia, Norway, Germany, and Sweden serve as talent pools for the international scene. Plus, the professional hockey spectrum reaches far beyond the NHL. You’ll also find plenty of games in European leagues that can be ripe for punting and earning some generous winnings.

In our ice hockey betting odds comparison we’ll give you the rundown of the basics for ice hockey betting on NHL and European matches, a brief run-down of the different ice hockey betting markets, and then our list of the big players in ice hockey betting odds.

Take Aways

  • Not all hockey betting is the same; depending on the league you’re wagering on, there are certain bets you can make and others you can’t.
  • The money line is the most popular type of bet in ice hockey; if you want to really do well in the sport it’s a concept that you must master.
  • Ice hockey is offered by the majority of the UK’s biggest sports betting brands.
  • The breadth and depth of markets will depend on the bookmaker with the bulk of betting markets stemming from the NHL.
  • There are promotions to be had in this sport; be on the lookout for offers!

Betting on the NHL in a nutshell

If this is your first foray into ice hockey betting odds, there are some things you need to keep in mind as you figure out where you want to put your money. There are three methods that dominate NHL bets: the grand salami, totals, the puck line, and what is undoubtedly the most popular, the money. Here’s a breakdown of how all of these work and a summary of the best ice hockey betting odds opportunities:

Money Line: Depending on the bookmaker, the money line wager can also be known as the total wager. As the total wager synonym implies, when you place this bet, you’re essentially deciding who you think will end up winning the game. This method is used in sports where the point spread in between teams is not a good predicate. This includes the most popular sport by far on online bookmakers: football. And as the difference between the odds in the money line system between the favourite and the underdog will go up as the likelihood of the favourite winning a particular game increases. If the odds are negative that means you would have to risk the amount given to win £100 while if it’s positive you would be risking £100 to win the amount of money next to the positive sign.

Puck line: If you fancy yourself as a baseball punter, betting on the puck line will put you right in your element. Why’s that? It’s because betting on the puck line is similar to the run line. When you bet on the puck line, each team is designated a particular handicap. One team will get a handicap of +0.5 and the other will get -0.5.

Game totals: Like in its counterpart pro leagues, you’ll be sure to find a totals market for NHL bets, which lets all punters bet on the number of goals that will be netted overall throughout a match. In general, the bookie will give a number between 5 and 6.5 and the punter has the option or either wagering under or over the posted number. If the punter wagers under, it means that the number of goals scored is less than the posted number, while if he or she wagers over, then the goals would be more than the number posted. There is, however, a pretty significant difference in the hockey totals market compared to other sports with totals markets: since relatively few points are scored in hockey, especially when compared to football and basketball, the odds are going to be the thing that will change before the number. There is also a Team Goals market which works just like the game totals market. What’s the main difference? You just swap out game totals for team goals.

The Grand Salami: If you’re a big hockey aficionado, or an expert handicapper, then the Grand Salami’s a bet that will truly make you a big hockey fan. In fact, this bet is an institution in hockey betting. How does it work? In the Grand Salami, punters are allowed to combine all of their bets about the total goals scored in all of the games in a given day into one bet. The number that online bookmakers generally give, in the case of 10 games being played in one day, is in the 53 to 60 range, and bettors will then either wager over or under that number. As is custom in hockey totals, some punters will face a risky situation if the odds on a favourite or an underdog change.

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Betting on European hockey in a nutshell

Football punters, we’ve got an opportunity for you in European ice hockey! While betting on European matches is more or less identical to the NHL since it uses the money line, there’s a major distinction between the NHL and European leagues that really works to your advantage. While in the case of the NHL it’s not possible to be on tie games, in European hockey there does exist the opportunity to wager on a game being a tie in addition to the ubiquitous win or loss options. In this way, betting on European ice hockey is essentially the same as basic football betting.

Things to keep in mind about ice hockey betting

What happens if there are no goals scored? In contrast to football where there are bets that let you cover your bases for either a win or a draw, hockey bets always need to have a result. If it turns out that there is no final score, any odds and even odds bets are given back to the punter. This same procedure goes for team totals. If any match date is changed or gets moved to a new location, all the bets placed for that game are subsequently voided and punters get their money back. And last, but certainly not least, given hockey’s penchant for overtime, we have bad news for you: none of the score markets include overtime.

The definitive list of online bookmakers for ice hockey


Ladbrokes deliver stellar results in all areas: the plethora of sports, the other gaming options you have as well, and of course, they have lots of different promotions you can capitalise on. In the case of ice hockey, not only is there a set of markets at your disposal for overall league performance but you can also place bets on the individual matchups. The range of these bets go from who will score the first goal to which period will score the most goals and many more. The plethora of markets goes in conjunction with the size of the market, with the NHL having a lot more bets than the niche European leagues. In spite of that you have plenty to work with. Ladbrokes also has a parlay bonus for all North American sports which could entice you to start betting on the NHL.


Another one of the multi-channel powers, Betfred’s known for many of its special bets, including the Lucky 15 Bet created by one of their founders as well as the Double-Delight and Hat Trick Heaven promotion. They’re also the owners of Totesports, making them the epicentre of tote betting. In the case of Betfred, their NHL markets encompass Ourights and Game Lines. As for European hockey, Betfred offers some of the best ice hockey betting odds for European matches.


The third-largest bookmaker in the UK, Coral’s got a 20 per cent market share. It’s also in the process of merging with Ladbrokes, which we think will bode well for boosting what they have available. They are known for one of the best bet-in play markets out there in the industry. Coral Connect, its multichannel service that works online, mobile, and in the Coral betting shops is another one of its great services. Coral Connect can be used without having to register a credit card, meaning that it’s a very nice alternative to debit. Coral’s hockey offer is vast. Besides lots of options for the NHL, you can also bet on AHL games for true North American hockey enthusiasts. And in the case of the NHL 60 Minute Market, you can place bets on wins, draws, and ties. As for European leagues, they have the major leagues in Russia, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and Denmark.


Netbet’s extensive variety of sports, and format that’s similar to many other sportsbooks out there, makes it another good option to use your debit card and play. They’re also the official sponsor of the Hilton Academical Football Club, St. Etienne, and Romania’s FC Steau Bucharest. Available in nine languages, they’re one of the most popular sites in Europe. NetBet’s ice hockey betting prowess is a little bit more streamlined with all of its resources in the NHL, Russia’s KHL, and the Swedish Hockey League. They highlight these as the Top Hockey Leagues.


One of the other big players on the UK market, PaddyPower have revamped their website in the past few years to up the ante among the other bookmakers that offer online, mobile, and retail. For the NHL, there are 27 different markets to choose from (10 of these markets are for goals from particular players). There are also outright markets for the Stanley Cup and the winners of the Eastern and Western Conferences. As for European leagues, the variety of bets depend on the leagues. There are more opportunities to be found for the Finnish, Slovak, Austrian, British, Czech, German, and Swedish leagues. In the case of Norway, Danish, and Swiss leagues, you only have options for outright betting.


Like BetVictor, 888sport doesn’t have any bet limits, while they do cap winnings. Its parent company is publicly traded on the London stock exchange. A lot of their promotions involve the number eight, such as an £8 free bet. Their markets are also diverse, which besides the top European leagues, the NHL, and AHL, also have matchups from Belarus and Poland. Rest assured this is a good provider for niche hockey punters.


Run out of Malta, Betfair’s known for its bet exchange which implies that there are no betting limits because the amount available depends on the punters that are on the other side. Betfair’s ice hockey offerings cover the same countries and leagues as 888sport. And as a very reputable bet exchange, this is a nice option for you to try.


Betway’s cutting-edge technology has helped it develop a big following among punters. They’re also the official sponsors of West Ham United, making it an imperative bookie for those supporters. Given that they’ve risen in their short life to gain a good reputation it’s another good choice.

William Hill:

William Hill’s been one of the biggest players on the market, in fact having the highest brand equity among all the other British bookmakers. They’re also the most-trusted, which will give you plenty of security when choosing to bet with them. They’ve got scores of promotions and an extensive network of retail betting shops to compliment all of the online and mobile offerings. Albeit that their quantity of matches might not be as large as the other players, given the fact that they have the majority of the resources in the NHL, they make up for it with great odds.


BetVictor’s known for having really generous deposit limits, effectively leaving it up to the banks to place the limits. They have been said to have one of the best offers one ice hockey around given their incredibly comprehensive set of matches for European matchups besides the North American ones. They definitely take the sport very seriously which is certainly assuring for the biggest hockey fans. BetVictor has to be a must!

Besides the online bookmakers we’ve mentioned in this article, ice hockey is very widely offered so rest assured that you have plenty of things to choose from!

Conclusion: Compare ice hockey betting odds

As our ice hockey odds comparison has demonstrated, plenty of online sports bookmakers give you opportunities to bet on the sport. And it’s clear here that there’s more than the NHL to sink your teeth into, make wagers, educate yourself to properly handicap the leagues, and of course, come out with winnings. As always, we strongly recommend taking the time to do your research and compare ice hockey odds for yourself. That way, you can find out which providers offer the best ice hockey odds and complete your own ice hockey betting odds comparison. Now enjoy the best betting sites for ice hockey and face off with other punters!

Ice Hockey Odds Comparison 2020 | Best Betting Ice Hockey Odds