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Last updated & tested: 2020-01-13

interwetten esports bettingBookmaker Interwetten was founded in 1990 in Vienna, the capital of Austria. It was one of the first Austrian bookmakers and Casinos. Until the web emergence and development, bets were only taken by phone. In 1997, just at the dawn of the golden age of internet, Interwetten sensed the amazing opportunity that was about to rise and launched the very first online offer through their website But is Interwetten safe? The bookmaker holds European licenses for the majority of gaming brands; furthermore it has been granted by Malta Gaming Authority. In order to ensure safety, security and “Fair-Play” in the betting field, Interwettten is a member of ESSA (European Sports Security Association). In 2004, they launched eSports betting apps for punters, when there were few online gamblers and the offers were fewer! The company takes more than 10 million bets, half of which are live due to their excellent live betting platform.

This bookmaker has such an eye for emerging markets! For a few years now, have also offered eSport licence bets. Since their inception, they are now regarded as one of the best gambling operators in Europe. Because betting is their game, they support and sponsor many teams in mainly football, tennis and motorsports – mostly in German-Speaking countries, but if you are an eSport team looking for a sponsorship, notice you can find news fields through!

In this review of Interwetten’s eSports options, we tell you the strengths of this eSports Betting Site and the Interwetten eSports Rating!

The results of OpenOdds Interwetten review

As a famous gambling site, they offer a good choice of sports to bet on, from tennis, athletics and racing to the rarer sailing and Nordic skiing. Nearly 200,000 sporting events are covered around the year with players having dozens of markets on average for every single event.

But let’s continue with our review of the Interwetten website! The brand are just getting started with their esports, with just two games on offer: LoL and Counter Strike Global Offensive, but these two brands are major tournaments in Europe. For Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2, Call of Duty or any others, fans must be patient. For Hearthstone, Starcraft II or Fifa players, it’d be best to hope and pray…esports betting review

At first sight, the Interwetten site is very pleasant, easy to handle. To me, there is nothing worse than dark colour charts seen on even some of the best eSports betting sites. For once, this one is very clear and the different games are conveniently on the left-hand side. Those wanted to wager on CSGO or LoL will find their relevant odds at the bottom. In many ways, Interwetten is very professional and enjoyable, and there’s no shortage of options for betting on the top LoL and CSGO teams, players and tournaments. All of the major global esports competitions are featured here with iconic esports organisations like SK Gaming and Fnatic all making an appearance.

How to bet on eSports? First of all, if you want to bet on eSports, you will have to become a member which, fortunately, takes less than a minute to do, and the first deposit could be made in as little time thanks to Interwetten’s great service. Talking of League of Legend betting and CS:GO betting, you can select one of the two teams playing the other in a win-lose dual by to help you with the odds. Betting odds essentially reflect the probability of a given outcome occurring. competitive overwatch esports betting

So, let’s say that you want to bet on a CSGO match. Each team will be given odds of winning that match. Team A is at odds of 1.60 while Team B is at odds of 2.50. What do these odds mean? Odds represent the amount of money you will win if the team you select wins the match. So, let’s say we are going to bet £20 on Team A to win. We place our bet with a CSGO betting site like So how much will we win if Team A wins the match? Well a £20 bet at odds of 1.60 will turn into a profit of £12. It is easy to calculate your profit. If Team A loses, however, we of course lose our £20.

Interwetten also provide key services which count for members and users, such as a great customer support team and assistance in 10 languages dealing with all queries 24/7 by phone or email. Moreover, the website is translated into just as many languages. Interwetten is well known for providing an impressive customer support. You won’t be able to find bad reviews of Interwetten, in terms of their payments services and eSports betting bonuses.

Interwetten eSports experiences: An industry leading bookmaker

Interwetten has been a leading gambling and betting site for many years now, particularly in German-speaking countries and elsewhere in Europe. But their eSports betting offers and Interwetten eSports rating is currently still lacking and weak. Interwetten does not invest so much into eSports games. But for those LoL and CSGO fans who expect to make their passion their trade, you have found the right place to bet, and we expect new games in the coming years.

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Interwetten: OpenOdds detailed rating reports regarding eSports betting

Next in our Interwetten eSports review, we focus on the 10 most significant analysis categories. Even the best bookmakers with an outstanding reputation and higher revenues have to improve themselves in the following points.

  1. Bonuses
  2. Betting Odds
  3. Customer Services
  4. User-friendliness
  5. Games covered
  6. Events covered
  7. In-play esports betting
  8. Payment methods
  9. Security
  10. Betting limits

1.) Bonuses: 100% bonus up to 100 euros

Interwetten gives bonuses to both new and existing customers. All gamers enjoy the achievements and this is a site which will certainly reward you. For new members, there is a 100% bonus up to 100 euros, and for current ones, hot bets, there is no risk with your first mobile bet. Loyal customers will be able to collect and use points. Sadly, comparing with others betting sites, the Interwetten bonus for new customers is not as profitable. Besides, casino gambler gets the exclusivity of the vast majority and the most attractive bonuses.

2.) Betting Odds: 65% of their market is for football

Understanding odds is actually the biggest challenge that anyone new to betting has to face. Betting is about assessing the chance or probability of an event happening, and bookmakers like Interwetten use odds to translate probability into a more usable form in order to offer betting.dota 2 esports betting

Remember that time you faced a level 110 while you were a newbie on World of Warcraft? Imagine how many players would have bet against you. You would have probably bet against yourself! Interwetten is still improving its betting and, as 65% of their market is for football odds, which makes it is a weak point dealing with eSports games. You won’t find any eSports odds comparison, therefore it will be easier for experienced eSports bettors. Keep in mind, the best knowledge you have of teams and players, the luckier you will be.

3.) Customer Services: Amazing quality of customer service

The centre point of this Interwetten eSports betting site review is its amazing quality of customer service, being very professional, fast and dependable.They have been rewarded several times for their impressive quality of customer support. They handle it in a very gentle and professional manner, and any query or question by phone, email 24/7 is available in 10 different languages. They are helpful and knowledgeable, so you can focus on your betting with no worries. Regrettably, there is no Live Chat and it’s a great pity.

4.) User-friendliness: Easy to navigate

The site is very pleasant, comfortable for the eyes and easy to navigate. You would recommend it to your fellow players. But in a very fast paced day and age, you will easily notice a lack of speed while using the site. As a player, loading pages aren’t great and, well, in betting, time is money… Furthermore, all members won’t be equal when it comes to games betting.

5.) Games Covered: Mainly League of Legends and CS:GO

As Interwetten is just getting started with its esports betting service, it’s not surprising to find that it struggles to compete with some of its rivals in terms of the games on offer. But if you are into Counter Strike Global Offensive or League of Legends, you should be able to find some decent odds here. And whilst the selection might not be the biggest around, you can be sure of the brand’s great odds on these iconic esports titles.
LoL eSports Competitive Games

6.) Events & Tournaments: Vast range of CS:GO tournaments on offer

Although Interwetten has a limited selection of games on offer, they do feature some of the best-loved esports tournaments. From the Pro League options and ESEA leagues in CSGO to a good range of top-class League of Legends events in China and Europe, it’s clear that Interwetten have take a good selection of the most attractive sporting events. And with plenty more to come in the future, we look forward to seeing how Interwetten’s esports service continues to flourish.

interwetten esports events and tournaments

7.) In-play esports Betting: No Esports Live Stream

Sports like tennis and football are of course honoured by live streams. But not eSports tournaments. This is a shame as some other betting sites allow you to watch the live action of esports tournaments via a live stream from Twitch. That is the minimum! For a video game player who intends to bet on eSports, it’s frustrating. esports-live-inplay-headline

Livestream and Twitch are known for being easy to use and free. Besides, it would be a great service for the players/bettors.

8.) Payment methods: Fast and efficient

Few Bookmakers are as fast and efficient regarding the payment methods as Interwetten. But do not expect free-to-play! Interwetten has gradually enhanced its collection of payment methods starting with credit cards Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club. Electronics wallets Paypal and Paybox are accepted. UKash and bank transfer as well. But in many cases, there is also a charge of up to 3%. No bitcoins unfortunately.

9.) Security: Is Interwetten safe to bet on?

Transparency, Fair-Play and Security are very important points when you deal with betting. It is not just about money safety, even if it is a crux to the matter, but also all the background information. In 2011, when PlayStation Network accounts were hijacked, it was very nervy time indeed! With Interwetten, be reassured, it’s exemplary on Privacy Policy, eSports betting bonus, Fair Play and secure payment.

10.) Betting limits: Cap your stakes

Nothing is easier for die-hard video players to become addicted to eSports betting. After all, it’s a game, and you need to figure out how to balance your passion in gaming and your intentions of getting rich! Speaking of balance, Interwetten will help you cap the stake per bets, the number of games and the number of bets. This could be sometimes frustrating, but this service is provided by most CSGO betting sites. It is probably more aimed at novices than professionals, nevertheless, it’s still useful.

Interwetten: Our Final Remarks


Interwetten is a friendly and easy to use bookmaker site. But sadly, if you are seeking an eSports betting site, you can find better offers on Pinnacle or bet365. Despite a noticeable improvement and a fair offer on League of legends betting and CSGO betting, the Interwetten eSports rating is not suitably substantial. Therefore, Interwetten will not be mentioned as one of the best eSports Bettings sites.

Historically, Interwetten had such a flair for investing and developing its online betting. So, let’s hope they will develop their eSports games collections and events covered. Unfortunately, in terms of betting games 2020 comparison, our Interwetten eSports review has ranked them 60/100 due to its poor eSports offers, almost non-existent in-play eSports betting and weak eSports odds.

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