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Welcome to our resource of IPL 2020 betting tips. Whether you want to back a team like Chennai Super Kings or the Delhi Capitals, then by taking a look at our IPL cricket betting tips, you will get an extra level of insight into your sports bets. All of our IPL cricket betting tips freely give you expert advice on all cricket matches in this epic tournament, and they are designed to help you win way more bets than if you were to go it alone.

Do you think that Sunrisers Hyderabad can repeat their 2018 IPL win, or do you think that Kings XI Punjab can prove the doubters wrong? By taking a look at our cricket betting tips, IPL betting has never been easier. This is because our team of experts are able to analyse a vast range of statistics and past form to help you work out what the most likely outcome of each IPL match will be. Plus our IPL free betting tips won’t cost you a penny, are completely unbiased, and above all, will tell you things that you wouldn’t otherwise know. So keep reading to find today’s IPL match betting tips and much more.

Why do you need IPL 2020 betting tips?


There’s obviously nothing stopping you from just relying on your gut instinct to make your cricket bets. Whilst you might get lucky and pick a winning result, all sports betting fans will know that tips offer a great way to broaden your knowledge and boost your understanding of how things could eventually unfold.

Our IPL betting tips freely provide a wealth of useful information about each upcoming match in this cricket tournament. We will carefully examine a vast range of statistics to come up with our betting tips. IPL fans will know that this league is full of statistics that can be hugely important in working out who the winner of an IPL match will be. But rather than having to spend a significant amount of time in ploughing through all of the cricket statistics, you can simply take a short cut by reading some of our IPL match betting tips.

Obviously, there’s no such thing a sure bet when in comes to wagering on cricket. But all of our IPL 2020 betting tips are based on a sound understanding of things like past form. This means that by using our free IPL betting tips, you will be wagering on statistics, rather than emotions which can often cause you to make some ill-judged decisions.

What goes into our IPL cricket betting tips?

By using our betting tips, IPL betting has never been easier to get a winning result. This is because all of our IPL betting tips freely give you access to a wealth of information that’s perfect for making accurate predictions for matches in this cricket tournament. Just to get you started, here is a quick look at what you could expect to find if you decided to use one of our IPL 2020 betting tips.

Only the most relevant cricket statistics

Cricket is awash with all manner of statistics that can be used for making your match predictions. However, it’s knowing which statistics to use and which to disregard that can be the true test of a cricket tipsters. Our team of experts all have a long history of successfully coming up with IPL match betting tips that take in only the most relevant statistics. This means that you will know whether a particular player’s batting average could affect the outcome of a game, and it also means that you won’t have to waste too much time reading up on statistics that might not prove to be too important.

All of the latest cricket news stories

Like all other sports, cricket is fascinating as a result of what goes on off the pitch as well as in the matches themselves. As a result, all of our cricket betting tips will pay close attention to all of the relevant news stories from the world of cricket so that you really know what’s going on in the game. We will help you discover where any particular cricket team is suffering from problems of morale, and also let you know when a key player could be about to change sides. In addition to this, we will also make sure that you are first to know whenever an injury could affect the performance of a star player.

Examining the head-to-head form

Alongside looking at the past playing record for each individual IPL team, we will also factor in how the cricket teams have historically played against each other. Whether it’s for an upcoming match between Rajasthan Royals and Kolkota Knight Riders, or a game between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab, our tips will pay close attention to how these teams have fared against each other in the past. Not that you should rely on history too much, but it can always give you a good idea as to the way that things can pan out.

Cricket match predictions and the best betting odds

After we have thoroughly investigated all of the past form, statistics, news stories and head-to-head encounters, we will then give you what we think is an accurate prediction for what could happen in the IPL match. This will be in the form of a tip that tells you the match winner, but we will also tell you important information regarding predictions of how large the winning margin will be and so on.

But we won’t just leave it there. This is because all of our cricket betting tips will be accompanied by advice about where you can get the best odds for using our predictions with. We will show you a selection of trustworthy IPL bookmakers who have managed to deliver the most competitive odds on the market so that you can rest easy in the knowledge that you could get the largest winnings possible. All of which should mean that not only will you stand a good chance of winning your bet, but you should also make a decent betting profit too.

Are our IPL betting tips accurate?


Whilst there are plenty of betting resources out there who claim that they offer water-tight cricket betting tips, the sad fact is quite the opposite. This is because cricket is a sport that is notoriously difficult to wager on as everything from the wicket to the weather conditions can dramatically affect the outcome of a cricket prediction. However, all of our IPL betting tips freely factor in such important features so that you stand to have a much better chance of winning your bets. So are our IPL betting tips accurate? Just take a look at our past cricket tips, and we think that you will be impressed with what you see.

Which betting sites can you use our IPL free betting tips at?

Once you have managed to make your choice of our betting tips, IPL bookmakers will be ready to take your bets. However, it can often be a tough task in finding the perfect betting site for your cricket bets. Obviously, you should always use our IPL odds comparison to make sure that you are getting the best price for your bets, but there are a host of other factors like licensing, bonuses and payment methods that should also influence your choice of bookmaker. So just to help you out, here is a quick look at some of the bookies who allow you to place bets using our IPL cricket betting tips free of charge.

Place an IPL bet at 1xBet

Many cricket fans in India have realised that 1xBet routinely serve up some unbeatable odds for the IPL. This is a relatively new bookmaker who are based in Cyprus, but they have got a license from the Government of Curacao so that you know that you will receive plenty of customer protection. In addition to this, 1xBet also facilitate payment methods like Neteller and Skrill, and they have a great live chat service to help you out with your cricket bets.

In terms of IPL odds, 1xBet always seem to be up there with the best bookmakers. If you are looking for a bookmaker with a fantastic in-play betting service, then 1xBet won’t let you down, as all of their statistics are updated in real-time, and they even feature a great graphic visualisation tool so that you can keep up to date with each play in the game.

Use IPL betting tips free at Spin Palace Sports

Whilst Spin Palace are famous for their online casino games, they have also put together a great sportsbook that offers some fantastic odds for IPL betting. By using our IPL betting tips at the Spin Palace Sports site, you can be sure of getting a fair price for your wagering. Don’t forget that Spin Palace Sports also include a massive welcome bonus that can give you plenty of extra betting funds to wager with.

We also liked Spin Palace Sports because it is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, and they even include 24/7 customer support so that you can always get help with anything from making your deposit to cashing out your winnings. So for an easy, fun and safe way to bet on the IPL, then Spin Palace Sports is hard to beat.

Get the best IPL odds at BetWinner

BetWinner are a Cyprus-based bookmaker who always give you a great price for your IPL bets. This bookie always seems to come out near the top in our IPL odds comparison and they are a great place to put your cricket betting tips to good use. Whilst most of our betting tips cover the IPL match winner, it’s also worth remembering that BetWinner have a vast range of betting markets for each Indian Premier League clash.

This means that you can enjoy making bets on anything from the top run-scorer to the team who wins the opening toss. Plus we should mention the important fact that BetWinner are licensed by the Government of Curacao so that your personal data and deposits will be in safe hands. So why not pick up the generous BetWinner bonus and see how much you can win with your IPL bets.

How to use today’s IPL match betting tips


We’ve designed our IPL betting tips to be as simple to use as possible. All you would need to do is come to this resource page, scroll down to find the IPL match that interests you most, and then click to see our relevant betting tips.

From here you will be able to read all of the statistical information that went into our IPL predictions, and then see which bookmakers are offering the best odds on the market for this outcome. Now you just have to visit the bookie’s website, click on the odds and enter your betting stake. After you have done all of this, it’s just a matter of watching the live cricket action and waiting for your winnings to come rolling in.

Why our free IPL betting tips are the best in the business

Obviously there is no such thing as a failsafe bet when it comes to something like IPL cricket. Even the best tipster is going to know that the IPL is notorious for throwing up all manner of upsets. Despite this, we think that we have established a pretty good record for delivering accurate and completely unbiased IPL betting tips. If you don’t believe us, then just check our past record for successfully predicting top IPL matches. Then you will see how our cricket prediction resource can be an invaluable resource for your IPL betting.


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