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Matchbook Deposit Bonus Code 2018 | All Terms Explained

Established in 2005 Matchbook was one of the first betting exchanges to have an online presence. The unique selling point of Matchbook is the low commissions that they charge, which are in the region of 1.5% where the average of the rest of the betting exchange industry is around 5%. It goes without saying that the lower commissions are attractive because they give you a better chance of making a profit long-term.

Matchbook is based in Alderney and is licensed to provide services to players in the UK by the UK Gambling Commission. As it’s a betting exchange, the Matchbook bonus is slightly different to the usual Free Bet Offers offered by many of the top bookmakers. At a betting exchange you bet against other punters as opposed to the bookie itself, and the company acts as a middle man, charging commission on the bets placed. Other top betting exchanges include Betfair, Smarkets and Betdaq. Overall, Matchbook has its highlights and some drawbacks. The positive points are the low commissions, great user interface and wealth of flexible betting options on a large selection of sports. Read more about the operator in our Matchbook review.

Bonus details:

Bonus sum: £50
Bonus type: Cashback offer
Example: Get up to £50 in cashback funds
Revenue (rollover): N/A
Minimum quota: N/A
min. deposit: £5
max. time: Five weeks
Payable: Nein
T&Cs Apply, 18+

Matchbook sign up bonus:All the welcome bonus details

The kind of welcome bonus offer that you get at Matchbook is a unique one when you compare it to the other offers on our best online bookmakers list. Here you have a £50 cash back offer allowing you to get money back for making bets at Matchbook. You’ll need to acquire Matchbook points and when 5 points are acquired you’ll have £5 of the money released to you to do with what you please – even withdraw to your bank account. Keep in mind that you must deposit using a debit or credit card in order to take full advantage of this bonus offer.

This cashback offer is similar to a matched deposit offer, in that you get bonus money for depositing and playing, it simply works in a different way. You still have to wager the money in order to have the bonus released to you. Once you place the first bet you need to complete the wagering within 5 weeks. This is a very generous time period that you should have no trouble making use of. Continue reading to have the Matchbook deposit bonus terms explained.

How to claim the Matchbook Bonus:

  • The minimum betting requirements are £5 to unlock this bonus.
  • You have a period of 5 weeks to meet the wagering requirements
  • There are no minimum odds bets can be placed at as you are earning Matchbook points
  • Offer is valid for only one account per household.
  • The bonus money will be given within 48 hours of acquiring the Matchbook points
  • Only new customers can take advantage of this offer.
  • No Matchbook bonus code is required for this offer.
Visit Matchbook and get the bonus now

Making your first deposit with Matchbook:Payment particulars

To redeem this bonus, it’s best to know the deposit terms. We want you to be aware of all of your options while making the most of your bonus. There are a few different payment methods available on Matchbook. You can pay with a credit card, debit card, Neteller, Skrill, or Paysafecard. You’ll need to use a credit or debit card to be eligible for the welcome deposit bonus, but keep in mind that you cannot withdraw funds using a MasterCard. Also note that you can use a credit or debit card to make your first deposit and receive your bonus, then down the line you can switch payment if you prefer making transactions through e-wallet or a bank transfer. Remember that various providers do charge service fees for transaction with online sports bettors. To avoid these fees it’s best to contact your provider and receive all the details of their policies.

Withdrawing your winnings:Withdrawal fee details

When it comes time to collect you hard earned winnings, you have a few different options. Note that if possible, the amount you request to withdraw will be sent to the payment method you registered with. If you’ve made your first deposit with MasterCard and would like to know your withdrawal options, contact the Matchbook customer service team. Some withdrawal processing times are faster than others. Before your money is sent to your account, the team at Matchbook will have to process your withdrawal request. This usually takes no more than 6 hours. Then, the transaction can be processed by your provider. If you’re using an e-wallet you should see the money in your account immediately. If you’re requesting your funds to be sent to your credit or debit card, you’ll see your money in 2-5 days. For bank transfers, transactions can take up to 3-5 days and there is a service fee of £35. If you’re withdrawing with a bank transfer you’ll need to make a minimum withdrawal of £500. Note that if the commission you’ve paid on betting does not cover the deposit and withdrawal processing fees, the bookmaker may notify you of a fee when you go to withdraw. The withdrawal process with Matchbook is pretty straight forward, though it pays to understand the terms before you start your betting. This will help you keep any fees down and maximise your winnings.

Current Promo code & signup bonus:How to get the bonus

What deals are available for Matchbook customers? The bonus that’s given for new Matchbook customers is a £50 cash back offer over a period of 5 weeks. To take advantage of this offer you need to earn Matchbook points and by doing so you’ll be given cashback. You need to earn 5 matchbook points in order to receive £5 worth of bonus money. However, once you have the bonus money released into your account you can do whatever you want with it. Money is released 48 hours after meeting the Matchbook point requirements.

Are you looking for the Matchbook bonus codes for this promo offer? Then don’t, because this welcome bonus offer doesn’t require any Matchbook bonus codes for it to be activated. Simply go to the homepage and use the promotional links to sign up for an account and you’ll receive the offer automatically. To have the Matchbook bonus explained to you in even more detail check out the Promo Terms and Conditions page on the Matchbook site. We don’t think you’ll have any questions after reading this review, but if you do you’ll find the answers there as the page does a great job of getting the Matchbook deposit bonus explained to you. The great thing about this offer is that you have 5 weeks to make the wagering requirements, and you get the bonus in £5 increments, so even if you don’t earn the full 50 Matchbook points, you’ll get something. Also you are not restricted by the odds you can place bets at. Keep reading to find more Matchbook deposit bonus terms explained in detail.

Our Verdict of :The Matchbook Bonus

The size of this bonus offer is the first thing that we will go over. It is a little under the average compared to the best sign up offers. Coming in at £50 it does give the average punter a decent starting boost that you can build upon. However, if you are interested in placing a larger first deposit then you could visit another bookmaker to receive a much larger matched bonus offer.

The advantages of the bonus offer include the fact that you are not restricted by what odds you have to place bets at. That’s because the goal is to earn Matchbook points. Also you have a total of 5 weeks to meet the wagering requirements, which is great because it gives you a lot of time.
Overall, OpenOdds feels that the quality of the bonus is good enough to give this bookmaker a try. Making a deposit at Matchbook is easy and the bonus offer comes into effect from the first bet that you place.
Go to and open your account

5 Expert tips for the Matchbook Bonus:Maximise your winnings

Are you looking for a way to unlock the full £50 Matchbook sign up offer, but aren’t sure what betting strategies to make use of? The difference between you going broke and increasing your bankroll could be taking the time to educate yourself on the latest betting strategies. You need to have a proven approach that gives you every edge possible. You might also see that you can enjoy sports betting a lot more when you know what you are doing instead of taking a random approach. Here are our top 5 betting strategies and tips to consider when unlocking the Matchbook bonus offer:

1.Bankroll management:

The first rule that you have to master when getting involved in any type of gambling environment is bankroll management. With proper bankroll management you can potentially avoid going broke. It obviously doesn’t guarantee that you won’t go broke but it does improve your chances considerably. Bankroll management is a detailed subject matter, but as a rule of thumb you should only wager 1-2% of your bankroll on a single bet. You can still enjoy a lot of action at once. You simply need to place a lot of small bets at once to enjoy a lot of action.

2.Record all bets:

Each bet that you make can be used to educate yourself about what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Once you have a large enough sample size a pattern will be evident. These patterns can be used to improve the approach you have to the betting. To record bets you can do so manually or make use of software to do it for you. Using software is the way to go because graphs can be generated that makes spotting patterns a lot easier. Just taking time each week to analyse your betting performance will lead to improvements. Many sites will keep a record of your bets there so that you can keep track, however you should implement your own strategy as well, particularly if you bet across multiple sites.

3.Stick to your top sports:

From time to time betting on a sport you know little about can be a lot of fun and provide a fresh experience. However, if you want to be a winning bettor you should stick to the sports that you know the most about. Did you grow up following football? Then it is a no-brainer that you will have the best advantage at betting on football matches. If you want to place bets on sporting events that you know little about then try to seek out a sports betting professional that shares their secrets.


It’s always a good idea to take advantage of promotional offers when they appear. Promotions are one of the best ways of increasing your odds, but they aren’t limited to welcome offers. The majority of bookmakers provide reload offers and other offers that give you an incentive to be loyal to a particular bookmaker and stay for the long term. Keep an eye on the homepage of the website so that you can notice promotional offers that have just been released, as well as on the specific promotions pages for smaller offers. It might be that there is an offer on a sport you love that isn’t being so heavily promoted on the site.

5.Go for the underdog:

In a lot of sports betting markets the underdog is undervalued and that means you can bet on them to take advantage of the excellent odds. The underdog will have a lower chance of winning, but when they do win the higher payout means it’s worth the risk. It can actually be a lot of fun betting on the underdog, because you get to watch sporting event where you’re rooting for the underdog – who doesn’t love that? However, not all underdogs have good quality odds so you’ll need to do a little research to spot those favourable odds. Betting on the underdog is obviously a bit risky, so make sure to combine this tip with the one on bankroll management to reduce the impact of a loss.

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