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Originally formed in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association (APFA) before deciding to rename themselves as the National Football League in 1922, NFL is one of the four major sporting competitions in North America, showcasing American football at its highest professional level seen anywhere in the world. As well as being the most popular sport in North America, NFL betting is becoming increasingly popular outside the US, especially among diehard punters. Betting on the NFL is not only incredibly exciting, but there are also plenty of opportunities to profit if you know what you are doing. This is where OpenOdds comes in. In this NFL betting odds comparison, we want to demonstrate how profitable betting on NFL can be with a particular focus on the NFL betting odds offered by the best online bookmakers.

  1. Types of betting: What different betting options for NFL are there and how do they differ? The key to a profitable betting career is understanding how these all function.
  2. What you can bet on: Whether you want to back your favourite team or you want to play the field a bit, you will want to know what options are available to you from the various online betting sites.
  3. Odds comparison: Which online betting sites offer the most competitive NFL betting odds throughout the season as well as for the Super Bowl.

The league consists of 32 teams playing in a 17-week season which takes place the week after Labor Day (first Monday in September) until the week after Christmas. The 32 teams are divided equally between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC).

How does it work?

The way it works is that every team plays 16 games and each team is granted one bye week. In sports, a bye week means that in the early stages that team is granted the privilege of being exempt from this round and automatically entered into the next. Once the 17-week season comes to an end, six teams from each conference, NFC & AFC, advance to the playoffs. The playoffs is a single elimination tournament culminating in the Super Bowl which sees the NFC winner and the AFC winner from the playoffs going head-to-head to determine the NFL champion.

The National Football League agreed to merge with the American Football League in 1966 and thus the Super Bowl was born. Currently, the NFL has the highest attendance level of any professional sporting league in the world, with an average attendance per game of 67,591. The Super Bowl is among one of the biggest sporting events in the world, being one of the most important televised events every year. It is without a doubt the most popular sports league in the United States and has huge betting potential.

The Green Bay Packers are the team that has won the most NFL championships (with 13 titles under their belt). The current champions are the Denver Broncos who beat the Carolina Panthers in the epic Super Bowl 50 which was the culmination of the 2015 season.

What different types are available for the NFL punter?

There are options to bet on any of the individual games and with each team playing 16 games, there are plenty of opportunities. You can either follow your chosen team throughout the process, or bet depending on teams that are performing well. As well as individual game bets, you can also bet on the outright winner for the AFC, NFC or the ultimate Super Bowl winner. You can even bet on your AFC winner depending on the zone in which these teams originate, i.e. AFC East, AFC North etc. Then there are the NFL Specials which include bets on categories like “Offensive Rookie of the Year” and “Most Receiving Touchdowns” etc.

For the purpose of our Open Odds NFL Betting Odds Comparison 2017, we will focus on the outright winner betting options and best odds.

A selection of the best bookies with the best odds for NFL

Bets on the outright winner

The Super Bowl will take place in Houston, Texas on 5th February 2017. The race for the title has already begun. Depending on which team you are rooting for or which team you think will win in certain categories, here are the best odds for you:

Super Bowl

New England Patriots – Betway:

If you are betting that four-time Super Bowl champions New England Patriots can do it again, Betway offers the best odds at 10/3.

Seattle Seahawks – BetVictor:

If you think the one-time Super Bowl champions in 2013 Seattle Seahawks have a good shot this year, the best odds are offered by BetVictor at 8/1.

Minnesota Vikings – Betway:

Despite never having won the Super Bowl, the odds are in the Vikings’ favour, with Betway offering 9/1.

Green Bay Packers – betway:

Having won the Super Bowl championship four times, the Packers are the most successful NFL team with a total of 13 NFL championship titles under their belt. Bet 365 is offering the best odds for this year at 11/1. Some providers have even offered even odds for a Packers win.

Pittsburgh Steelers – 10Bet:

Six-time Super Bowl champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers are a solid bet. Their last win was back in 2008, so perhaps it might be their year once more. 10Bet is offering the best odds for the Pittsburgh Steelers at 12/1.

Dallas Cowboys – William Hill:

The Dallas Cowboys have 5 Super Bowl championships to their name but they have not won since 1995. William Hill offers good odds if you plan to back the Cowboys at 14/1.

Atlanta Falcons – 10Bet:

With no NFL championships under their belt, the Atlanta Falcons are the real underdogs of the Super Bowl. The odds reflect this, with the best offered by 10Bet at 16/1.

Arizona Cardinals – Ladbrokes:

Pre the 1970 merger between AFL & NFL, the Arizona Cardinals were looking good. Since then however, they have failed to make their mark in the Super Bowl. The best odds are offered by Ladbrokes at 18/1.

Kansas City Chiefs – BetVictor:

The Kansas City Chiefs have a decent record history in the AFL. With favourable odds offered by BetVictor at 20/1, the Chiefs could be a very profitable bet if you’re feeling lucky.

Denver Broncos – 10Bet:

Could the current champions of the Super Bowl do it again? The Broncos last won the Super Bowl in 1998 and swooped in with a confident win last year. The odds are very favourable for the Broncos: the best offer is from 10Bet at 20/1.

AFC outright winner

The American Football Conference is one of two which make up the NFL. AFC is made up of 16 teams. The AFC champion meets the NFC champion at the Super Bowl. Here are the best odds for outright winners of the AFC.


  • New England Patriots – BetStars: The favourite to win has tough odds, the best being offered by BetStars at 5/4.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – William Hill: The best odds for the Steelers are offered by William Hill at 5/1.
  • Kansas City Chiefs – BetVictor: The best odds for the Kansas City Chiefs to be this year’s AFC champion are offered by BetVictor at 10/1.
  • Houston Texans – BetFred: The odds for the underdog AFC champions are offered by BetFred at 18/1.


NFC outright winner

Out of the 16 teams that make up the NFC, here are the best NFL betting odds offered by online bookmakers:

  • Seattle Seahawks – Stan James: If you think the Seahawks can make it to this stage in the tournament, Stan James offers the best odds at 4/1.
  • Minnesota Vikings – Ladbrokes: The best odds for the Vikings to be NFC champions this year are offered by Ladbrokes at 4/1.
  • Green Bay Packers – BetVictor: Are the Green Bay Packers looking confident this year? The best odds are offered by BetVictor at 11/2.
  • Dallas Cowboys – BetStars: If you think it’s the Cowboys turn to take to the spotlight once again, BetStars should be your bookmakers of choice, offering the best odds at 7/1.
  • Atlanta Falcons – 888Sport: The best NFL betting odds for the Atlanta Falcons come from 888Sport at 15/2.

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With Denver Broncos pulling it out of the bag last year with a surprise victory, there is all to play for this season. The potential for profit could be huge if you play your cards right.

Compare NFL Betting Odds: Do your homework before placing your bets

As any experienced punter will tell you, doing your research is an important part of the process. It can also mean the difference between sinking your money into a losing team and taking home some serious cash. Take the time to read up on the different NFL teams in the league, and compare NFL odds. This will also help you track down the bookmaker with the best NFL odds on offer. Even if your NFL odds comparison turns out to be more time consuming than you originally thought, we strongly recommend going into a match with as much information as possible.