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Novibet have once again proven that they are a great place to enjoy some football betting as they’ve revealed a series of special offers for some specific matches at the 2018 World Cup. So if you want to boost your profits at this highly rated sportsbook, we’d recommend that you make a note of the following special offers.

  • Friday 15 June – This epic clash between Portugal and Spain gives you chance to get up to £25 in extra bets. Just place one in-play bet of at least £10, or make a live accumulator bet on odds of 1.50 or more and you will get your extra funds within 24 hours. T&C apply, 18+.
  • Sunday 17 June – Sunday sees footballing titans like Germany, Brazil and Mexico in action and if you place an accumulator bet of £10 or more with combined odds of 5.00 or higher, then you can get up to £25 in extra bets. Cashed out bets will be excluded, but pre-match and live bets will qualify. Terms and conditions apply, 18+.
  • Thursday 21 June – A game like Argentina versus Croatia is always going to be fascinating, but if you make an in-play bet of £10 or more on odds of 1.50 or higher, then you can get up to £25 in extra bets. Your qualifying bets can either be live single bets or live accumulator bets. T&C apply, 18+.
  • Saturday 23 June – The Germany versus Sweden match gives you a chance to win up to £25 in extra bets. Just place an in-play single bet or accumulator bet of £10 or more on odds of at least 1.50 and you will get your bonus funds within 24 hours. Terms and conditions apply, 18+.
  • Tuesday 26 June – As the action heats up, so do Novibet’s special offers. Whether you bet on France, Argentina or Iceland on this Tuesday, then you can get up to £25 in extra bets. Just place an accumulator bet of £10 or more with at least four selections with a minimum combined odds of 5.00, and you could receive up to £25 in bonus funds. T&C apply, 18+.
  • Thursday 28 June – If the match between England and Belgium wasn’t thrilling enough, if you place an in-play bet of £10 or more on this game, you could get up to £25 of extra bets within 24 hours. You can make single bets or accumulator bets with odds of 1.50 or more to qualify for this great deal. Terms and conditions apply, 18+.

Check out Novibet’s 2018 World Cup Bet Royale

If you are looking for a great way to add some excitement to the 2018 World Cup, then you should take a look at Novibet’s latest football promotion, the Bet Royale. This give you the chance to win up to €10,000 by correctly predicting the outcome of some of the most exciting clashes in this footballing extravaganza. All you need to do to take advantage of this offer is to sign up to the Novibet sportsbook, and then make a prediction on the first World Cup match between Russia and Saudi Arabia. If you guess right, then you will win a free token, but if your prediction is wrong, you will lose your token. You have to do this over the first six days to carry your tokens over to the next round. From here, you have to predict the result of eight more matches, and if you manage to keep at least one token then you can enter the knock-out stage. Those who still have a token by the end of the 2018 World Cup will get to share the prize pool of €10,000. Terms and conditions apply, 18+.

The result of the OpenOdds NoviBet review

There are many highlights to this bookmaker, as our NoviBet sportsbook review demonstrates. From the off, you have a bookie that gives you a wide range of markets to interact with, alongside other betting products, such as a casino. Our results also show that NoviBet is a sportsbook to keep your eyes on, with it on its way to becoming one of the best online bookmakers around.

The reason for such a positive rating? It’s because there are hundreds upon hundreds of betting options to get involved with. If you was to ask the OpenOdds team if they’d recommend NoviBet, the answer would be yes, hands down. It simply has so much depth to gift you, giving you the chance to stake a claim on one of the many matches taking place. Of course, what kind of NoviBet review would this be without us breaking our results down for you? Our next few sections will highlight key features, and their pros and cons.

Experiences with Novibet: One of the Best

  • NoviBet provides a regularly updated set of promotions for all users to play for.
  • An exciting range of markets are offered, covering a wide variety of sports.
  • Multiple customer support options, suited to both traditional and modern communication.
  • Interactive live scores section, giving visuals on key matches.
  • Register via the simple and concise sign up form, providing a one step process.
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NoviBet: OpenOdds 10 Review Categories Comprehensive Rating Report Concerning This Top Bookmaker

All bookmakers thoroughly tested by the OpenOdds team, must prove themselves in the following 10 review categories, even NoviBet!

01.Bonuses:Limited but Always Updating

When we ask ‘does NoviBet offer a free bet?’, we find the answer less than simple. The reason for this is because this bookie has a promotions page that updates on a regular basis. Consequently, what was there one day might not be the next, and so we’re left with a limited set of offers. That being said, this NoviBet review would like to highlight how the bonuses currently available should be able to kick-start your experience.

There’s not only one NoviBet bonus, but several, each of which have varying degrees of value. For example, all customers can get peace of mind with the No-One Loses Insurance sports betting bonuses. This is for accumulator wagers only, excluding live betting, but can return a lost wager to you. Yes, there’s many terms that can restrict you, but at the same time, NoviBet is giving you security when betting. So this is why we would recommend the promotion that gives you a 100% daily pay out on selected matches.

02.Customer Service:Always There For You

Typically, sportsbooks tend to give us key points of contact in order to help us. Although NoviBet does this, they go above and beyond with the range they deliver, giving us a variety we’re not used to. Regardless of whether you use your NoviBet login or not, you’ll be able to access help via the Customer Support option at the bottom of the page.

Once there, you’ll discover that live chat, emails, and a contact number are all listed. But there’s more. You can also contact the bookmaker via Skype, making this a brand that is keen for you to be in control of your customer care. In our opinion, this is another cherry on top of the cake for this NoviBet rating, as it shows they’re forward thinking with their support. They make sure that you have multiple options instead of a few, resulting in a service suited to everyone.

03.Sports Covered:Playing the Field with NoviBet

We might be using cheesy puns, but there’s a good reason for this, and that’s because of NoviBet and the sports they cover. The range they’re giving us is astounding, resulting in us able to bet on pretty much any sport we can think of. You don’t even have to bet on sports, there’s always entertainment or politics to have a punt on. If you want to wager who the next PM is, you can do with NoviBet.

The fact that NoviBet is so on top of its game, is a factor this NoviBet review can’t praise enough. Sometimes big brands fall short on important areas, but that isn’t what happens here. Instead, you’re giving a level of variance that is second to none, meaning you can put all your betting strategies to good use. We can’t promise that they’ll help you win, but at least you have many options to improve your chances.

04.Payment Methods:Cashing Out Everyday

Banking is part and parcel of the sportsbook deal, and so having options is always handy. The NoviBet deposit and withdrawal features aren’t any more diverse than others, but they go further to make banking work for you. An example of this is cashouts on a weekend. If you want to make a withdrawal on a Saturday or Sunday, you can, with the request time period being 24 hours.

This applies to all payment options, and the currencies allowed, meaning Skrill, Visa, and Paysafecard will all give you funds in either GBP, EUR or AUD. We don’t know about you, but this NoviBet rating thinks that’s mightily impressive. Oh, and before we forget: there’s no withdrawal limits in place per month. Now that isn’t something we see everyday! We told you that this NoviBet guide wouldn’t just be another run of the mill offering, like so many other NoviBet reviews are.
Payment Methods Available

05.Security:How Secure is NoviBet?

We know that when you ask ‘is Novibet safe?’, you want answers straight away. Furthermore, you want hard evidence to back those answers up. This is what this bookmaker review will do that other NoviBet reviews don’t. The first piece of evidence is that Novibet is regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, meaning you’re in safe hands when playing. This is true regardless of whether you seek out the NoviBet app or stick with the desktop version.

On top of this, giving you further layers of security, is the fact that NoviBet uses 128-bit SSL encryption, meaning all financial transactions are safe. What is more, they also follow and adhere to all data protection laws, in a bid to further reinforce the dedication to safety they possess. We doubt you’ll find better security elsewhere, and so we finish off here with another outstanding rating.

06.Betting Odds:There’s Some Odds for that

Having a competitive advantage is wise for any sportsbook, especially if you want to take on big name brands. Fortunately for NoviBet, their odds are some of the most competitive around, giving you the chance for some big money returns. We can’t promise you’ll always find favourable odds, but at least you know that NoviBet is always trying to go one step further than other providers.

What is more, the odds are presented in key tables, such as Top Bets, to help you discover odds that everyone is talking about and betting on. There’s even good odds on games you know to be niche, such as water polo. They’re not as readily available because the matches taking place are on a less regular basis however, when a competition is on, you can place a wager. To see what we mean, why not take a look at a betting odds comparison?

07.User-friendliness:Fullon and Filled to Capacity

In regards to usability, aka how friendly NoviBet is, this NoviBet rating finds the site to be extremely busy. This cluttered interface does mean that players can become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options given. However, at least these redeeming features are neatly presented and easy to interact with. Think of it as organised chaos: there’s a lot going on, but everything has an ordered placement.

Does this make NoviBet user friendly though? It’s a tough call, as the interface could have been streamlined further, with more subcategories listed. And yet, on the other hand, they’ve provided us with clear titles and an easy to read font, ensuring that even the most near sighted individual can keep on top of the scores. This element is arguably what tops NoviBet from getting a lower accessibility rating.

08.In-play Product:Statistics that Come to Life

We have the option to move from regular betting to live in one swift movement, thanks to the In-Play option located at the top of the page. By selecting this, you’ll be presented with a range of matches currently in play, or ones soon to be. Alongside the live odds, you’re able to open up an interactive infographic to see what’s happening. This will list any red or yellow cards, who is in possession of the ball, and several other details. NoviBet use this rather than live streaming games.

It’s less intense, but at the same time it’s guaranteed to work without any delays or lagging. When compared to other bookmakers, this interactive feature is what makes NoviBet’s in-play come to life. To see which matches offer this option, look for a pitch icon next to the match listings.

09.Other Products:From Reality to Virtual Reality

Traditionally here, the OpenOdds team comments on any casino offers available. Even though Novibet gives us both a casino and a live casino, we’d like to look at the Virtual Sports product instead. It is still sports related, but it’s outside the normal betting we’re used to, with all the matches being fictional.

You get to engage with live scores, as well as watch a live feed of the virtual game take place. Some have even argued that this section is more giving than the live betting options. Moving onto variance, there’s both virtual soccer and tennis to choose from. Should none of this interest you, you can browse the casino and select from a range of games that offer progressive jackpots. Most of the titles are mobile friendly, giving this review another positive to remark on. No wonder so many people review Novibet.

10.Betting Limits:Here Comes the Betting Limits

This NoviBet review wouldn’t be complete without a commentary on betting limits. These limits allow us a better understanding of whether we can game with a certain sportsbook on our particular budget, and whether they offer huge rewards. Some guides choose to focus on the minimum stake, while the others will only look at the maximum wins for details.

Here at OpenOdds, we look at both of the limits to give you the fullest NoviBet picture. The minimum amount you’re able to bet is £0.10 or your currency equivalent. In response to the maximum wins you can look forward to, that’s a decent £80,000. We say it’s ‘decent’ because other sportsbook wins can be much higher, sometimes as much as £1 million, though that’s quite rare. Taking these figures into account, we’d say NoviBet brings average betting limits, with the low buy-in covering the lower payout.

Our Verdict of Novibet:Good betting option

in the editorial board: Novibet
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Seeing as you’ve seen all the results for yourselves, you’ll be able to conclude, just as we have, that NoviBet is a fantastic sportsbook. Given how many sports are offered, alongside their odds, not to mention the fluidity of the virtual sports, there’s a lot for us to enjoy. Whilst the brand might not be one of the better-known sportsbooks on the market, it’s clear that we could be seeing a lot more of the Novibet brand in the future. We’d like to see if you can find any other betting apps as good as this one.
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NoviBet: Opinions & Experiences of Actual Users


What did you think to NoviBet – did it offer the best free bets offers or did it fall short? This is just one example of what you can discuss when you comment on this review. No matter the post, big or small, we want to know if our NoviBet guide helped you in the end. And if it didn’t, the OpenOdds team would like to know why, so that we can improve our services.