Your guide to using odds boost promotions

If you have spent any time betting on sports, then you will have probably seen how a few bookmakers like to offer odds boost promotions. But what are odds boosts and how can they be used to give you a better price on your sports bets?

Our guide to odds boost will show you why odds boosts have become such a valuable tool for sports betting fans, and we will take a look at how you can put them into action. In addition to this, we will highlight the best odds promotions from all of the top online bookmakers around at the moment so that you can be sure of wagering with the best odds possible.

What is an odds boost?

Simply put, an odds boost is a promotion put on by a bookmaker that gives you better odds for your sports bet. For example, if you wanted to bet on Manchester City to win the Premier League title, but found that most bookies were offering you relatively unprofitable odds of 4/6 (1.66), then you could hunt around for a betting site who allowed you to boost your odds on this betting outcome. Odds boosts tend to work in terms of percentages, so the higher the odds you use the promotion for, the bigger the boost will be.

Some bookmakers will put on specific odds boost promotions that can be used for particular sports fixtures and bets, whilst others give you a little more freedom in how you use an odds boost token. This means that you get chance to pick and choose how you want to use your odds boost so that you can get a better price on anything from football and tennis, to horse racing or even esports.

Popular examples of odds boost promotions include William Hill’s Bet Boost offer which allows you odds boost per day. This can only be used via the bookie’s mobile betting platform, but if you tap the Boost logo on your betting slip, it means that you will see the improved odds and then you can enter your stake and look forward to getting some better wagering profits. Betway offer a different approach as they regularly include boosted odds for a wide range of football and horse racing fixtures. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you using odds boost promotions from different bookies to seriously improve your betting profits.

Helping you find the best odds boost promotions

As many brands like William Hill, Betway, Ladbrokes and Bwin put on a wide range of different odds boost promotions, it can sometimes be tricky and time-consuming to know who is giving you the most lucrative enhanced odds deals. So we’ve given ourselves the task of sifting through all of the latest odds boost promotions so that you can quickly get up to speed with the betting sites are currently offering.

By hosting all of the latest odds boost promotions, you will be able to easily compare all of the different special offers and see how they could be used for your favourite sport. This means that you don’t have to waste time visiting all of the different bookies’ sites and can instead focus your efforts on working out which betting market to use your odds boost for. So if you ever want to bet on a match but can’t find any decent odds, be sure to check back into OpenOdds and we will highlight the latest and greatest odds boosts that can give you a better price for your sports bets.

Why you should take advantage of odds boosts

There’s nothing wrong with betting on sports just for a fun way to add some extra excitement to the game. But if you are keen to make some decent profits from your sports bets, then odds boosts are an invaluable tool. This is especially true as most bookmakers will offer a similar range of odds for any major sporting event, and so an odds boost is the perfect way to get something a little extra for landing a winning bet.

It’s also worth mentioning the fact that odds boosts are also incredibly easy to put into practice. As long as you read the small print for each odds boost promotion, then they can usually be put into action with a click of a button. Plus there’s plenty of fun to be had in picking a few different odds boosts from different bookmakers so that you aren’t restricted to getting enhanced odds on one particular day or a single sports fixture. So if you are looking for a quick, easy and fun way to get enhanced odds on many sports betting markets, be sure to check into OpenOdds so that you can pick up the perfect odds boost.

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