Pinnacle eSports Review – Read our eSports Betting Site Rating in 5 Mins.

Last updated & tested: 2020-01-09

Pinnacle eSports Review - Read our eSports Betting Site Rating in 5 Mins.Pinnacle opened for business in 1998, and has developed a decent reputation as one of the best eSports betting sites on the market. Unlike some other major bookmakers, Pinnacle devotes a far amount of space on its website to eSports gambling, with a tab at the top of the site’s homepage taking users to a dedicated eSports hub. Pinnacle is licensed in Curacao, and operates in more than 200 countries.

The company is fully licensed and regulated by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles. Pinnacle sponsored a Pro Am DOTA tournament in 2014, and seem to have taken a progressive and inclusive attitude to the eSports phenomenon, recognising a potentially very lucrative new market. Their PR department operates its own eSports focused Twitter feed, where customers can keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of eSports gambling, and also ask questions of the company.

While there are no eSports betting apps associated with Pinnacle currently available, the company does offer a mobile version of its main website, making betting on the go a much more straightforward option for customers who might be seeking good CSGO gambling sites.

In our Pinnacle eSports betting site review we cover everything you need to know, from whether they offer League of Legends betting, to how you can bet on eSports with ease. Honestly, we’ve covered everything!

The result of the OpenOdds Pinnacle eSports Betting review:

Pinnacle has a well-developed eSports hub, so this is an inviting site for people seeking CSGO gambling options or League of Legends betting markets. As well as CSGO and LoL, markets are also available for Defense of the Ancients (DotA) 2, and Starcraft 2. Odds are clearly presented, using the European style of decimal odds rather than fractions. This makes it simpler for newcomers to the world of gambling to assess the relative value of potential bets.

eSports Betting- a Phenomenon Across the World

In order to help players become better informed and therefore, hopefully, more successful gamblers, Pinnacle also features a series of blogs and articles which are very useful for anyone wanting to bet on eSports. The articles focus on pre-tournament betting previews, tactical reviews of team performances, interviews with players and feature pieces on teams. Pinnacle has been serving the eSports markets since early 2010, with its head of sportsbook being something of an eSports fan.

By 2013, the company had taken 500,000 eSports bets, and by February 2017 had reached the five million mark. Those figures demonstrate both how eSports betting is growing, and also how Pinnacle has prioritised it; eSports betting on legal websites is becoming an increasingly lucrative market.

Another feature which is very useful for newcomers to betting is their detailed guide on how to place a bet. While experienced sports gamblers might find this kind of thing a little patronising, new gamblers are sure to see this feature as a real boon. The mechanics of placing a bet are fairly simple at this site, and the help guide goes through each stage in detail. Each stage is clearly illustrated with images and visual instructions too, making the process simple to follow and learn.

pinnacle esports experience openodds

A series of other help tabs are located on the left side of the eSports gaming hub at the Pinnacle site, meaning that players do not have to spend valuable gambling time fumbling around looking for small-print, obscure sections giving instructions. Tabs for events and odds are displayed at the top of the hub page, meaning that navigating the site is simple.

Clicking on the scheduled events tab brings up a list of forthcoming tournaments on which players can bet. If you are looking for good CSGO betting sites, then Pinnacle is a good choice, with plenty of tournaments for this particular game listed. LoL, DoTA, Starcraft and Hearthstone events are also listed on the site, and displayed in a clear and easy to understand way. A ‘See the Odds’ tab is prominently displayed above each event, so that players can quickly and easily judge markets, see what prices are on offer and place bets.

There are plenty of other sports available on which to bet at Pinnacle too, if any customers fancy a break from CSGO gambling or any of the other eSports options. There is a casino section, along with a live casino section, but Pinnacle’s main focus is on its sports betting. The casinos are more of an entertaining diversion for sports gamblers. There is currently no Pinnacle eSports Betting Bonus available.

pinnacle esports betting resources

In terms of the services on offer to players, Pinnacle has a betting glossary on site, which carries useful definitions of terms used in betting, and in sport generally. This is very handy for those players who are easily embarrassed by asking questions, especially if those questions seem very basic. All the featured writers at the site have their images displayed below the resources archive, giving the site a friendly and welcoming feel. Customers can also subscribe to a Pinnacle newsletter, called Pulse.

Customer service options are pretty limited, however, with no live chat or telephone options for players. A basic email contact form can be accessed from the site.

Pinnacle eSports experiences: An industry leading bookmaker

  • The site has a clearly defined and well-resourced eSports betting hub, with plenty of additional and useful information about the sport as a whole. This makes choosing eSports betting strategies a much more informed process for players.
  • Odds are presented in decimals, and are therefore easy to understand and compare.
  • Placing a bet is very simple, with the interface very intuitive and simple to navigate.
  • The site does not look as slick or professional as some of the other, more famous bookmakers’ sites, with the colouring and coding looking a little clunky and amateurish at times. This should not obscure the benefits of the good value odds and clear betting interface which the site provides, however.
  • Customer service options are limited, but contact can be made through the site
  • The site is highly rated by professional gamblers and high stakes players, showing that it is safe and regarded as being fair and honest in its dealing with players.

pinnacle openodds extensive review

Read on through our Pinnacle eSports betting site review, where we break down sportsbooks into ten important, crucial categories.

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Extensive review with evaluations of Pinnacle eSports from novices and professionals!

We have analyzed Pinnacle eSports from two sides – from the side of enthusiastic eSports bet novices and from the perspective of hardcore eSports betting professionals:

  1. Bonuses
  2. Betting Odds
  3. Customer Services
  4. User-friendliness
  5. Games Covered
  6. Events & Tournaments
  7. In-play eSports betting
  8. Payment Methods
  9. Security
  10. Betting Limits

1.) Bonuses: No special offers for eSports!

There are currently no bonuses on offer at Pinnacle, even for customers seeking out good CSGO gambling sites, or potential bonuses on eSports gaming as a whole. Those looking for the best eSports betting offers should look elsewhere. Pinnacle likes to aim itself at experienced or professional gamblers, who do not need to be lured in with bonuses. Instead, Pinnacle makes a point of welcoming winners, with it not turning away successful players whose accounts may have been limited at other bookies due to their winning habit. Other features, such as the glossary and the article archive, add value to the site in other ways. This Pinnacle eSports review doesn’t hold these factors in high regard.

2.) Betting Odds: In line with the best

Odds are presented in the European decimal format, and are, generally speaking, quite generous.

esports betting odds markets

Pinnacle looks to bring in big volumes of large bets to cover its operating costs and generate profit. This means that it can afford to pay out on bigger winning bets, and the odds compare favourably with any other online bookmaker, even for eSports.

3.) Customer Service: Hard to reach

As alluded to above, customer service options for Pinnacle are somewhat limited, probably due to the fact that it is aiming its online presence squarely at experienced gamblers, who do not require much guidance. A contact tab is the only option available for those players who need to contact the site. This feature does not receive as high a Pinnacle eSports rating as other aspects of their service.

4.) User-friendliness: Overall very good

The site is easy enough to use, despite its dated graphics and slightly cheap looking colour scheme. There is no mobile app available, but there is a version of the site specifically tailored to mobile devices. This works well too, reducing the stress for new gamblers. It is easy to navigate to the different sections to find which markets are available. Making an eSports odds comparison is very simple. This Pinnacle eSports review rates the user-friendliness of the site as being very good.

5.) Games Covered: One of the best sites for eSports betting

Pinnacle is serious about offering customers a good range of eSports betting options, with LoL, DotA, Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone. It is one of the best eSports betting sites on the market. This gives Pinnacle a good depth of games on which players can bet, and is certainly better than the one or two games which some sites offer.

top ranking site for esports betting

Anyone making a betting games 2017 comparison between Pinnacle and another bookmaker on these terms would probably come down in favour of Pinnacle.

6.) Events & Tournaments: Offers markets on most major eSports tournaments

As befits a site which takes eSports so seriously, Pinnacle offers markets on most of the major eSports tournaments taking place at any time. Events such as the StarLadder ProSeries XVII, IEM Season XI World Championship, ESL Pro League Europe, Dolphin Shoot Em’up and the ESEA league are all events on which Pinnacle have offered markets in recent times.

pinnacle esports events and tournaments

A full calendar is displayed on the site in the eSports hub, making it very simple for players to schedule their bets appropriately.

7.) In Play eSports Betting: No in play betting options

There is no in play betting for eSports gambling at Pinnacle, currently, and this remains an area in which this otherwise very slick bookmaker possibly requires a bit of extra development. The market for eSports in play betting is growing, and there is something of a gap in the market, as not many bookies currently offer in play markets on eSports. For in play options, it is better for eSports fans to seek out other CSGO betting sites. In play betting at Pinnacle is limited to the major football events.

8.) Payment Methods: Offers a range of payment methods

Pinnacle accepts Visa debit and credit cards, Mastercard and Maestro. Direct bank transfer is also possible. There are some geo-specific options for players across the world too, with available for Russian customers, for example.

A wide range of payment methods at Pinnacle

Pinnacle also makes recommendations to its users for cash transfer options, such as moneybookers and Neteller. Is Pinnacle safe? Its solid reputation amongst high rollers and professional gamblers would certainly suggest so.

9.) Security: Pinnacle relies on its solid reputation

However, when it comes to security, it is hard to find specific details at Pinnacle’s website, making it tough to give a straight answer to the question is Pinnacle safe? There is certainly nothing particularly reassuring on the website, it has to be said. Further research, though, shows that the company enjoys a fine reputation for safety from almost everyone in the global betting community. This Pinnacle eSports review feels that this is another area in which Pinnacle could do more to reassure new customers that they are secure and safe to use.

10.) Betting Limits: Bigger is better

Pinnacle make much of the fact that no online bookmaker will accept bigger bets than they do. This is key to their appeal to professional gamblers and high rollers.

solid cliche for csgo gambling sites

Members can see the various limits applied to markets at all times, with limits being exactly the same for all players. Small bettors are also welcome at the site, however, with a minimum bet of $1 or local equivalent being accepted. If you are new to CSGO betting sites, it is wise to start out with minimum bets in order to get the hang of things.

 Conclusion of the Pinnacle eSports Betting review


Pinnacle provides a good eSports gaming experience for newcomers and more experienced gamblers alike. Although not the best site to look at, it is functional and straightforward to use. Aimed squarely at serious bettors, there are few bonuses on offer at any time to anyone, let alone to eSports gamblers. The site compensates for this by accepting big bets, and also offering a wide range of supporting information. This makes Pinnacle eSports betting site one of the best eSports betting sites. While it is overall an excellent site, more bonuses could be offered, and the customer contact interface could be improved. Other than that, it remains a great option for anyone looking for CSGO betting sites, or other eSports gambling options. Overall, our Pinnacle eSports rating is quite good.

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