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Betting Odds Comparison 2022 » Find the best bookmaker odds!

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Betting Odds Comparison | Best Sportsbook Odds by OpenOdds.com


Made by betting experts, for betting enthusiasts: At OpenOdds, we have made it our mission to offer the best, most user-friendly betting odds comparison site on the web!

It was only with your help that this ambitious goal was made possible!
At OpenOdds.com, you will find a unique and open search portal for all
the best sportsbook odds from all the well-known bookmakers.

The sportsbook odds comparisons offered by OpenOdds are all new, but
honestly this is exactly how an odds comparison site should be! After
all, only those who are fully up-to-date and have the most
comprehensive knowledge of upcoming matches are able to make money
through betting, on the likes of football and rugby betting sites, in the long run! Only players who have
long since had a passion for the best football betting site and best betting sites for horse racing and interest for the fascinating world of
sports betting are able to pass this enthusiasm on to rookies and
inexperienced bettors.

Only sports bettors can experience
the full excitement that a sporting event can offer! Sports bettors
are often also sports fans always on the hunt for the best free bet offers, however, those who really want to place
successful bets need to keep their cool, especially in those turbulent
times in a season. The secret to success is combining the passion for
sports with the level-headed calculations that a bettor must make to
find the best value prices; while also looking for solid cash out betting sites and the betting sites with new customer offers.

Our bookmaker comparison

As passionate betting experts we know what really gets your blood
pumping when it comes to large sporting events; the best bookmakers
with the best odds, who settle bets quickly and allow you to withdraw
your winnings with a minimum of fuss!

Bookmaker Comparison

Our bonus reviews

Because we are passionate bettors, we know that betting enthusiasts
are interested in the highest betting bonuses with the fewest terms and conditions and the ability to easily compare the bonuses offered by all of
the best gambling sites on the market.

Betting Bonus Comparison

Our ODDS comparisons

Our aim is to improve this site every single day and your feedback
is our most valuable tool! Become a part of the best informed betting
community on the web and tell us what you like, or what you don’t
like, about our page.

Odds Comparison

Secure your advantage with OpenOdds:
Odds are more important
than inside information!

The first step to success is comparing the odds of all UK betting companies and, thanks to the great comparisons by OpenOdds, players have come across
a promising betting strategy which takes advantage of the weaknesses
of online bookmakers!

find the best odds NOW

There has never been an odds comparison site which is so
comprehensive and user friendly!

At OpenOdds.com, you will find the best betting odds for every sports
event. That is our promise to you! Of course, only the best odds from
bookmakers, which we know first-hand because we are experienced
players ourselves, make the cut and you can be sure that we always
recommend the very best prices with the very best UK betting sites available!

Here at OpenOdds, we believe that testing all of the well-known bookmakers for the football betting odds is crucial to getting the best possible sports betting experience. This is why you will always have the top bookmakers and insider tips on your side when you use OpenOdds.com! Of course, our
bookmaker comparison is important, but the various bonuses that are
available also carry a lot of weight when choosing a bookmaker.

In order to bring you the very best offers, OpenOdds constantly remains on the ball and offers the most comprehensive overview concerning the bonuses available from all of the bookmakers. This way you will never miss out on a lucrative bonus from a bookmaker and you will always be well informed of all the terms and conditions!

You should also consider the payment methods that are available when trying to find a new bookie. There are a vast range of betting sites with paysafecard options, or maybe even you’re looking for the betting sites with American Express deposit options, or maybe even you’re on the hunt for betting sites with Neteller — no problem! We’ve scoured the web to find you the best in the business.

The deciding factor, however, is which bookmaker offers the
very best odds, as these are crucial to ensuring the biggest winnings!
By finding the best prices on OpenOdds.com, it’s easy to maximise your
winnings through finding the best sportsbook odds!

using our unique software, we are able to find the best betting odds
in an instant and constantly keep you up to date on the biggest
available prices on all your favourite sporting events. Our software
is constantly evolving to bring you, the player, the best possible
odds for even the most fast-paced and constantly changing events — ensuring that even your corner betting strategy is put to good use.

Secure your advantage with OpenOdds: Odds are more important than
inside information!

Nothing in life is certain, but by using OpenOdds, you can give
yourself the best possible chance of winning your bets via our online betting exchange. The first step
to success is the comparing of betting odds and, thanks to the great
comparisons by OpenOdds, players have come across a promising betting
strategy which takes advantage of the weaknesses of online bookmakers!

Many players still swear by inside information,
but in the times of this fast-paced internet world, nothing remains a
secret for long. Today, the bookmakers themselves quickly learn
about the latest rumours and, of course, adjust their odds
accordingly. Whether you’re looking for inside info on the latest esports betting games or even tempted about betting on Eastenders, As a sports bettor, it is simply impossible to
always know how injuries or poor form may affect an individual player,
or how a transfer or a change of manager may affect a player’s
performance. Thank goodness you do not have to, because the most
important thing about betting is, and will always be, the odds and the online bookmaker promotions!

OpenOdds.com: Football, football, football!

At OpenOdds, there is a large section dedicated to
football, the world’s number one sport. Football, or soccer as it is
sometimes known, has the most fans, the best TV ratings and the
greatest atmosphere! The only thing you are missing as a player is a
great sportsbook odds comparison site which helps you to maximise
your winnings!

Today, more and more bets are
being placed on basketball and other US sports.
Within our comparisons, these and other classic sports such as boxing,
greyhound racing and horse racing are an absolute must. We’ve also hunted down the best cricket betting sites who provide the best cricket odds on the market. Thanks to
OpenOdds, soon these sometimes mysterious betting odds
and markets from bookmakers will become like an open book to you:
OpenOdds style!

How does the OpenOdds betting odds comparison work?

There are two ways to use the sportsbook odds comparison offered by
OpenOdds: You can either use the simple search box or you can take
your time and have a look around our site using the sports type
search to get a better idea of what is out there, scouring the wide range of sportsbooks and best esports betting sites. We’ve also looked at the best CS:GO betting sites, the leading bookmakers for Dota2 betting odds. If you’re looking to bet on esports, or even to attempt an esports odds comparison to find the best value for money, OpenOdds is the site for you.

The simple search box:

Within the large search window, enter one of the following:

  • The name of a club (for example, ‘FC Barcelona’)
  • The name of a sports event (for example, ‘Superbowl’)
  • The name of a league (for example, ‘Premier League’)
  • The name of a tournament (for example, ‘Grand Slam of Darts’)

Once you’ve done this, simply click on the ‘find odds’ button. Now you are ready to bet!

Our Tip: After entering the first few letters, you
will already see suitable suggestions from the OpenOdds database.
Just click on the relevant suggestion — whether it’s one of the specialist rugby betting sites, or the many online betting exchange sites — and you will be brought
directly to the desired odds comparison!

Below the search box, you will be able to find the desired odds
comparison in just three easy steps:

On the left-hand side, sports type can be
selected, for example ‘Soccer’.

In the middle of the page, the corresponding
category, country or league can be selected. Finally, the tournament or event can be selected
on the right-hand side.

Done! Like a flash, you will be
brought to the desired odds comparison! At the betting odds site made
by players, for players — from the best betting strategies to leading UK sportsbook promotions — there is almost nothing that is not

The selection ranges from the eternal flames
of football including the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie
A and of course the UEFA Champions League to dynamic sports such as
ice hockey, NFL American football , NBA basketball and the Formula 1!
Our comparisons also include a comprehensive guide to horse racing,
from the greatest show on turf at Cheltenham to the prestigious Royal
Ascot festival.

Of course, if sports betting isn’t you thing.

Our tip: Simply open
OpenOdds.com in numerous browser tabs and you can immediately gain
insight into all of the odds for various sports events live.

Too many good offers?