Sky Bet Review – Read our eSports Betting Site Rating in 5 Mins

Last updated & tested: 2020-01-05

Sky Bet Review - Read our eSports Betting Site Rating in 5 MinsHaving been founded back in 2006, Sky Bet is an online bookmaker operated by the British Sky Betting and Gaming Company. Sky Bet is currently the main sponsor for the English Football League, with their reputation having grown significantly in recent years thanks to an excellent range of betting services and live-streaming options. Holding a betting license from the British Sky Betting and Gaming Company within the UK, as well as the AGCC since 2008 across the rest of the globe, Sky Bet has offered odds on eSports events since October 2015, having already gained a great reputation for their football, tennis and horse racing markets, among others.

Back in March 2015, Sky Bet agreed to sell a majority stake in its company to CVC Capital Partners for a fee of £800 million, although Sky Betting and Gaming retained a 20 per cent stake in the company, securing a long-term license for their brand in the process. Due to the relationship with Sky, there is a strong association. openodds skybet esports reviewThis Sky Bet eSports review will provide a better understanding of what they offer customers in terms of markets and odds, as well as customer services and banking options.

The result of the OpenOdds Sky Bet eSports review

Despite initially only offering a small amount of eSports options, Sky Bet have quickly expanded their product range, with Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2 among the main markets now available to punters. As well as this, StarCraft II and Smite are two other popular platforms available to bet on at Sky Bet. As a result, this Sky Bet eSports betting site review will give potential customers an excellent understanding of the services for customers to take advantage of.

A bet on eSports can be split into two sections at Sky Bet, with FPS (first-person shooters) and MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) options readily available to users. With professional FPS games, including Call of Duty and CS:GO, a bet on eSports is limited to the series winner, individual map winners and correct scores, such as backing Nip to defeat Na’Vi 2-0 at the DreamHack Masters. Meanwhile, there are significantly more options when it comes to MOBAs, with the winner of the series, individual series score line, first blood and even the time of when the first tower will be taken in an individual game.

Like many of their most popular markets, including football and tennis, Sky Bet offer in-play betting options within eSports, although they are still lacking in comparison to their more established disciplines. In-play options are the same for both FPS and MOBA events at Sky Bet, with the series winner and individual map winners available to bet on.

Despite all the major events being available to bet on eSports at Sky Bet, our Sky Bet eSports review has highlighted issues surrounding navigation and website layout, which are two areas in which there is certainly room for improvement. Don’t worry, the question ‘is Sky Bet safe?’ might pop into your head, but this is nothing to do with security. The desktop layout can be confusing to new users, with a lack of focus upon eSports perhaps understandable due to its infancy in the world of betting. However, once on the Sky Bet eSports page, a whole host of live scores, upcoming games and full lists of upcoming series’ making it easy for users to locate their favourite event.esports betting players and fans

Sky Bet eSports experiences: An industry leading bookmaker

  • Sky Bet offers the most detailed eSports markets in the industry
  • In-depth markets for CS:GO gambling and League of Legends betting
  • Excellent customer service options available to users
  • Trusted and reliable bookmakers
  • Wide range of banking options

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Sky Bet: OpenOdds detailed rating reports regarding eSports betting

All bookmakers that have been thoroughly tested by the OpenOdds team must prove themselves in these 10 review categories—including Sky Bet of course!

  1. Bonuses
  2. Betting Odds
  3. Customer Service
  4. User-friendliness
  5. Games Covered
  6. Events & Tournaments
  7. In-play eSports betting
  8. Payment Methods
  9. Security
  10. Betting Limits

1.) Bonuses: Exciting offers for new and existing customers

New customers are rewarded with a Sky Bet eSports betting bonus, with a generous promotion of up to £20 worth of free bets received from just a £5 deposit, equalling a 400 per cent bonus. The £20 bet comes in the form of two £10 tokens, which can be used separately or on the same ticket. Once registered, customers are able to take advantage of daily price boost offers, however such promotions are mainly focused upon football and horse racing markets, rather than eSports. Elsewhere, the Sky Bet club is a rewarding tool for regular users, with free bets credited to accounts as a reward for continued betting. Sky Bet have certainly developed a name for themselves for presenting some of the best eSports betting offers around.

2.) Betting Odds: Enhanced odds for major eSports events

Sky Bet is certainly among the best eSports betting sites, having developed a reputation as one of the most competitive when it comes to odds offered, with eSports starting to catch-up with the likes of football and horse racing. Enhanced odds promotions are also becoming increasingly common, with major events such as DreamHack receiving better odds in the days building up to the competition. Be sure to view the promotions section of the website before placing a bet, with better terms often available before a big event.
double kill league of legends betting

Users are able to choose whether odds are displayed in either decimal or fraction, with Sky Bet also doing their utmost to deal with individual requests that are not offered on the site for the likes of League of Legends betting or CS:GO gambling. CS:GO betting sites are unsurprisingly among the most popular with fans of eSports, with the game offering the biggest prize funds for tournament entrants. eSports odds comparison will certainly show that Sky Bet are among the market leaders.

3.) Customer Services: Live chat available 24/7

Another reason for Sky Bet’s exemplary reputation is their focus upon customer service, with this Sky Bet eSports review highlighting their excellent skills in this area. Email support, as well as a 24 hour live online chat and phone line available between 8am and 10pm ensure that all issues are resolved quickly and without fuss, with Sky Bet’s presence on social media also offering users another method of communication. esports betting players and fansWith short waiting times and helpful members of staff, Sky Bet users can be confident that any problems concerning a range of issues will be dealt with in a satisfactory manner.

4.) User-friendliness: Room for improvement

Both the Sky Bet desktop site and the mobile app lack something when it comes to their appearance and interface, with the attractiveness of both perhaps making it less appealing to new users. Sky Bet: a delight for eSports gamblersHowever, once familiar with the navigation and set-up of Sky Bet platforms, they are relatively easy to use, with markets separated clearly, as well as in-play and live-streaming options readily available at the click of a button. This eSports designated area makes it easy for users to view betting games 2020 comparisons.

Sky Bet offer odds on major eSports platforms, including Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm and an in-depth CS:GO betting site, as well as the hotly contested Call of Duty league, which many other bookmakers fail to make available to ranking esports sites

Elsewhere, Starcraft 2 and League of Legends complete what is an ever-increasing eSports market. CS:GO betting sites are only likely to grow in popularity with the rise of the iconic game, with Sky Bet likely to be at the forefront with their website and eSports betting apps.

6.) Events & Tournaments: Worldwide coverage

Sky Bet focus heavily on the biggest names within eSports, with the Binary Dragons Cup and ESEA Premier from the world of CS:GO gaining the majority of the attention from punters. Elsewhere, the Dallas Open from Call of Duty and the competitive Spring Split from League of Legends certainly provide more than enough action for customers to get involved with. Meanwhile, the Asia Championships, ProDota Cup and Pro League are just a handful of the events covered by Sky Bet within Dota 2.pinnacle esports events and tournaments

Many punters will quickly develop a dedicated eSports betting strategy, with the more events covered certainly making it easier to come out on top.

7.) In-Play eSports Betting: Detailed in-play betting options for a wide range of events

As previously mentioned in this Sky Bet eSports betting site review, Sky Bet offer detailed in-play betting options for a wide range of eSports encounters, mainly focus upon the major competitions from across the calendar year. Odds will change as the matches play out, with multiple markets often available in-play.
in play esports betting

With eSports still in its relative infancy, the amount of in-play options is only likely to increase when the likes of Sky Bet can pump more finances into the discipline. With the industry now worth over half a billion dollars, this could well occur sooner rather than later. Despite this, customers can still bet in-play on a good number of events, with both FPS and MOBA eSports able to be utilised. Examples of such bets are betting on the team to win the next map or the series winner despite the match having already started.

Odds will obviously vary depending on the current score, with backing a comeback victory often proving fruitful for users. With CS:GO gambling sites incorporated into one easy to use platform at Sky Bet, it is little wonder that the Sky Bet eSports rating comes out on top in comparison to other sportsbooks.

8.) Payment methods: Ample choice in seven different currencies!

Sky Bet offer customers two different deposit options, as well as three withdrawal methods. With payment options including Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Solo, Moneybookers, Laser and Neteller, no stone is left unturned when it comes to banking. As well as a large range of payment methods, Sky Bet also accept seven different currencies, ensuring that users from across the globe can make use of their excellent service. Withdrawal also offers different withdrawal methods, with major credit cards, debit cards, wire transfer, cheque, as well as e-wallets including Skrill/Moneybookers, Neteller, Click2Pay and Paypal all readily available to customers, with transfer times differing between each method.

9.) Security: Is Sky Bet safe?

Well, the answer is yes. Sky Bet is licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Alderney, the third largest of the British Channel Islands and one of the constitutive islands of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, is approximately 60 miles from the British mainland. OGN Overwatch APEXIt has its own government, legislature and company laws and operates with the same modern banking, insurance and investment laws as Guernsey. The Guernsey Financial Services Commission is a statutory body responsible for ensuring that the finance industry on Guernsey and Alderney is well regulated. Alderney is subject to the provisions of Guernsey taxation laws, making eSports betting legal.

10.) Betting limits: The bookmaker for recreational punters

Unlike other sportsbooks within the market, Sky Bet’s maximum pay-out is not going to rise into the millions, making it a bookmaker for recreational punters. However, with strong odds on offer, maximum pay-outs for the majority of markets is still relatively large, with up to £500,000 available on the football. Meanwhile, the likes of tennis, golf and horse racing have a maximum pay-out of £250,000, while smaller markets, including eSports currently have a limit of between £50,000-£100,000. Recreational Sky Bet eSports rating will definitely be high from recreational customers, not only as a result of the CS:GO betting sites and other games.


This Sky Bet eSports review has demonstrated that despite being relatively new to the market, Sky Bet offer an excellent platform for betting on one of the fastest-growing events across the globe. With fantastic bonuses for both new and existing customers, as well as competitive odds, Sky Bet is certainly a sportsbook to consider in order to meet your recreational betting needs. fnatic intel extreme mastersCS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends betting are just a sample of the markets available, with ever-increasing in-play options making Sky Bet an increasingly attractive option for punters. Although other bookmakers perhaps offer a more detailed eSports market, as well as more generous free bets, Sky Bet offer a superb all-round experience, which is only likely to improve as the popularity of eSports grows.

Sky Bet: Opinions & Experiences of User

feedbackWe have finished our Sky Bet eSports betting site review and it is time now to hear about your experience. Do you agree with our Sky Bet eSports betting ratings? Do you perhaps even believe that Sky Bet for eSports does not work well or you have experienced any issues with this provider? Maybe you would simply like to share with the OpenOdds community that you can confirm our rating. In any case, we would be very happy to publish your personal Sky Bet eSports Reviews on our website. It would be of great help to us and the rest of the community in order to better understand the value that Sky Bet provides to eSports bettors.

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