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The amount of sports offered on the best sports betting sites is absolutely mind-boggling. If you find yourself tired of ubiquitous sports such as football, horse racing, basketball, and greyhounds, there are plenty of markets to satisfy your appetite, tennis for example.

Betting on tennis has a number of advantages, especially for those who may specialise in one sport but want to diversify without diverting too much effort away from the rest of your other sports. One is that there are lots of statistics readily available, giving you the numerical base you need to make informed decisions. The nature of the sport gives plenty of choices of how you want to bet too, whether you want to focus on one match or tournament or profile a player throughout his or her entire career. In this tennis betting odds comparison we’ll not only break down the best ways to bet on tennis but which of the best online bookmakers give you the best tennis betting odds.

  • Many bookmakers have invested effort into creating special promotions for tennis punters.
  • The events and types of bets available for punters on the tennis market is a fundamental feature.
  • Statistics in tennis are fundamental, making it an ideal sport for those interested in pouring over all the facts readily at your disposal.
  • Many of the best bookies on the tennis market are sites that are reputable in other big-ticket markets like football and horse racing.
  • The type of surface can determine the results of a match, making the game all the more interesting.

The Ten Best Bookies for Tennis


When you go into the tennis tab on the sportsbook, you’ve got the option of making three different types of bets (with different tennis betting odds) for an individual match that depend on whether you’re wagering on men’s tennis or ladies tennis. For ladies’ tennis you have the following options: match bet, set betting, and total sets. Let’s take the example of Venus Williams and Alizé Cornet. You can choose to place match bets, where you decide which player will win the match overall, so you place money on whether you think Venus will win or Cornet will win. Then you can be on the sets, where it will say who wins the match and by how many sets. Since ladies’ tennis is only the best of three sets, you can bet on Venus winning in straight sets or two sets to one and then the same options for Alizé Cornet. Then, in women’s tennis you’re able to bet on the total sets that are played: whether the match will be two sets or three sets. On the men’s side, the types of bets are different. While the match and set betting is exactly the same, the other type of bet you can wager is total games (which we mentioned before). So if we look at Rafa Nadal’s match against Victor Troicki in the Shanghai Master’s, you can choose whether the total games are going to be over 20.5 or under 20.5.

What’s helpful about the tennis interface is that you’re able to see the current day’s matches, the next day’s matches, and finally future matches. You can already start placing bets on the Davis Cup and three of next year’s Grand Slam tournaments! They’ve also got an incredibly generous welcome bonus of 100% of up to £50, so you’ll have plenty of money to burn betting on your favourite tennis players!

Paddy Power:

Paddy Power, even if it’s better known for horse racing it has put a lot of effort into the tennis section. When you see all of the matches available on a given day, they’ve got a nifty tab that says “more bets” and a number. There, you’re able to move beyond just the typical match bet and you can see what other types of wagers you can place. For example, for that same Nadal and Troicki match there were 36 more bets that you could try. Besides the typical bets we mentioned before (set betting, total sets, and total match games), you could also bet on who would win the 1st set, the game handicap, set handicap, and which of the players would win at least one set. They also have a promotion that will surely satisfy the most serious tennis punters: as part of their Weekly Tennis Loyalty Offer, if you place 50 bets a week in the tennis market, you’ll get a free bet that is worth the average value of the stakes you made throughout the given week. Once you’re given the free bet, you’ll have it for your use for up to 7 days as you work through it again (once you’ve gone through the free money from Paddy Power of course). The free bet can be worth up to £250!

TitanBet Sports:

In all of its sports offerings, Titanbet really makes the focus on the odds, which for our purposes here on OpenOdds is fundamental. Since they really focus on you getting the best prices, it’s not secret that Titanbet is one of the best bookies to have for tennis. Their constant promotions are another advantage and they make it really easy for you to find tennis across its 22 sports markets. In fact, tennis is one of the three most popular sports that are included in the Favourites tab along with football and horse racing. They also go beyond the ATP and WTA tournaments with offerings from the Challenger and ITF circuits. It has received some of the highest user ratings online!


Betstars has a few features on its tennis bet slip that are definitely worth exploring. One similar to Paddy Power, you’ll see the popular events and the number of eligible markets for a particular match. So for most of the big professional matches, you’ll see there are 7 or 8 markets available. The majority of big professional matches have 8 markets available with some of the matches only having 7. Their Spin & Bet feature is strangely available as a tab on the tennis site but it seems that only football is available. That was somewhat confusing, but there are plenty of live and pre-match betting options to keep you satisfied.


Bwin’s one of the most popular bookies out there worldwide given its fantastic range of sports. We were definitely impressed by the competitive tennis betting odds available. Bwin prides itself on having an average of 30,000 bets available at any time. This was no exception the day of OpenOdds’s field research: there were 53,332 bets on offer for ATP, WTA, ITF, and Challenger professional tennis events. Much like Ladbrokes you could start placing your wagers for the bigger tournaments coming up next calendar year. Something that was pretty cool was that they had a special promotion on offer for the Shanghai Tournament. For qualifying single or ACCA bets placed at minimum ½ odds of at least £5, you were eligible to get a certain percentage of your winnings as a free bet of up to £100! There was also a Player Specials bet asking whether a certain player would reach the number one ranking on the ATP tour. Rest assured that Bwin has something there for you!


It’s no surprise that one of our favourite bookies Netbet made the list of our best tennis betting odds, its standards for excellence extend to tennis. Their advanced bet slip is perfect for even the greenest tennis punters because they make everything so easy for you to capitalise on making wagers. Netbet also has a combined bonus available for the type of bet you place. The larger the bet, the greater percentage you can win back as a bonus. It works for bets for the whole match, first set winner, and set betting. They also have the statistics you need to compare each match available right at your fingertips.


Betsafe has a no-nonsense attitude which has given its own stake within the crowded sports betting market with its sponsorship of Manchester City giving it a significant added value component for Man City supporters. While Betsafe’s tennis market focuses on ATP, WTA, Challengers, and the Davis/Fed Cup competitions, the day of our research showed that the biggest opportunities were on the WTA side with nearly five times as many opportunities when compared to ATP (125 to 36). They also show you the odds for the most popular pre-match and live sports. And with information from Stats24, you’ll have plenty of room for betting odds comparison online. Unfortunately, there was no special promotion available for tennis at the time of our research.


10bet stands out in our tennis odds comparison, perfect for diversifying your bookmaker portfolio when thinking about tennis betting. When looking at the tennis tab, you’re able to sort the bets not only by events but also by bet type. It helps you be organised. You can bet on winner full time, handicap games, over/under for games, the total games in the first and second sets, handicap sets, winner second set, over/under first set, the exact score on the first and second set, tie breakers in a match, and outright bets. They also indicate which ones are live as well as general sports bonuses that you can use to your advantage for tennis but there are not any special tennis-only promotions. There are, however, options for cash out and partial cash out.


If you want peace of mind when placing ACCA bets, then Coral’s calling your name. They’ve got insurance on tennis accumulators. For any 5 fold or greater accumulator on any bet in the tennis market, you’ll stake will get refunded to you as a bet worth up to £25. Multiple bets unfortunately don’t count but there’s definitely some nice incentive for bets of odds of at least 1/9 or (1.11). They break down all the bets based on type in the interface, which is definitely helpful. The live-play options and user-friendly web and mobile make it easy for you to go all in.

Sun Bets:

Sunbets is a brand-new player out there, only commencing operations in August of this year. For avid readers of The Sun tabloid, the newspaper has leant its brand name and has chosen an Australian operator to run it on their behalf. It’s the fastest growing in the UK. Even as a young bet maker, they’ve got a lot of options for tennis bets. This new guy in town is certainly worth a shot!

Where can I use my knowledge of the best tennis odds and place wagers?

The tennis market has a lot of intricacies because there are many ways to place bets and obtain winnings. First, it’s important to sort out the primary tennis markets. Generally, it’s most common for people to bet based on the tournaments and then the final result of a match. So this would mean you could bet on Andy Murray winning Wimbledon and then within Wimbledon you could bet that Murray will win in straight sets against Stan Wawrinka or 3 sets to 1. You can even bet on the number of games will be played throughout the course of a match!

When you’ve got a handicap in the tennis market, the idea is that in a matchup, you’ll have two players with the one who would be at a slight disadvantage having an advantage over the stronger one of a few games. The whole point of this is for players to have an essential parity, and ideally the odds for both players should be even odds(2.0). Then, when it’s time for the bet to be settled, the number of games each player wins gets added up with the handicap then being the deciding factor when determining a winner.

Statistics are a tennis punter’s best friend: Knowledge is power

Tennis is a fantastic sport for statistically-minded punters because there’s so much ready-made information available. One critical market would be head-to-heads (H2H) because you’ll be able to see your favourite player’s record against a certain player. However, keep in mind that you want to look at recent matches because tennis players’ games are constantly evolving. A match from 7 years ago may not be the best determinant when choosing who to favour in a bet because a player may have improved or alternatively experienced a huge regression in play that could imply imminent retirement. A great pro-tip is to follow player stats and take the time to compare tennis odds accordingly.

Another feature to look at is the surface for a particular match or tournament; one of the peculiarities of the game is the variety of surfaces on which it can be played. The conditions of the game vary widely on clay courts from grass and from hard courts to indoor. For example, we all know that Rafael Nadal is particularly skilled on clay because the majority of his grand slam tournament wins have been on the clay at Roland Garros. In contrast, Andy Murray won his first Olympic gold medal and first major title on the grass at Wimbledon. So if Murray and Nadal are going head-to-head at the French Open we would assume that Nadal would have the upper-hand on clay.

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Conclusion: Take the time to compare tennis betting odds

Tennis, while maybe lacking the glamour of football and horse racing, is one of the most popular markets out there in sports betting. The intricacies related to the statistical study are truly gratifying for punters who feel empowered by a wealth of knowledge, giving you plenty of material to practise handicapping. Since the best sports betting strategy includes having a diverse portfolio, many of the bookies you may already use have ample tennis sections to whet your appetite, including Ladbrokes, Netbet (one of our personal favourites), Bwin, and Paddy Power. Our tennis betting odds comparison has shown that there’s no shortage of sites to place your wagers and be on the road to winning off the careers of the greatest tennis players of all time! So there you have it, the best tennis betting odds of 2017 explained.