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The Tote (Tote Ireland) is owned by Horse Racing Ireland and is monitored by the Gaming Commission in the UK. They offer tote bets on horse racing and greyhound racing throughout Ireland and the UK, the latter being incorporated in 2008. Online betting with the Tote has been available since 2005, but Tote betting has existed in one form or another since 1930 in Ireland.

Over the years there have been many jackpot wins, and these are usually shared by multiple people. However, in 1988 a single winner was lucky enough to scoop €207,000 in Leopardstown making them the largest single winner in Irish Tote history.

The Tote are no longer offering a special bonus with us. Instead, we really think you should check out Betway’s awesome bonus.

As well as horse and greyhound bets that have earned them acclaim at most betting odds comparison websites, the site also offers the chance to win on the football pools with various markets being offered for selecting the correct score.

Below you’ll find the Tote deposit bonus terms explained in great detail, as well as a little bit about betting strategies to get you started.

TheTote Bonus details:

Bonus sum: €100
Bonus type: Free bets
Example: New customers must make ten bets to qualify
Revenue (rollover): Ten bets needed
Minimum quota:
min. deposit: €10
max. time: €100
Payable: Nein
T&Cs Apply, 18+

The Tote deposit bonus:All terms and conditions explained

Tote deposit bonus terms explained

The Tote deposit bonus offers you a respectable €100 back subject to meeting the bonus terms and conditions, making it a great choice for beginners. This is a bit of a complicated deal, though, so be sure to read through our Tote sign up bonus guide carefully to make sure that you don’t miss out on all this free cash.

How to claim the The Tote Bonus:

  • Up to €100 given back as free bets
  • No Tote bonus code is required
  • Minimum first deposit of €10
  • 10 bets have to be completed to get the full amount of €100
  • Bet €60 in any of first 4 weeks to get additional weekly bonuses
  • Open to new accounts only
  • Limited time offer
Visit The Tote and get the bonus now

First deposit:Making your first deposit with the Tote

Before placing a deposit with the Tote it is important to understand a little bit about their deposit process to make sure the site is right for you. Signing up is simple – just fill in an online form or make a quick telephone call to set up your account. After this you can make your deposit by either cash or cheque through the post or deposit using the phone or online banking system with a credit or a debit card. Transfers to your account are instant by phone and online methods, but the postal method is the slowest of the three taking several days to process. The bookie also has their own Tote app which you can use to make deposits and place bets. There are no betting limits on the site.

Current Tote Promo code & signup bonus:Requirements for activation

You’ll be pleased to know that no Tote bonus code is required to get the bonus. After all, the Tote realises how easy it is to type the wrong character in and ruin the whole deal. Read on to have the whole Tote bonus explained.

In order to get your bonus you need to sign up either on the site or by telephone to get started. Here you’ll be asked some personal data questions and will receive an email confirmation of your account.

The bonus is split up over three qualifying sections:

Firstly, you need to make a minimum deposit of €10 to qualify for the Tote sign up bonus. After this is deposited into your account you’ll immediately receive €10 to your kitty to spend how you wish.

After this you need to place another nine bets to receive up to €40 back. Again, these can be spent however you like but unlike the first part of this Tote deposit bonus the amount awarded to you is calculated as an average of the ten bets you’ve placed. So if your first bet was €10 and so were the other nine you’ll receive €10 back as a bonus. You would need to spend €400 over 10 bets to get the maximum bonus of €40.

Spend a minimum of €60 during one week of the first four weeks using the site and you’ll be given a recurring bonus of €12.50. If you do this every week for the first four weeks you’ll net €50, bringing the maximum Tote sign up bonus to €100.

Bonus terms and conditions for the Tote bonus code

  1. Name: "100% first deposit bonus".
  2. Bonus type: New customer bonus for first deposits.
  3. Maximum bonus amount:  €100.
  4. Able to be cashed out: Yes.
  5. Betting requirement:
  6. Minimum odds:
  7. Bonus code: No Tote bonus code needed.

Our Verdict of TheTote:The Tote bonus

Our Review of: TheTote
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Other bonuses: Any other options?

There are often other bonuses offered on site and these vary from Tote bonus code rewards to free bets if you spend on a certain market. One way of taking advantage of the various bonuses is to sign up for Tote VIP Club which can offer you the chance to get money back on wagers, collect racing tickets and take advantage of Tote bonus codes and Tote deposit bonuses. Entry to the Tote VIP Club is subject to status and you would need to apply via email to ask for further information. Each individual application is looked at separately considering their past wagers and other account management issues. You are likely to have to be a long-term user of the site to be considered, but the rewards can be huge for the right person.

The review of the Tote bonus

The Tote is one of the oldest racing markets in Ireland and the bookmaker has a great reputation when it comes to reliability and security. It comes as no surprise then that the bonus offered on site is a generous one with few terms and conditions to be met to be given the Tote deposit bonus. Another huge benefit is the fact that no Tote bonus codes are required to sign up, leaving you free from slip-ups caused by typos. Wagering requirements seem fair, although there are much bigger bonuses around there with less red tape to get through to be awarded your free cash. Still the lack of Tote bonus code is a huge boost.

After your initial deposit is placed there is no need to go through with the rest of the bonus requirements if you wish and you’ll still double your investment of €10 with the free €10 offered on sign up. We’re assuming there will also be a play through requirement before you can cash your bonus out but there is no information on the site to confirm or deny this. Do make sure that you check with the bookie before signing up. The sign up bonus after this is pretty impressive if you’re going to use the site on a regular basis. Make ten bets and you’ll receive the average of your bets back, so use this wisely and combine with the €60 a week for four week deposit option if your funds allow to maximise your free cash.

Be sure to check out the best free bet offers by checking out our reviews of the best sports betting bonuses to make sure that this is the right option for you. Go to TheTote and open your account

Expert tips for the Tote Bonus

While unlocking the bonuses on offer at the Tote can seem like a bit of a challenge without sensible betting strategies, we feel that they are more than worth the effort put in to glean the most out of them. Here is some advice to help you get sorted when it comes to making the most of your free cash:

1. Know your market

It may be tempting to use your free money to splurge on race meetings you’ve never been to because you fancy the odds of a certain tote bet, but this is enough to make even the most dedicated of bettors lose their cash quick! By researching your markets and the runners and riders you can get a real perspective on which horses or greyhounds would be best to place a wager on and increase your chances of romping home with a winner. This also applies to football too. If you’re not a great fan of the sport, then why take a punt on a pools bet on teams that you don’t know? Total madness, we say!

2. Check and maintain results

Keeping a track of the results of your bets is one of the biggest bits of advice we can offer you to spot any patterns and trends in winners and losers. There are a couple of ways you can do this. The first option is to take advantage of results sites to check the outcome of races or football matches. The downside of this is that you don’t have the option of displaying all of the results on one screen to follow the patterns effectively, so a pen and notepad would be a useful addition in this circumstance.

Alternatively, you can keep track of your bets using specialised software or even an Excel spreadsheet to give you a better idea of your successes (or failures). By having your bets laid out visually you may be able to determine a betting strategy for you and quickly pinpoint where your betting choices are letting you down.

3. Utilise maths to increase your free betting options

If you’ve been playing on a bookies site a while it is generally easier to gain free bets through loyal service, particularly if you are part of a VIP scheme that rewards you for your loyalty. Each of these free bets or deposit bonuses will have their own terms and conditions, and sometimes you need to wade through a lot of information to find out how to maximise your profit. Take for example our offer mentioned above. It was set out in three parts, a €10 first deposit bonus, a bonus calculated from the average of your first ten bets and a €12.50 bonus offered each week for the first four weeks of depositing provided you meet €60 deposit requirements per week.

With multiple reward bonuses like these the aim is to engage as many of them as possible while getting the best return possible. To gain the maximum bonus of €100 you would have to deposit €400, meaning a return ratio of 20%. However, by lowering the amount deposited you land a better return. Let’s take a look:

  1. €10 is awarded on first deposit of €10 or more. Deposit €60 here to meet your first week’s deposit bonus of €12.50.
  2. Add another €60 to your account for the next three weeks to gain the maximum of €50 bonus here (3 more x €12.50). This amount must be spent to get the bonus.
  3. In the first week your balance will be €70. Divide your bets evenly, betting €23 on three bets this week. The next week you will have your remaining €1 (hopefully more) as well as your €60 deposit and a further €12.50, bringing your total to €73.50. This week you place three bets of €24.50. The next week you deposit €60 and receive your €12.50 for betting a minimum of €60, bringing your total to €72.50. Split this amount in half for two bets at €36.00 each.

The remaining 50c sits in the account for the final week. On week four you’ll receive another €12.50 and add €60 to your account. With the remaining 50c this brings your total to €73. Again, this should be divided by two to meet the 10 bet requirement for the Tote bonus of €40. The two bets will be €36.50 each. The following week you will receive €12.50 as a bonus.

  • Following this betting pattern you will have deposited €240 in total.
  • You will receive €10 for signing up.
  • You will also receive €12.50 x 4 for meeting the €60 a week betting requirements.
  • You will be awarded €28.70 as the average of the 10 bet requirement. This will give you a return ratio of 36.9% on your initial investment. Almost double what you would get if you aimed for the maximum €100.

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