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Here at OpenOdds, we want to provide you with the very best football insights to assist your betting efforts. That’s why we have launched a new feature to our site: football betting tips. Our football betting tips will cover a broad range of subjects, so you can obtain the insight you need to place the most well-informed bets possible. We’ll be covering football matches from the top leagues, including the Premier League, the Championship, and the SPL, in great detail, with a simple guide to the forthcoming match – and where the best bets may lie. Our tips will be packed to the brim with everything you need to know about a forthcoming match, and we’ll dig deep into the details to identify areas of interest for every single fixture.

Wett Tipp & Prognose CA Osasuna vs. Real | 09.02.2020

Wett Tipps für das La Liga Spiel CA Osasuna gegen Real Der 23. La Liga-Spieltag beschert uns die Partie zwischen CA Osasuna und Real Madrid. In trifft 11. Platzierte Osasuna am kommenden Sonn [...]

Wett Tipp & Prognose Gladbach vs. FC Köln | 09.02.2020

Wett Tipps für das Bundesliga Spiel Gladbach gegen FC Köln Zu Gast beim Anwärter auf einen Platz in Europa, Borussia Mönchengladbach in BORUSSIA-PARK ist nächsten Sonntag um 15:30 Uhr der [...]

Wett Tipp & Prognose Parma vs. Lazio | 09.02.2020

Wett Tipps für das Serie A Spiel Parma gegen Lazio Eine Partie dieses 23. Spieltags der Serie A ist die zwischen Parma Calcio und Lazio Rom. Auswärtsstark Lazio gastiert bei dem 7. Platziert [...]

Wett Tipp & Prognose Genua vs. Cagliari | 09.02.2020

Wett Tipps für das Serie A Spiel Genua gegen Cagliari Eine Partie dieses 23. Spieltags der Serie A ist die zwischen CFC Genua und Cagliari Calcio. Am nächsten Sonntag um 15:00 Uhr empfängt [...]

Wett Tipp & Prognose Betis Sevilla vs. Barça | 09.02.2020

Wett Tipps für das La Liga Spiel Betis Sevilla gegen Barça Die Begegnung zwischen Betis Sevilla und dem FC Barcelona findet am 23. Spieltag der La Liga Saison statt. Am kommenden Sonntag um [...]

Wett Tipp & Prognose Inter vs. Mailand | 09.02.2020

Wett Tipps für das Serie A Spiel Inter gegen Mailand Milan aktuell mit 32 Punkten auf Platz 8 der Tabelle steht, gastiert bei heimstark Internazionale. In Giuseppe Meazza in Milano wird diese [...]

Wett Tipp & Prognose Napoli vs. Lecce | 09.02.2020

Wett Tipps für das Serie A Spiel Napoli gegen Lecce In Napoli trifft 10. Platzierte Napoli am nächsten Sonntag um 15:00 Uhr auf das Lecce, das aktuell mit 19 Punkten auf Platz 17 der Tabelle [...]

Wett Tipp & Prognose Man City vs. West Ham | 09.02.2020

Wett Tipps für das Premier League Spiel Man City gegen West Ham Der 26. Premier League-Spieltag beschert uns die Partie zwischen Manchester City und West Ham United. Am nächsten Sonntag um 1 [...]

Wett Tipp & Prognose Bayern vs. Leipzig | 09.02.2020

Wett Tipps für das Bundesliga Spiel Bayern gegen Leipzig Die Begegnung zwischen dem FCB und RB findet am 21. Spieltag der der 1. Bundesliga Saison statt. Am nächsten Sonntag um 18:00 Uhr emp [...]

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What to expect with our betting tips

Our betting tips focus solely on one match per tip, so there’s no room for confusion. Every tip is created individually, with bespoke information that is important for the match in question only. There’s no mass production here: just a team of dedicated football writers who track the latest goings on and custom-create each tip, and the chosen featured bet, for each individual fixture.

Our tips start with the basics: the statistics. We’ll provide you with all of the pertinent information required to enjoy the match if you’re planning to watch or bet in-play; when it’s being played, the host stadium, and the time for kick off. For European fixtures, we’ll keep it simple and ensure the kick off time is always converted to the UK timezone.

From there, we’ll dive into the depths of the match and the teams playing in it. We’ll analyse the recent performances of both teams, noting both areas of strength and those in need of improvement. As well as looking into the individual teams, we’ll look at how they may interact, what they have in common, and where there may be potential mismatches. All of this is vital to understanding how a game may proceed, and our writers have a unique footballing insight to allow us to provide the analysis that our readers require.

From there, we’ll provide you with a single recommended betting tip. This is the star of the show; the tip that we think is the most likely to produce results. While we can’t predict the future, we’ll leverage all of our knowledge to select a tip that we think is the most likely to produce a positive result should you choose to bet on it. Sometimes the tip we’ll be simple: a basic match winner, for example. At other times, we’ll dig into the supplemental markets, dabbling with First Goalscorers, whether both teams will score, or even predicting the scoreline. Whatever the chosen tip is, we’ll go into detail regarding why we have made the decision to feature that tip, and we’ll even provide a recommendation of where you should bet if you follow our logic and wish to have a punt.

Finally, we’ll also draw your attention to two major players – one for each team – to further advance your betting. While it may be true that a single player can’t influence the outcome of a match, there’s no doubt that a star, noteworthy performer is usually well worth factoring into your betting decisions. We’ll tell you who to look out for, why we feel they may be influential, and introduce any factors – such as injury – that may be influencing the part they will play in the forthcoming game.

All of this information is compiled together into a single, easy-to-read tip. You can use the information and statistics we’ll compile to influence your own betting choices, or follow along with our recommended tip if you think we might be onto something. Either way, we hope that our betting tips will provide advanced guidance to each forthcoming match, so you can be sure you’re placing your football bets with as much information as possible behind each decision.

What matches will be covered by the OpenOdds betting tips?

Our betting tips will focus on the major leagues that football fans in the UK care about: the Premier League, the Scottish Premier League, and even the Championship on occasion. Furthermore, when it’s time to switch attention to the Champions League, we’ll be right there covering the European fixtures too. We’ll provide coverage of the most important and eye-catching events every single week, so you will always be able to obtain the best possible insight when placing your bets.

Compiled by experts

Our betting tips are compiled by football experts. We know the beautiful game, and we use our experience and knowledge to write every tip. Our writers are familiar with every team they write about; they know the ins, the outs, the upcoming news, and any additional factors that may influence a team during their performance. Are there rumours of discontent in the dressing room? Is the club on a shaky financial foundation? Our writers will be up-to-date on all the latest developments, and will factor this information into the tips they provide.

There’s no favouritism with our betting tips. We’ll focus purely on the facts and what you need to know to place the best possible bets. At OpenOdds, we put your betting experience at the front and centre of our focus, so you can always be sure of impartial, clear information that you can then use to enhance your own betting choices.

Visit OpenOdds.com for all the latest betting tips!

We’ll be publishing a number of betting tips every single week, come rain or shine, to assist you with your football betting. We publish throughout the week, so there will always be something new to catch your eye – check back frequently to read our exclusive guides into the week’s biggest fixtures, along with our expert tips on the most interesting bets for the forthcoming weekend of football.

Simply put, the OpenOdds free betting tips seek to prevent complex information in the simplest, most digestible way possible. We’ll be providing them every week, for free, for the biggest fixtures on the football calendar. What more could you ask for?

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