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Last updated & tested: 2019-11-17

As a relatively new addition to the fascinating world of sports betting, Titanbet has spent the past 6 years establishing itself as one of the best online bookmakers. Titanbet, which first went online in 2010, was formed by Playtech plc, the world’s largest online gaming software developer. As well as offering sports betting and a Titanbet bonus, Titan account holders will have access to additional gaming products, namely Titan Poker, Titan casino, Macau asian gaming, live casino and bingo.

The company structure is, compared to other bookmakers, rather confusing. The running company Imperial E-Club Limited has its headquarters in the Philippines, but Titanbet is operating with a betting license from Cyprus. This is exactly why Titanbet starts off with a substantial handicap among customers who are sensitive about data and legal security. This is just one of the many reasons why our OpenOdds team took a much closer look at this rather interesting bookmaker, since we wanted to give those of you in our OpenOdds community a clearer picture of our Titanbet experiences.

The results of the OpenOdds Titanbet sportsbook review

The strong emphasis on user-friendliness, transparency and clear information makes this relatively new bookie very interesting for sports betting novices. Our Titanbet experiences were solid, there were no signs of a scam, customer service was strong, and there have been significant improvements in direct response to customer complaints in regards to accessibility, coherence and in-play technology.

On our last Openodds Titanbet review, we awarded a Titanbet rating of 68 out of a possible 100 points, putting it in one of the last places in our review table. Now, however, we must give credit to Titanbet for listening to feedback and making some very necessary improvements to the Titanbet bonus, market coverage, in-play options and merging with Titanbet casino playing options. Now, here at OpenOdds we acknowledge that Titanbet is no longer the new kid on the block, but rather among the best online bookmakers, which we are happy to recommend. We now give Titanbet 75 points out of a possible 100.

Titanbet review: The detailed OpenOdds operator rating breakdown

All of our bookmaker reviews contain the same 10 detailed categories, and the Titanbet review is no exception:

01.Bonuses: Updated welcome bonuses to rival their competition

Titanbet now offers a 100% welcome bonus up to £200 for new users. In the past, the bookie’s welcome offers left a lot to be desired, so this is a positive step in the right direction for this bookmaker. To qualify for your bonus your first deposit must be £10 or more for odds of 2.0 or higher. As with many deposit-matching welcome bonus offers, you must use your entire deposit and bonus on 8 bets. The minimum odds for these bets must be 2.0 and maximum odds of 10/1. Only once you have bet all of your initial balance can you withdraw your winnings. For more in-depth information on this bonus, read OpenOdds’ Titanbet bonus review.

For existing customers, there are several interesting bonus specials offered which are always linked to specific sports types or betting variations. If this is your betting style as far as sports bets are concerned, then there are definitely many cash backs and sports betting bonuses to be had at Titanbet.

02.Customer services:Professional and free but not the most efficient

An excellent and, above all, free customer support service is a good basis for a new bookmaker in order to steadily gain and maintain existing customers. At Titanbet, according to our experiences, they are doing it right. Customer support is available over the phone using the free-of-charge hotline number (0800-327-7261) from the U.K. from 8:00 a.m. to 0:00 a.m. GMT. Titanbet can also be reached via email at [email protected] Titanbet features a postal address for customer service but it is located in the Philippines, which seems a little inconvenient and time-consuming.

03.Sports covered: As far as bet offers go, Titanbet is off to a good start.

One thing becomes clear quickly on the Titanbet website: this relatively unknown sportsbook is getting down to business as far as betting offers are concerned. They have marketed themselves well as a prime platform for football bets. Other sports markets have not been left by the wayside however. It is possible to place over 8,000 bet variations for more than 20 different sports types during high season. All in all, Titanbet is able to fulfill all of the important review criteria for bet offers putting them in good stead to compete with the top dogs in sports betting.

The football focus is justified and covers football nations at least to the third leagues. Another focus, even within live bets, is on tennis. Titanbet was also able to gain additional points for its U.S. sports types (American Football, baseball & basketball), but only for the quantity because there are no interesting special bets to be found here. Titanbet’s offer is rounded off with English sports classics such as cricket, Rugby League, Rugby Union, snooker and darts.

04.Payment methods:A large number of payment options with clear instructions

After our initial criticism of the way in which Titanbet displayed their payment conditions, adopting an “it’s better to add more to the offer, than lose a customer due to not having their favourite payment method” mentality, we now must swallow our words.

Of course, a large number of deposit payment options is a good thing; previously, however, it was too confusing. Fortunately, Titanbet has responded well to customer criticism, now offering a clear visual of the pros and cons of each payment method, including currencies and payment time. There is also an additional mobile payment option. All deposit options are free of charge.

05.Security:Titanbet is professional but could do better.

Is Titanbet safe? Yes, according to our Titanbet reviews, this newcomer among bookmakers is professional and fairly secure. Fortunately, there is absolutely no sign of a scam, however there are some issues. The customer information on the website pertaining to “Privacy & Security" is an aspect which Titanbet needs to rethink. A clear and understandable introduction is followed by endless legal jargon without any explanations. Other bookmakers are more sensitive concerning the difficult topic of “responsible gaming". Titanbet adheres to the minimum standards of the industry as far as data protection and security are concerned, but simply mentioning the application of SSL is, for us at the OpenOdds team, not enough to start betting care-free with Titanbet.

06.Betting odds:Initial improvements are noticeable

The betting odds available at Titanbet have been, until now, only rather average according to betting odds comparisons. The distance between them and the absolute top bookmakers was quite large indeed. Our latest Titanbet experiences are showing that this newcomer bookmaker has taken the criticism towards its betting odds and odds key seriously and are currently adapting to the benefit of their users. This development shows the committment of Titanbet to their users. They have a presence on the online sports betting review boards and have heard the opinions of real users like you. Now Titanbet offers much better odds on all of their great markets. But don’t take our word for it, check out the odds for yourself and see how much they’ve improved.

07.User-friendliness:Slick design and available in more languages now

Titanbet’s website is presented in luxurious black and has a very slick, modern look. Reorganization of the website since its initial launch has really boosted user-friendliness. There is also a comprehensive betting dictionary to be found at Titanbet. The simple design is directed towards novices and the usability (user-friendliness) is good however experienced sports bettors who can navigate complex bookmaker websites such as Ladbrokes or Pinnacle Sports with ease may not be thrilled by such simplicity. Previously, the Titanbet web portal was only available in four languages: English, German, Spanish and Russian; now, however, Italian and French have been added to the mix.

08.In-play product:Major improvements have been made since last review

From the get go, Titanbet recognized the importance of incorporating the growing trend of in-play options in their business plan. As is to be expected, their in-play options upon initial launch left a lot to be desired, especially for veteran live bettors. Fortunately, in the past 6 years, a great number of improvements have been added to the in-play service, including a greater number of markets including volleyball and golf, interactive features such as dynamic odds and score updates as well as huge improvements to the interface design. They have maintained their display of running game times and visible starting times of upcoming games, which is something we really liked from the initial prototype.

09.Other products:Macau, live casino and bingo

Since the integration of Titanpoker, the previously more lucrative business section of the Titan group, the reputation of Titanbet as an all-around betting service has gained momentum. Now with the latest addition of Macau Asian gaming options, the appeal of the Titan group continues to grow. New customers to Macau are rewarded with a very generous welcome bonus of up to £400.

The Titanbet app is also worth a mention here, adopting the same slick layout as the website and also incorporating mobile payment options to speed up the betting process. How does the Titanbet app work? It’s simple: all their betting options are in one place (including pre-event and in-play options), divided into clear categories. With exclusive mobile betting promos and availability on iPhone and Android, Titanbet is really stepping up its game to stay on top of the latest betting apps technology.

10.Betting limits: Novice-friendly, but there is no strict risk management

Within the fine print of Titanbet, one can quickly find that the maximum daily cash-out amount for a bet is €50,000. This is not bad for a bookmaker who has only just recently come into the market, but now it’s beginning to look rather on the low side. Within this earnings limit, the original bet deposit is not included. Titanbet is also intentionally novice-friendly with the minimum required bet amount starting at €0.10/£0.10. As far as the maximum bet amount is concerned, this cannot be named—the individual bet limits depend on the sports types and the bet type itself. Just like with many other bookmakers, it is also possible to raise the bet limit in individual cases but only through direct communication with Titanbet.

Titanbet Opinions & Experiences of users

feedbackThis was our Titanbet sportsbook review! Do you agree with our evaluation of this bookmaker? Or do you have a different answer to the burning question as to whether or not Titanbet is a professional and safe bookie? Maybe you have made your own Titanbet review and have come to the conclusion that the offer provided is no good? It does not matter what type of experiences you have had, give us your opinion of this or any other sportsbook! Please let the vast sports bettor community share your wisdom by leaving your own Titanbet reviews!

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