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Why Betting Online Is Better Than Betting In-store

Zuletzt aktualisiert & geprüft: 14.09.2021

There is little doubt that the online revolution has given us all a much easier way to place a bet than ever before. Thanks to digital technologies, we can now make a wager with just a click of a button and enjoy a huge variety of online betting offers from a seemingly limitless selection of bookmakers on the net. But despite the popularity of online bookmakers, it seems that there are still many punters who prefer to head to their high street bookie to place a bet.

So here is a quick rundown of all of the main reasons why online betting is far superior to its in-store counterpart.

Greater choice of bookmakers

Online bookies

Whilst the average UK high street will probably have a couple of recognisable bookies, you are faced with a much bigger choice when you head into the online domain.

There are literally hundreds of online bookmakers that are ready and willing to take your sports bets.

From recognised high street brands like William Hill and Ladbrokes who have entered the online realm, to innovative new online companies like Betway, it seems as though this huge choice has benefitted the consumer dramatically.

As online bookies don’t have to cover the costs of overheads like having a physical location, it means that they can afford to be much more generous with their odds. And regardless of whether you are into volleyball, greyhound racing, or esports, you are sure to find a bookie who specialises in your favourite sport.

Thankfully the majority of these online bookies are all regulated by recognised industry watchdogs like the UK Gambling Commission and they endeavour to provide you with a safe place to make your bets.

Although most online bookmakers provide you with a similar selection of betting markets to wager on, they like to deliver a wide range of varying betting sign up offers.

So be sure to check our OpenOdds guide to betting sites with new customer offers to see how you can take advantage of this dynamic and competitive market.

Bigger selection of betting markets

Sports betting markets

If you click on any online bookmaker’s website, then the chances are that you are going to be faced with a seemingly limitless selection of betting markets.

Most online bookies tend to cover the most popular sports like horse racing, football, tennis, rugby and cricket. But it’s amazing to find that even the smallest online bookmaker now includes bets on niche sports like bowls, handball and even political betting.

And the great thing is that you can take your time in researching your bets on a computer, rather than feeling intimidated and rushed in a traditional high street bookie.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a bet on a football match or an athletic event, all online bookmakers are able to gather vast selection of betting markets for that individual sporting occasion.

In addition to this, most bookies also include some great live betting options on most sports, so that you can take a last minute bet on Russian football, or even Australian cricket in way that is unthinkable in a high street bookie.

And with many online bookies being keen to accompany this massive range of betting markets with plenty of exciting free bet offers, it shows us that the digital revolution has greatly increased our choice of sports bets.

Unbeatable online betting offers

Many traditional high street bookies have already introduced some decent odds boosts and accumulator deals for their loyal betting fans.

But these pale in comparison to the seemingly limitless selection of betting offers UK customers are faced with if they go online.

From sports betting sign up offers, to extra bets for existing customers, it seems that all online bookmakers love to attract new punters through evermore generous deals.

Whilst it can often be confusing to find the best deals around, betting resources like OpenOdds have made it easy to find the best free sign up bets so that we can all take a risk-free bet with a new sportsbook.

As a result, you can easily shop around to find which online bookie can give you a decent promotion regarding your chosen sport.

Whether it’s a best odds guaranteed deal for horse racing, or even a betting sign up offer for football fans, there’s always something exciting out there in the online domain.

And seeing as brands like Ladbrokes even allow you to conjure up your own bets just by sending the bookie a tweet, it shows just how flexible online betting has become.

Bet whenever you want, wherever you want

Mobile betting

Whilst all of these online betting offers and betting markets are undeniably impressive, it’s nothing compared to the sheer convenience of taking a bet online.

The fact that you can use a betting app from your smartphone and bet on any of hundreds of sporting events taking place around the world in real-time is something that still feels remarkably futuristic.

Rather than having to wait for a high street bookmaker to open, you can place a bet on a mobile or computer no matter what time of day it is.

So whether it’s betting on Premier League football from the comfort of your sofa, or even wagering on the Grand National whilst sunbathing on the beach, it seems that our betting options are more convenient than ever before.

Lots of fun extras

And finally, when was the last time that you went into a high street bookie and played a few games of roulette?

Most online sportsbooks now include some great casino gaming options that can see you spinning the slots, laying down a few hands of blackjack, or even playing bingo from your mobile device.

All of these gaming options are a few fun ways to enjoy gambling whilst waiting for the next big sporting event to happen. And as most web-based sportsbooks now include online betting offers for their casino games, it means that we can enjoy a boost in our profits with these too!

Too many good offers?