William Hill Bonus 2020 – All infos for Sign Up Offer & Welcome Bonus

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William Hill has been in the betting game since 1934, when it was offering services before they were legalised in 1961. As William Hill entered a new era of bookmaking, it grew over the decades to become the country’s largest. There are still over 200,000 retail shops and the company has had an online presence since 1998.

This British bookmaker is up there with some of the best UK sports betting sites, ranking in at number 2. For those true punters who focus on football, you’ll be glad to know that 60% of this bookie’s revenue comes from football, so you’ll have plenty of lines and markets to choose from. You also have a choice of apps for iOS and Android to complement the computer and retail channels of the brand.

William Hill has its online business based in Gibraltar and has a licence from the Gambling Commission for you to be able to bet from the UK (003-039225 R-319373-001). It is also regulated by all respective Gibraltarian authorities related to betting and gambling. As a registered Independent Betting Adjudication Service member, you can be assured that all auditing measures are done in the utmost quality. It also participates in organisations charged with responsible betting. But what is the true testament to its reputation is that William Hill is listed on the FTSE 250 stock exchange in London.

We also have to mention the fact that William Hill have also put on a great promotional offer for the upcoming 2018 World Cup. This awesome offer means that you can get an extra £5 bet for the World Cup, just by wagering £10 on the upcoming Champions League final. In order to make a successful qualifying bet, you will need to wager at least £10 on any of the single bet odds for the Champions League final that are 1.50 or more. So that whether you are backing Liverpool or Real Madrid, with cash out options available, you could easily get a nice betting bonus for the 2018 World Cup. Just remember that you won’t receive your extra bets until 14 June, and that your extra betting stake won’t be included in your winnings. However, you can use the extra bets on any of the pre-match or in-play bets for the World Cup at the William Hill site before 18 June. T&C apply, 18+.

Below you’ll find all of the William Hill deposit bonus terms explained in detail. For an in depth review of this British bookmaker, read OpenOdds’ William Hill review.

The William Hill deposit bonus:Are free bets given with the William Hill bonus?

The Bet £10 Get £20 as a free bet bonus consists in the users, when signing up for a William Hill account, entering the F20 bonus code. In order to get the William Hill deposit bonus, you need to deposit £10, and after that is done the bonus consists in receiving £20 in the form of two £10 bets. You then have 30 days to use the free bets, so you can’t dawdle and hold onto it for too long. Otherwise you’ll miss out on the deal.

Terms and conditions apply.

William Hill Bonus Code and Deposit Bonus Terms Explained: Are free bets given with the William Hill bonus?

bonusThe bonus is only activated when you sign up for a new account and enter the P30 bonus code. That’s the first step to activate the deal and your William Hill promo code can uncover plenty of betting fun. The first bet has to have a minimum stake of £10 and the single/cumulative odds for that bet has to be of 1.5 in decimal odds or 1/2 in fractional odds or higher. Once that’s done, the next thing you need to do is wait for the bonus, in the form of two bets worth £15 each, for a total bonus of £30 to arrive in your bet slip. While you can place the qualifying bet and the subsequent bonus bets on any bet type you want, there’s an important caveat to know if you’re going to use the each way bets available on William Hill. For each way bets, only the win portion of your bet counts. As such, a £5 E/W bet wouldn’t activate the bonus, but a £10 E/W bet would.

Now, even if you can use the bet on all bet types, you’re NOT able to use the free bets to contribute to tote, lottery, or pool bets. Bets also have to be used in their entirety; no partial redeeming allowed. As for other pesky details, there are two more that may be cumbersome for some users. The first is that the qualifying bets need to come from the punter’s account balance that is funded from the money you deposit into the account. And the other is when the winnings actually come to you; the value of the free bets won’t be returned to you as part of your winnings. However, the profit potential for the winnings you can get from those free bets is far greater than the £30 in bonus bets that consist in the bonus. So whilst it isn’t a William Hill no deposit bonus, it’s still a pretty good deal. And of course, remember that this bonus is only applicable for sportsbooks only, and not for the other offerings available on William Hill. Have fun placing sports bets with William Hill and the William Hill bonus code!

For all participation details, refer to William Hill’s Bonus T&Cs.

5 expert tips for the William Hill bonus:Learn from the experts and trust these five handy tips!

Even after having all of the William Hill deposit bonus terms explained to you in detail, you might find it hard to process the money. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the William Hill sign up bonus.

1.Over 1.5 goals football betting strategy:

This football strategy only applies to bet-in-play matches but we think this is a reliable strategy for placing wagers later on in a football match. What exactly does “over 1.5 goals” mean? It just means that at least 2 goals need to be scored throughout the course of a particular match. During live football games, the over 1.5 goals odds tend to rise quickly towards the beginning; the key is to wait until the perfect time. Do not place your bet during the first 30-40 minutes of the game because if you are watching a match and no goals are scored, the odds are going to increase, and with those increased odds, your possible profits decrease. If the game is a good contender for the strategy, place your bet around halftime. Once that first goal is scored, the odds will go back down and you can cash in your bet on William Hill. However, if there’s an early goal in the game, then don’t even bother pursuing this strategy.

2.Smart prop betting:

While prop bets are generally driven based on the public vision and could be written off as bets for suckers, if done smartly, it doesn’t have to be the case. A prop bet, or proposition bet, is a wager that instead of being on the entire outcome of a sports matchup, but instead place on a very specific outcome of a particular game. This is a strategy that could be useful for those who research specific statistics as they handicap players. Because since bookmakers don’t have the time to really dig deep into details, a pretty penny can be made. That’s because you’ll be able to identify the discrepancies between what’s out there on a bookie’s site than what is actually in the details.

3.Handicap personnel moves:

All of the world’s big-ticket sports leagues are revolving doors for many of the world’s richest and most famous athletes. If you’re the punter who goes all into the team gossip throughout seasons, you can use this knowledge to your advantage. The coming and going of players, the hiring and firing of new coaches and injuries can really impact a team’s results because they are fundamental to the function of a team. And like with the action that happens on the field, there is plenty for you to wager. Put your inside information to good use!

4.Only pick a few top leagues for accumulators:

One of William Hill’s biggest selling points is its football accumulators. As you’ve probably been able to tell, we’ve really focused on expert tips relating to the sportsbook (and things that are clearly very applicable to football). The offer of leagues is so vast you may be tempted to spread your resources way too thin over all of the opportunities. However, we advise you against that. Like those who recommend you only bet on one sport, we recommend that you focus on two to four leagues so then you can develop a deeper knowledge to use to your advantage, like when you handicap personnel moves from before.

5.Betting over 0.5 goals football betting strategy:

The way this works is that at least one goal has to be scored throughout the game and when you place this in a live bet you have to go all in. The only way this strategy will falter is if the game ends in a 0-0 draw. Your first step is to select a quantity that you want to stake; it needn’t be more than £10. Even £2 would do. After you’ve set your budget for every round, you scout around the lines to find a game that will confidently not result in a 0-0 draw. As for the market you can go into, there are two: the 0.5 Goals Market or the Total Goals market. Sometimes, there are better deals to be had in Total Goals so that is another factor you need to investigate as you plot your strategy. Another important consideration is that you can’t pull your money out in Total Goals until the game has finalised, while in the Over/Under markets you’re able to withdraw the bet as soon as the goal you’re seeking is scored. This strategy won’t work if the odds are below 1.11; use this is your price floor in all bets using this strategy. As for the timing, you have more flexibility there: if you think a goal will be scored early, then you can place a bet once a game starts. You could also place it at around the 30-minute mark because statistics show that first goals tend to be scored at this point. Your final choice would be to place at halftime because the odds generally go up at halftime and you can gain a greater profit. At halftime the odds will be greater than 1.2.


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