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Youwin Review 2021 – Our rating and experience with Youwin sports UK

Zuletzt aktualisiert & geprüft: 17.07.2021

The bookmaker youwin attempts to epitomise their motto "Betting made easy!". When deciding on a name, which is by the way optically very inconspicuous, the company remained loyal to its passion for winning and Winunited Ltd went on to choose “youwin”.

youwin was founded in 2005 and is located in Malta, an important location for sports betting and gambling. Not only does the bookmaker youwin offer a decent youwin bonus, sports bets and in-play bets, but also an almost overwhelming amount of casino areas, poker rooms and a charmingly designed retro arcade area with long since forgotten games, which is a unique selling proposition for youwin.

The results of the OpenOdds youwin review:

Passionate sports bettors who have had experiences with the bookmaker Winunited before 2009 were not very amused with the bookmaker’s execution. Furthermore, the distance between themselves and the top sportsbook leaders was just too great. Due to many subtle changes to numerous area sections, youwin has been able to improve upon itself step by step. Pleasant youwin experiences have since been made, for example, with the solid youwin bonus, the improved betting odds and friendliness of the customer support. The strengths of the favourite bets were thankfully kept by the Winunited Ltd when changing to youwin. We are very eager to see how youwin will develop over the coming years!

With a youwin rating of 87 from 100 possible points, this bookmaker has breached the important 80 point margin after which we here at the OpenOdds team really start to take a bookmaker seriously. By using this youwin bonus link, you can find the youwin sportsbook review for bonus offers!

youwin: Our extensive review as to this bookmaker.

Former Winunited reviews no longer count because Winunited has become youwin. All sportsbooks, thoroughly tested by the OpenOdds team, must prove themselves in the following 10 review categories, even youwin.

01.Bonuses: Existing customers profit more than new customers.

The bookmaker youwin offers its existing customers, from what we found during our youwin review, a well-rounded overall package. Regularly, frequent and even exciting bonus specials will be offered to youwin’s bettors. Currently, the brand welcomes new customers with a youwin bonus offer of a £100 free bet. There is also an offer for £250 when signing up to the casino. The bonus conditions here are the same as the existing customer bonuses, meaning strict.

02.Customer services: Competent, but not always easy to reach.

If a sports bet novice has a lot of questions or some doubts, they can now utilize the website’s new help function effectively rather than contact an advisor. If there is a question that the FAQs or the help section do not have an answer for then contact can be made with the, somewhat slow, customer support provided by youwin. The customer support can, however, not be reached by telephone but only by using the live chat option or via email ([email protected]). Practical youwin experiences concerning customer support, have been in OpenOdds experience very long, especially when concerning emails. This is an area of the company that clearly needs work.

03.Sports covered:For top sports types it is top, for others it is rather limited.

The most popular sport types, which are also have the largest turnover, at youwin are football, tennis, Formula 1, basketball and ice hockey. Even the sports types and bet products around these long runners are worth mentioning: not only is it possible to place bets on the U.S. sports types American Football, baseball and MMA/UFC (mixed martial arts), but also on classic sports such as darts, cricket, golf, rugby (League and Union) and snooker. The soccer section here at youwin is also, by far, one of the largest sections and does not only offer individual bets, combination bets and system bets, but also numerous special bets. The product available for some of the less popular sports types becomes quite thin fast at youwin.

04.Payment methods:Yes, deposits & cash-outs are free of charge!

The bookmaker youwin has managed to achieve what many bookmakers within the OpenOdds reviews have failed to do, namely to make deposits and cash-outs free of charge for various currencies (EUR, CAD, GBP) and for a large number of payment methods. If this can be done by youwin, a rather average bookmaker, then deposits and cash-outs free of charge should be an easy standard for all top bookmakers. Transactions can be dealt with at youwin as follows: credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, VISA Electron), bank transfer, Skrill (formerly moneybookers), Neteller and paysafecard. Only one point of criticism comes up concerning youwin payment conditions, that is that the payment methods are comparatively small. This is because youwin has concentrated on the payment methods that offer the least amount of legal bureaucracy for youwin.

05.Security: Everything is safe and professional, but sometimes half-heartedly prepared.

Our youwin experiences were generally positive. What we were not particularly happy with, was the corresponding section of the youwin website which was just halfheartedly put together and oozing with technical and legal terminology. We have seen numerous better prepared presentations from other bookmakers, even several foreign based ones. A professional imprint is not required for most bookmakers, but it just makes for a more trustworthy impression for youwin. The section "Responsible Gaming" however, was impressive and worth noting.

06.Betting odds:Here, quite a few things have changed since the times of Winunited.

The quality of the betting odds were, during youwin’s former time as Winunited, often a problem. Things have thankfully changed since the change to youwin. The betting odds for favourite bets at youwin are now very competitive. The large majority of odds found at youwin are today at least above average. The odds for certain sports types and even for a few leagues are quite competitive. However, the opinions concerning youwin’s betting odds are divided. This is mostly due to the fact that youwin produces quite good odds for a few sports types, but in other areas their figures fall behind.

07.User-friendliness:Somewhat unusual page design and long loading times.

The webpage of www.youwin.com is generally quite transparent and lives up to the expectations that a user has for a bookmaker website, but navigation is contrary to that of known branch standards in many important points. Someone who does not frequently bet at youwin and does not have any other betting accounts of their own, should not have any problems with this. Most passionate sports bettors, however, often have more than 10 accounts with various bookmakers and therefore have to get used to new websites quite often. In our experience, the loading time of the youwin website is also not the best: at times of high traffic, such as Saturday afternoon or on Champions League game days, there are often waiting times and, in the worst case, the site can even fail. This can be a major issue for both novice and professional bettors and has been reflected in youwin’s rating.

08.In-play product: Long loading times and an offer which is only mediocre

We would like to strongly recommend to youwin to improve upon their in-play betting as, to our standards, the experience was only acceptable. Here, youwin is falling behind numerous bookmakers, not just top bookmakers. The irritatingly long loading times of youwin’s website become twice as much of a nuisance during in-play bets. The bet selection within the in-play betting, fortunately, was a positive experience. For our taste, it could be a bit more extensive. As already mentioned, there is a lot of room to grow for youwin in-play betting.

09.Other products:Youwin provides a well-rounded offer.

Along with the core section of sports bets and live bets, youwin (formerly Winunited) also offers a casino and online poker for gambling customers. In our youwin experience, the additional offers are thrust upon users a bit too much. Similar opinions have been expressed within the OpenOdds community. Here at youwin, we do not criticize the additional offers as much as we would with bookmakers who, from their names (Sportingbet, Bet10, and Bet770) express a focus on betting. After all, it is also possible to win in a casino or at poker.

10.Bet limits:Generous earning limits raise hopes for relaxed bet limits

At youwin, bets can be placed with as little as 50 cents. This means, as a novice, there is not a lot of risk involved with the first bets. Fortunately, there is no general maximum bet limit at youwin, but, sooner or later, every professional sports bettor or high roller will reach a bet limit per match. The generously high earning limit, currently £250,000 per day, raises hopes that the bet limits at youwin are also generously set. If a bet should be placed even though there is a limit, then get in touch with customer support at youwin – often, there is a solution to be found which satisfies both sides.


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