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In this eSports odds comparison, we’ll give you all the information you need to get the most out of games in eSports – so that you can really enjoy playing and make some decent money out of it at the same time! The growth of eSports in recent years has been phenomenal; there are more ways to play constantly in development and there are events taking place all the time.


If you’ve already taken the plunge and placed a few eSports bets, our betting games comparison will give you all the information you need to get the best odds in eSports for a whole slew of upcoming events. If you’re just getting started with league of legends betting, or even CS:GO betting, this guide will help you to make informed decisions and develop eSports betting strategies that will enable you to come out ontop as a winner.DreamHack Masters Betting Odds

Best DreamHack Masters Betting Odds

For iGamers who enjoy CS:GO betting, the DreamHack Masters in Las Vegas is the ultimate way to place eSports bets. But what about DreamHack Masters betting odds? Because this is an event that took place last February, we can make a DreamHack Masters betting odds comparison – this should allow punters to be well prepared for the next upcoming tournament. William Hill offered odds of 10/1 on Unicorns of Love, the team that took home first place.

Discover DreamHack Masters Best Odds

William Hill appeared to offer the best odds in the recent DreamHack Masters event, which put CS:GO betting on the map. The provider chose to get involved with the Las Vegas based CS:GO betting event as part of taking an important step in the eSports industry – eSports bets have only been legally conducted within the United States once before.Fnatic at DreamHack Masters, Las Vegas

Learn about DreamHack Masters betting odds

The initial odds for this DreamHack Masters betting odds comparison, as published in February 2017, were as follows:

  • Astralis 3/1
  • Pro 7/2
  • Natus Vincere 5/1
  • SK Gaming 6/1
  • Fnatic 7/1
  • Faze Clan 12/1
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas 12/1
  • North 12/1
  • Optic Gaming 16/1
  • Gambit eSports 20/1
  • Cloud9 30/1
  • Mousesports 30/1
  • Renegades 100/1
  • Tyloo 100/1
  • Misfits 150/1
  • Complexity Gaming 200/1

Best DreamHack All-Stars Betting Odds

The DreamHack All-Stars tournament is upcoming in summer 2017, and it will be held in Sweden. The odds for this year have yet to be released by the bookmakers, but we can take a look at eSports betting odds for this competition last year – as a means of providing a comprehensive DreamHack All-Stars betting odds comparison that players can use to make an informed choice going forward.Ninjas in Pyjamas | DreamHack Masters

The competition in summer 2016 was dominated by bookmakers Ladbrokes and William Hill, who offered eSports bets via a number of different options. Players could opt for betting on their team winning outright, or choose one of the other ways to maximise those eSports betting odds.

Discover DreamHack All-Stars Best Odds

The major bookmakers will all be happy to take eSports bets on DreamHack All-Stars events, including Ladbrokes, William Hill and many others. Players who take a considered approach and do their research will be able to get the best eSports odds in 2017.

Learn about DreamHack All-Stars betting odds

The best odds will be offered on outsider teams, but it’s important to weigh those up with player instincts on who is going to take home the prize. Find out exactly what’s being offered in the run-up to this tournament, and you’ll be able to choose the odds and the team that works for you.ESL Meisterschaft best odds

Best ESL Championship Betting Odds

The ESL Championship is currently in play, today, 28th March, and will continue for the next few days. Because we’re only at the start of the competition, now is the time to use those eSports betting apps and grab a some of the best ESL Championship Odds.

Discover ESL Championship Best Odds

Today, 28th March, there is a range of odds being offered on ESL Championship betting. For example, you can currently get odds of 7/20 on the NaVi versus Hellraisers game that is taking place soon. On 30th March, you could pick up odds of 13/20 on compLexity Gaming versus Selfless Gaming.

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Here is the full range of odds as seen currently (players should note that these are only correct at the time of writing and are subject to change):

NaVi – Hellraisers 7/20

Hellraisers – NaVi 39/20

mousesports.CS – Heroic 18/25

SK Gaming – OpTic 17/100

OpTic – SK Gaming 68/25

Team Liquid – Winter Fox 17/100

Winterfox – Team Liquid 347/100

Ninjas in Pyjamas – NaVi 33/20

NaVi – Ninjas in Pyjamas 21/50

Astralis – Team Kinguin 4/25

Team Kinguin – Astralis 18/5

compLexity Gaming – Selfless Gaming 13/20

Selfless Gaming – complexity Gaming 11/10

Best The Summit Betting Odds

If you’re thinking of having a go at placing a bet on dota, The Summit is the ultimate experience of this version of an eSports event. The Summit took 6 last December. Wings Gaming was a considered a hot ticket from the start, with Betway offering 5/2 in the run up to the big competition.

Discover The Summit Best Odds were the second favourite to win last December’s competition, with odds having been offered at 7/2. It was appropriate that this team was such a popular choice – as they went on to take home first place.

Learn about The Summit Betting Odds

Chinese team Newbee were also considered to be a force to be reckoned with at The Summit a few months ago, with odds of 17/4 for them to win being offered by Betway. American team Evil Geniuses were another top choice, with odds of 6/1 being given to punters in the run up to the big games. OG, the rank outsider team, was awarded odds of 9/1 for a win – and they came pretty close, with second place after


Best Overwatch Open Betting Odds

The Overwatch Open is taking place this summer, in July 2017. This is a relatively new competition, but is nevertheless hotly anticipated with most major bookmakers offering decent odds.

Discover Overwatch Open Best Odds

When the Overwatch Open was on the horizon in summer 2016, the teams predicted to perform most favourably were Cloud9, EnVyUs, REUNITED and Rogue. Because this is a competition that is still in its infancy, players can choose from a wide selection of competitive odds from all the main bookmakers.competitive overwatch esports betting

Learn about Overwatch Open Betting Odds

You can get up to date odds for the Overwatch Open for this summer, 2017, by checking out the pages of Betway, or other major eSports betting providers. Take your time to review, and go for a range of the best eSports betting sites to make sure you get the best odds and best chances of getting some money in your pocket.

Best League of Legends Championship Series Betting Odds

The League of Legends Championship Series is a major event for anyone who is interested in League of Legends betting. Because it’s been running for four years now, most bookmakers that offer eSports are offering a choice of the best odds.League of Legends Championship Series

Discover League of Legends Championship Series Best Odds

The current odds on Jin Air Green Wings as published today are 11/4, with Afreeka Freecs being given 3/8. ROX Tigers have been reported to be on at 11/2, with SK Telecom getting odds of 3/13. There is a huge range of games, teams and ways to bet, but it’s safe to say that done with a little care, League of Legends betting can be very lucrative.

Learn about League of Legends Championship Series Betting Odds

For League of Legends betting on one of the biggest events in the eSports industry, here are some of the odds that are currently available (this may be subject to change at later dates):

MVP 5/2 Samsung Galaxy 3/7

LGD Gaming 11/2 Royal NeverGiveup 1/10

Invictus Gaming 11/18 IMay 6/5

Best NA/EU LCS Betting Odds

The NA/EU LCS is League of Legends betting at its best. The European version of the competition is due to take place this spring, with the first game featuring Unicorns of Love versus Splyce. For the best odds, check out Pinnacle eSports and eSports Competitive Games

Discover NA/EU LCS Best Odds

Both Splyce and Unicorns of Love are currently on odds of 1.83. The following game: between G2 ESports and Fnatic, has odds of 1.36 and 3.00 respectively, though this may be subject to change.

Learn about NA/EU LCS Betting Odds

For other upcoming games, please see the currently published odds:

Origen 5.50 H2K 1.12

Giants Gaming 5.00 Misfits 1.14

Team Vitality 2.00 Unicorns of Love 1.72

G2 eSports 1.10 ROCCAT 6.50

Best LoL Worlds Betting Odds

The League of Legends World Championship will take place in China starting in September 2017 and, if last year’s competition is anything to go by, it’s going to be a fast-paced ticket for those who grab the best betting odds! Bookmaker Pinnacle Sports were considered to offer the best odds last year, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at what’s up for grabs this autumn.

League of Legends Worlds | LoL eSports

Discover LoL Worlds Best Odds

SK Telecom were the favourites for the last League of Legends World Championship, with Betway offering odds at that time of 2.40 – with the popular team coming through and grabbing first place.

Learn about LoL Worlds Betting Odds

If you’re thinking of getting involved in LoL Worlds betting, it’s worth checking for the odds on SK Telecom when they are published nearer to September. This team is still a favourite, and considered one of the top contenders in the world. KT Rolster is a team that also worth watching, and getting good odds from one of the major bookmakers could net you a fair bit of cash.

Best StarLadder i-League StarSeries Betting Odds

The Dota 2 Starladder i-League StarSeries was held just last month, in February 2017. Betway offered some of the best odds for this competition, and tempted eSports fans with the added bonus of a €30 bet when they made a €10 bet – so it’s worth checking if a similar offer is available in 2018.dota 2 esports betting

Discover StarLadder i-League StarSeries Best Odds

Betway and Pinnacle were the most competitive providers offering bets on the Dota 2 event, with both offering odds of 2.75 on OG at that time. Betway offered 5.50 for Team Liquid, and Pinnacle gave odds of 6.0 for the same team – highlighting the importance of careful eSports odds comparison before you start.

Learn about StarLadder i-League StarSeries Betting Odds

Digital Chaos were awarded the same odds by both Betway and Pinnacle for the StarLadder – League StarSeries event in 2016: 13.00 – which meant that smaller bets had the potential to be very lucrative.

Best China Cup 2017 Betting Odds

The China Cup 2017 took place in March this year, and the CS:GO event was jam-packed with nail-biting action along with the best odds from all the major bookmakers like William Hill and Betsafe.

Discover China Cup 2017 Best Odds

ESports fans in the know got the best odds on TyLoo for a real scoop in the winnings stakes when they defeated fnatic Academy in this year’s China Cup. B.O.O.T-ds were also successful with a win over 5POWER.

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Final Remarks

feedbackAlthough betting on eSports is a relatively new idea, the ever-increasing number and quality of world-class eSports events speaks volumes about its mass popularity. Taking the time to find out the best possible odds for each event means that punters can make some fairly decent money at the same time as they enjoy some nail-biting eSports action. Going for an outsider can be a risk worth taking, but it might be worth making these bets smaller to minimise risk.