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Best Betting Sites For Dota 2 | The Top Online Bookmaker for Dota 2

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Valve Corporation have done it again: after the success of gaming series such as Half-Life, Portal and Team Fortress, the international world gaming gurus have recently brought DOTA 2 to the table. Valve Corporation have been around since 1996, boasting a portfolio of some of the best gaming products on the market.

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Their slow and steady approach means that in the gaming world they have coined the term “Valve Time” to reflect their considered approach to the production of top-quality games. Before we continue in our search for the best bookmaker for DOTA 2, here is a quick introduction for those of you who don’t know the game.

Competitive Dota esports betting

What is Dota 2 and how do you play?

First you need to know that "DOTA" is an acronym for Defence of the Ancients. It is a top-down (i.e. bird’s eye view perspective) multiplayer game which in part utilises real-time strategy, which means that the game does not progress incrementally, but rather the gamer is in control of game progression. Gamers swap between controlling an entire army and single heroes.

In DOTA 2 there are two teams made up of five players. The idea of the game is to capture and destroy the other team’s “Ancient” (basically the other team’s base). The first team that does this are the winners. There are three lanes that connect the two bases, occupying the lanes are groups of soldiers or “creeps”. Each player controls one soldier, or “hero”, which they can choose at the beginning of the game. It is worth noting that each hero fits into different categories: strength, agility or intelligence. Teams must work on their strategy in order to utilise each hero’s skill to their advantage. Killing other players is a source of income in the game, with the “money” you gain you can buy items which enhance your hero’s capabilities.

Betting in DOTA 2 has evolved in the same way as the game itself, in this OpenOdds review of the best betting sites for DOTA 2 we have chosen to focus on the most popular methods of betting for DOTA 2: item betting and real money betting.

  • Betting styles: whether you are interesting in betting for items or real money, we will cover the main differences between the two methods.
  • Analysis of betting sites: we will cover the pros and cons of each betting site for DOTA 2 and rank them in order.
  • Sign up offers: we will specify which betting sites have welcome bonuses for new DOTA 2 players, something that gives huge points in our search for the best bookmaker for DOTA 2.

So, read on in our bookmaker comparison to find out which is the best online bookmaker for DOTA 2.

Comparison of Betting Sites for DOTA 2: Dota 2 Bookmaker Comparison

DOTA 2 Lounge:

Of all of the online betting sites for Dota 2 it should be no surprise that DOTA 2 Lounge is highly regarded in the Dota 2 world as one of the best betting websites; DOTA 2 Lounge was created in 2013 by Borewik. Combining both item betting as well as game betting, the site is innovative in its ability to show live streams of matches. As one of the oldest online bookmakers for DOTA 2 out there, DOTA 2 Lounge commands a great deal of respect in the gaming world, returning customers as well as new customers flock to use the betting site resulting in a great reward ratio. The interface is simple, user friendly and optimised for mobile usage. While is it difficult to fault this ultimate Dota 2 betting website, the huge number of users at any one time can occasionally result in slow response speed.

Pinnacle eSports:

Due to the increased popularity of Dota 2 betting, many of the top eSports markets are adding this game into their portfolio. The eSports hub hosted by Pinnacle (or check out PinnacleSports) fits into this category and it is now recognised as the top bookmaker for DOTA 2. They provide live updates, tournament coverage and the latest Dota 2 odds.

Unlike all of its competitors, strangely, Pinnaclesports do not offer any sign up bonuses for new users or promotions for existing users. They do however, make up for it by offering much better odds.

Pinnacle: unique eSports betting insights & top odds

VP Game:

DOTA 2 is a Chinese-owned site and is incredibly popular in China. It has been translated into English, thus attracting a huge number of users. The website has its own app for users on the go and offers a broad range of betting options including but not limited to: item betting, bidding and tournaments. Due to VP Game’s level of popularity, the bet rewards are very competitive.

Unlike DOTA 2 which caters to players in multiple languages, VP Game is limited to English and Chinese. Users have also experienced a lack of customer support, only getting a response from the VP support team 4 days after the initial query.


A big player in the e-sports market despite only being launched in 2014, Bet-at-Home now has three million registered users and has to be included in this list of betting sites for DOTA 2. Bet-at-Home offers real money bets as opposed to online item betting. The site is available in 18 languages which is a bonus for DOTA 2’s international audience. Bet-at-Home is making its mark in the e-sports sector by offering ‘specials’ for upcoming tournaments, DOTA 2 tournaments included. Bet-at-Home also offer a competitive welcome bonus for new players: 50% bonus on first deposit.

The maximum bonus you can receive depends on where you are located in the world, so it is worth reading the terms and conditions of this particular bonus. When you open your account you should see a button that states ‘Redeem bonus”. From here you need to enter the bonus code “FIRST” once you have made your first deposit in order for your bonus code to be approved.

Betting styles for DOTA 2

The gambling potential in e-sports markets is exciting due to the different ways that you can bet:

  • Betting with real money.
  • Using play money.
  • Betting to gain more items.

The first two points are likely to be familiar to regular punters, whereby playing with real money is the main gambling method in regular sports betting (and play money is substituted in countries where gambling is banned). E-sports are no different. While the idea of betting with real money on a game may seem bizarre, there are so many ways to win: betting on winners of individual games and/or tournaments, betting on the potential winner of tournaments before that have started, betting on how far the underdog team will get are all potential ways to win real money on DOTA 2.

dota 2 esports betting

There are also sites dedicated to fantasy DOTA 2 teams, similar to the live sports equivalent, you can build your team from the best DOTA 2 players to try and win the fantasy league. The performance of your chosen players throughout the league can also determine how much money you can win. Killings, deaths, assists are among some of the ways you can gain or lose points which eventually can be cashed in for real money.

‘Items’ in DOTA 2 are what give your players different qualities, thus it follows that the more varied items your possess, the more skills your team possesses. Interestingly, items in DOTA 2 have monetary value in the real world (the sale of items is how DOTA 2 makes money). So it makes sense that players will wager real money in order to gain more items. As well as wagering money, bets can be placed using existing items. Items are classified by their level of rarity, so the rarer the item the more valuable it is to own. This is how odds are measured in the game, directly related to the item’s value.

dota 2 esports betting

The qualifiers integrated in DOTA 2 games add another level of excitement to this type of betting. These qualifiers include: killing (K), deaths (D), assists (A), last hits (LH), gold per minute (GPM), experience per minute (XPM); all adding the potential to earn more points equal to a monetary value.

While the earning potential with online gaming and e-sports can be exponentially higher than regular sports, newcomers to the world of DOTA 2 ought to read the rules in depth so as not to fall short on the first round and end up losing large amounts of money. We hope this has helped you, and if you have a different opinion then leave a comment sharing your picks for the best online betting sites for DOTA 2.

Best Betting Sites For Dota 2 | The Top Online Bookmaker for Dota 2


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