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NoviBet Deposit Bonus Code 2018 – all terms explained

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Novibet aren’t averse to putting on some great special offers. But their latest deals for the 2018 World Cup shows that they are serious about cementing their reputation for being one of the best football betting sites around. Here are some great ways to boost your profits by betting on the 2018 World Cup.

  • Friday 15 June – You can get up to £25 in extra bets by making a live single bet or in-play accumulator bet of £10 or more with odds of 1.50 or higher on the clash between Portugal and Spain. A great way to liven up a thrilling Iberian showdown. T&C apply, 18+.
  • Sunday 17 June – This days hosts no less than three great World Cup matches, and if you place an accumulator bet with of £10 or more with at least four selections that produce combined odds of 5.00 or more, then you can get up to £25 in extra bets. Cashed out bets are excluded from this deal, but you can use live bets or pre-match bets. Terms and conditions apply, 18+.
  • Thursday 21 June – Thursday will see a close match between Croatia and Argentina. You can get up to £25 in extra bets by wagering an in-play single bet or live accumulator bet of £10 or more on odds of 1.50 or higher. You’ll get your extra bets within 24 hours. T&C apply, 18+.
  • Saturday 23 June – You can get up to £25 in extra bets by making an in-play or accumulator bet of £10 or more with odds of at least 1.50 on the Germany versus Sweden match. Once you do this, then you should get your extra bets within 24 hours. Terms and conditions apply, 18+.
  • Tuesday 26 June – This day is packed with great matches featuring the likes of Argentina, France, Nigeria and Iceland. If you make an accumulator bet with four selections producing combined odds of at least 5.00, then you can get up to £25 in extra bets. Your bet will be of at least £10, and cashed out bets will make the bonus invalid. T&C apply, 18+.
  • Thursday 28 June – England’s biggest test comes against Belgium on 28 June. If this wasn’t exciting enough, then you can make a live single bet or in-play accumulator bet of at least £10 on odds of 1.50 or more and then get up to £25 in extra bets within 24 hours. Terms and conditions apply, 18+.

Unveiling the 2018 World Cup promotion from Novibet

If you are a football betting fan, then you should check out the Bet Royale promotion from Novibet. This requires you to predict the result of a series of 2018 World Cup football matches in order to take a share of a €10,000 prize pool. You can access this deal simply by being a UK or Greece Novibet customer, and then you can make your first prediction on the match between Russia and Saudi Arabia. If you make the right prediction, you will receive a free token that can be used to make your next prediction. It’s then a matter of continuing to predict the correct results in order to make it through to the knock-out rounds. If you make it to the last match of the 2018 World Cup, then you can look forward to sharing the massive €10,000 prize pool with any other customers who still have at least one betting token left. It won’t be an easy task, but we are sure that there will be a few lucky punters who manage to pick the right results to win big at this top bookie. Terms and conditions apply, 18+.

Novibet Bonus details:

Bonus sum: 100% daily pay out
Bonus type: Enhanced odds
Example: Get 100% daily pay out on selected matches.
Revenue (rollover): N/A
Minimum quota: N/A
min. deposit: N/A
max. time: N/A
Payable: Nein
T&Cs Apply, 18+

NoviBet Deposit Bonus:All Terms and Conditions Explained

As far as welcome bonuses go, the offer at NoviBet might have let us down, but they have a strong deal that gives customers 100% daily pay out to selected matches. So be sure to check out the brand’s website to see how you can take advantage of these decent betting offer.

How to claim the NoviBet Bonus:

  • 100% payout
  • Enhanced odds for specific sporting events
  • No bonus code required
  • Terms and conditions apply
  • Get a boost on your sports bets
  • Easy to understand offer
  • Check back for more great promotions

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Current NoviBet Promo Code & Sign-up Bonus:Requirements for Activation


With NoviBet you can bag yourself a pretty snazzy 100% daily pay out on selected matches. What this essentially means is that every day NoviBet will offer enhanced odds on a match result, which really turns up the heat. Of course, you’ll need to check out the terms and conditions before diving into the bonus, but on the surface it all looks pretty simple. 

Bonus Terms and ConditionsFor the NoviBet Bonus Code

  1. Name: 100% daily payout
  2. Bonus type: Enhanced ods
  3. Maximum bonus amount: N/A
  4. Able to be cashed out: N/A
  5. Betting requirement: See terms and conditions
  6. Minimum odds: N/A
  7. Bonus code: N/A

Our Verdict of Novibet:The Review of the NoviBet Bonus

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When compared to NoviBet’s popular — but now discontinued — 100% matched bonus up to £150, their new range of bonuses look a little dull. That’s not to say NoviBet isn’t worth a punt, but things have changed a little.

Basically each and every day NobiBet will boost the odds of a specific game. While this might sound confusing for new punters, it’s all pretty simple. Say, for example, the odds of Liverpool beating Arsenal might normally be around evens, or 2/1 at the most. For one game only, NoviBet may ‘enhance’ Liverpool’s odds, increasing them to 4/1, 6/1 or much higher. Of course, this is just an example, NoviBet may offer higher or lower odds — but the key thing is that the odds will be higher than market value.

Instead, alongside their daily enhanced odds offering, NoviBet now offer "auto price boosts", "no-one loses insurance" and the rather quirky "The match ENDS at 88" offer. And, of course, they offer live cash out as well. As always, we recommend you check out their promotions page before jumping into any offers.


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5 Expert TipsFor The NoviBet Bonus

NoviBet are attracting more and more customers due to their range of services and features, as well as their extremely generous welcome bonus. However, the amount of punters who take full advantage of the promotion is still limited, due to a lack of knowledge when it comes to online betting. Our expert tips are designed to significantly increase the chances of withdrawing winnings using this bonus, whether you are an experienced pro or new to the game. With NoviBet offering one of the most lucrative bonuses in the industry today, those signing up at their platform will have to work hard in order to use it to the maximum. From focusing upon sports that customers know to keeping a track of your bets, each one of the following tips will help you to maximise your chances of being successful at NoviBet.

1.Stick to what you know

No matter whether you are betting using a bookmaker bonus or your own hard-earned cash, it is important to stick to what you know when placing bets. Although more diverse and less popular sports at NoviBet are likely to offer some attractive long odds markets at times; focusing upon the sports in which you know down to a tee will enhance your chances of success. Whether it is English football, the US PGA golf tour of women’s tennis, try not to drift to areas in which you are relatively inexperienced. By doing so, you are far less likely to be surprised when an unexpected result comes in; or even worse, you have misunderstood the format of a match or event. NoviBet are a sports betting platform that cater for all forms of customer, meaning that you are never likely to be short of options in familiar markets.

2.Experiment with your bets

Whether signing up at NoviBet is your first experience with online betting or you are an experienced punter, collecting a generous bonus is the perfect time to mix things up in terms of your wagering. Accumulators, Asian handicaps, over/under goals or each-way bets: NoviBet have all bases covered. Such bets are often more attractive than single bets in terms of odds, and although the chances of success are limited as a result, the rewards are heightened. Examples of such bets include betting on their being under 2.5 goals when two evenly matched teams take to the field; or backing a horse that has never finished outside the top three with an each-way punt.

3.Utilise all promotions

NoviBet is a bookmaker who regularly offers a variety of bonuses and promotions to their customers. As a result, it is worthwhile taking full advantage of such deals, whether it be an enhanced odds offer, free bet or matched deposit. Often, these deals cannot be used in conjunction with others; but NoviBet is a platform where you can do just that. Promotions can tip the odds in the favour of the customer by a substantial amount in some cases, making processing bonuses a whole lot easier. With the bonus amount having to be rolled over at least five times, this is just another method that can help you reach the betting requirements at NoviBet. Be sure to take into account all of the terms and conditions surrounding such promotions, ensuring that you get even more from your bets by fully understanding them.

4.Make a note of each bet placed

Any customer worth their weight when it comes to the betting industry will keep track of all the bets they place. One of the first things in which you must do having signed up with a new bookmaker is to come up with a system in which you can quickly and easily view all bets placed.

Recording and viewing such data enables you to easily see where and when they have been the most successful, in turn allowing you to stick to the markets in which you have won previously. As well as this, you will be able to see where you should take less of a risk; and where you can perhaps place bigger stakes.

Repeat bets are also a preferred method of betting for many punters, as keeping track of bets placed ensures that you remember just how you have beat the bookies in the past. Despite this seeming like a tedious task at first, you will quickly see its purpose. NoviBet make it easy for their customers to do just this, with their accounts section storing all bets placed in one easy-to-manage way.

5.Take on board the views of the pros

With the internet as it is today, there has never been more information concerning sports encounters available at the click of a button. There are, of course, a lot of opinion pieces out there too; and many of the professionals offer their expert opinion. Punters who have had long-term success when wagering online are now helping others, with ideas concerning bet types, bookmakers and markets all easily accessible. Using such knowledge allows customers to wager on sports that you otherwise would avoid, due to a lack of understanding. Examples of such tips include those who are looking to place a bet on the upcoming Grand National from Aintree, one of the biggest betting events in the calendar; but who are clueless when it comes to horse racing. Seeking the advice of professionals that have a history of success in the event is undoubtedly the best method of familiarising yourself with such a market.

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