The four fold bet explained

If you’re looking for a way to make big winnings on small stakes, then the 4 fold bet is for you. So what does four fold bet mean?

Basically, you just have to choose 4 selections, and if all of those selections win, then you get your original stake back multiplied by 4 fold of the odds that you were betting on.

Whilst it sounds tricky, this kind of fold accumulator is hugely popular as a result of the massive payouts. So let’s have the 4 fold bet explained a little further.

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What does four fold bet mean?

In order to make your four fold bet, you need to place bets on four different events that can be anything from Aintree horse racing to football derbies.

Once you’ve selected your bets, then all four of the wagers have to provide a winning result in order for you to get your money back as well as your profits.

This can sound like a difficult task, but the sheer size of the payouts means that it’s a bet that’s great for anyone looking for the maximum yield on their betting stake.

There are plenty of variations on this kind of accumulator bet that allow you to make less or more selections, but the basic premise is that your odds are added together to give you a small chance of winning, but a big payout if luck goes your way.

The four fold bet explained a little further

Newmarket horse racing

As it seems incredibly hard to make a four fold bet succeed, there will be many people wondering why so many people throw their money away on such a wager.

But it only takes a quick look at the mathematics of four fold bets to quickly understand why this is one of the most popular sports bets around alongside goliath wagering and round robin betting.

Your initial stake will be multiplied by all of the odds on your selections to produce a huge sum if you’re lucky enough to get a winning result. And it represents perhaps the best way to make big amounts of money from a very small stake.

In order to make this work properly, you’re going to need to know the sport that you’re betting on inside out. Rather than just placing a single bet and hoping for the best, you’ll need to know how four different selections are going to all work together.

This is because all you need is for one of your four fold bets to lose for you to lose your entire stake too. It doesn’t matter if your previous three bets all succeed as, if your final bet fails, you’ll then lose everything.

So whilst the payouts of four fold bets are incredibly promising, it can be a frustrating and difficult way to make any decent winnings.

How does four fold betting work in real life?

In order to have the four fold bet explained we’ll have to carry out a quick case study of a day at the horse races.

You would have to look at the betting card to see if there were four horse races where you could confidently guess the winner on. And then you would lay down just one stake on all four runners winning each individual race.

So if you staked £10 on horses with odds of 1.5, 1.8, 2.5 and 3.0, then if you were lucky to get four winners, you’d be picking up winnings of £202.50.

This is because your stake is multiplied by each winning set of odds, that are then multiplied by the winning result in the next betting selection.

It’s because of this that having the four fold bet explained means that many newcomers are instantly drawn to this betting option.

However, it’s worth remembering that it can be very difficult to land four winners in a four fold bet. But with such profitable winnings, there are many punters who are more than keen to try their luck with this potentially lucrative betting system.

Popular variations on the four fold bet

Juventus football

As four fold bets can be tricky to successfully predict, some bookies will go out on a limb to give you a helping hand by offering a kind of insurance in case just one of your bets fails.

Whilst this can be helpful, it does come at a cost of slashing your odds which means that your profits won’t be quite as spectacular.

It’s also quite common to see many variations on this four fold bet that factor in a certain amount of room for error.

This is why some bookmakers allow you a 4 fold accumulator on 6 teams, or even a 6 fold bet on 8 teams when betting on football, which means that only four out of six, or six out of eight results has to be correctly predicted for you to win.

Another alternative for those who are less willing to take such a risky wager is the trebles bet. This acts just like a four fold bet, but only requires three wins out of three selection to provide a decent payout.

But for those who aren’t afraid of a little more risk, then they should use a 5 fold bet calculator to see how their profits could soar when correctly guessing five selections. And then the lucky 15 bet means that you’ll have to predict four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and a final four fold bet!

And with up and down wagering,  draw no bets and even lay betting to discover, it shows that we are no short of wagering choice.

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Finding the best operators for your four fold bet

So, imagine that you were confident about four football teams who looked likely to win in the Premier League this Saturday. How would you go about finding the best bookmakers that offered the most competitive odds to use in your four fold bet?

The first place to start would be to go to OpenOdds to see all of the latest odds from the most respectable bookies.

This can give you an easy way to quickly get an idea of how different bookmakers are predicting that the action will unfold. From here you’ll need to calculate the potential winnings from the various odds on offer so as to work out who is capable of giving you the biggest profit.

It’s also worth using OpenOdds to see which bookmakers have promotions on that allow you to pick and choose which special offers work best with your four fold bet.

Whilst many bookies offer free bets for new customers upon signing up, accumulator wagers like the four fold bet don’t always qualify for such special offers. So be sure to check the small print before you think about the potential winnings that you’ll hopefully be picking up.

Thankfully, the UK sports betting scene is so competitive that you’ll always find a bookie who is willing to offer some good odds for your four fold bet.

Bookies with good reputations for four fold bets

Whilst you should always check with OpenOdds before laying down your four fold bet, we thought that we should give you a shortlist in our betting guide of some of the best operators for this kind of wagering.

Coral: Tried and tested bookmaker

There’s always something reassuring about being smart by going to a reputable bookie like Coral when you are putting down a risky four fold bet.

Not only do you get to use a website that’s clearly laid out and simple to use, but you’ll know that this is a brand who aren’t afraid of giving you consistently good odds so that you can maximise your profits if your four fold bet gets the winning result.

So if you’re about to make your first ever four fold bet, then Coral could be a good place to start.

21bet: A good outside choice

Just because 21bet aren’t as well known as some of the bigger brands, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give them a try in your four fold betting.

21bet have been enjoying a growing reputation for offering some of the most competitive odds around, and with a massive range of global sporting events to try an in-play bet on, they will give you plenty of options for your four fold bets.

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Why four fold bets are here to stay

Although it can be very tricky to get all of the selections in your four fold bet to win, it’s clear that the large winnings have made this kind of wager hugely popular amongst all kinds of punters.

For just a small amount, your initial stake can blossom into a massive sum. And whilst it’s frustrating to have your four fold bet fall down at the final hurdle, there’s always the chance that your bet will come through in the end.

Just be sure to use OpenOdds to make sure that you are getting the best possible odds for this kind of wager to maximise your potential profits!


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