The Goliath bet explained – your simple guide to this huge bet

When it comes to betting big, there’s not much bigger than a Goliath bet, just as the name suggests! A Goliath bet explained as simply as possible is a massive combination bet with a total of 247 bets across 8 selections. As you’ll see from the Goliath bet example below, the potential winnings on a Goliath bet are suitably gargantuan!

Your Goliath bet stake per selection is multiplied by 247 to cover every possible outcome (except single bets). For example, a £0.10 Goliath bet would cost £24.70 to place. But remember, since this isn’t an accumulator bet, you only need two selections to win to make a return. And the more selections win, the bigger and better your winnings!

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The Goliath bet Explained: Everything you need to know

Your first question may well be what is a Goliath bet? Well that’s where we’re here to help. With the Goliath bet explained you’ll be able to see how easy it is to place this huge bet.

A Goliath bet is simply a combination bet on 8 selections offered by all the best online bookmakers. This can be in any sport, but usually it’s as a horse racing Goliath bet or football Goliath bet. Simply choose eight selections, whether this is 8 separate horse races, or 8 football matches. When you select these eight to be included in a Goliath bet, the bookmaker will automatically enter you for all the possible permutations of bets across the 8 selections.

The Goliath bet is made up of 28 double bets, 56 trebles, 70 four-fold bets, 56 five-fold bets, 28 six-fold bets, 8 seven-fold bets, and 1 eight-fold bets. Essentially it’s every permutation of bets, not including singles, for all 8 selections. When you place the bet, your stake per selection is multiplied by 247 to cover all possible outcomes. Therefore a £0.10 stake would cost a total of £24.70 to cover all 247 bets. When at least two selections win, you will receive a return on your stake. But if you’re lucky and all 8 selections win, expect the winnings to help you make some money from you wagering!

The Goliath bet explained in more detail

Horse racing

Just like lay betting, the Goliath bet is something that isn’t really suitable for inexperienced sports players. It’s ideally something for confident players but, with the help of our Goliath bet explained information and the Goliath bet example below, we should give you the confidence needed to place this huge bet and incorporate it into your betting strategies alongside round robin bets and up and down bets.

Remember, the Goliath bet is a massive bet across all of the permutations of 8 different sporting selections. When you place your Goliath bet, you must ensure you have the stake available to cover all 247 bets involved. So it’s often best to put a smaller stake. A £1 Goliath bet stake will cost you a whopping £247, so maybe try a smaller stake, for example a £0.10 stake, which would cost you a more reasonable £24.70 total.

Once you choose your 8 selections to bet on, the Goliath bet puts money on every possible combination of bets, excluding single bets. This means you’re actually going to be placing 247 different individual bets; 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four-fold, 56 five-fold, 28 six-fold, 8 seven-fold, and 1 eight-fold.

When placing a Goliath bet, it’s really not possible to work out the potential winnings in your head. Luckily, all smart bettors know that there are many super Goliath calculator sites available for you to make it simple. And because this is a combination bet, not an accumulator, all you need is two selections to win and a return is guaranteed. But when more selections win, the potential returns are huge.

How it works: Goliath bet example in practice

Now you’ve seen the Goliath bet explained, it’s time for a Goliath bet example. If you want to place a Goliath bet at your favourite bookmaker, for example William Hill, all you have to do is register at their site and choose eight selections from a day’s horse racing at Aintree. When you have all your 8 selections in the betting slip, choose Goliath bet and add your stake. The site will then calculate your total stake for all 247 bets.

To make things simple in this Goliath bet example, we will consider a horse race meeting and assume all selections are at odds of evens (2.00 or 1/1) and we’ll use a stake per selection of 0.10. This means that your total stake for the Goliath bet will be £24.70.

  • Race 1 – stake £0.10, odds 2.00
  • Race 2 – stake £0.10, odds 2.00
  • Race 3 – stake £0.10, odds 2.00
  • Race 4 – stake £0.10, odds 2.00
  • Race 5 – stake £0.10, odds 2.00
  • Race 6 – stake £0.10, odds 2.00
  • Race 7 – stake £0.10, odds 2.00
  • Race 8 – stake £0.10, odds 2.00

If all 8 of your selections win, this means you win all 247 bets, and that means a return of £654.40 and a giant profit of £629.70. But even if you don’t luck out with all 8, the returns can be impressive. If 7 selections win, your return would be £217.20. If 6 selections win, the return is 71.60. After this, the returns drop off substantially, with 5 selections winning returning £23.20, meaning a loss of £1.50.

Other options to the Goliath bet

Football fans

The Goliath bet isn’t the only fun betting option, though. There are plenty of others like draw no bets for football, and there are even a few bigger than a Goliath bet!

If you want to start small, there’s a 3 selection, 4 bet Trixie or a 3 selection 7 bet Patent. For 4 selections, you place a Yankee bet of 11 total bets. A Super Yankee (or Canadian) is 5 selections for a total 26 bets. You could go for the interestingly named Heinz bet, with a total of 57 bets for the number of Heinz soup varieties! How many selections in a Heinz? That would be just 6 different selections. Or there’s always the Super Heinz with 7 selections. How many bets in a Super Heinz? Just 120 bets from doubles to seven-fold bets.

To go bigger than a Goliath bet, you’re looking at the massive Goliath flag bet. This is the same as a Goliath bet, with the 247 combo bets from doubles to eight-fold. But it also adds in 20 single stakes about pairs to give you a massive 303 bets in total.

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How to get the best from your Goliath Bet

So now that you’ve seen the Goliath bet explained with a simple Goliath bet example, you need to know how to make the very best Goliath bet. You could simply register at any old online bookmaker here and put your Goliath bet down. But we think you’d be far better to read our bookie guide and choose an online bookmaker offering a free bet, or promo code. That way you can get a portion of your Goliath bet as a free bet. Or make use of a deposit bonus to give you free money to bet with. Free money is always a great thing after all! Here at Open Odds, we’re all about finding you the best online bookmakers. Which is why you can use several of our Open Odds comparisons to find those great bookmakers that offer you great deposit bonuses, free bets and fabulous promotions just by signing up!

In addition to making use of bonuses and promotions, the best way to really maximise your winnings with a bet, goliath or not, is to choose a bookmaker with the best odds. And here at Open Odds we’ve got a great odds comparison checker so you can be sure you’re getting the best returns on your Goliath bet.

The best sites for your Goliath bet

When it comes to the best online bookmaker sites for making a Goliath bet, we’ve selected three of the best out there. These three sites offer consistently great odds on various sports. And the better the odds for your Goliath bet, the bigger your winnings will be!

Option 1: William Hill, great choice of sports with consistently great odds

William Hill is a perfect online bookmaker to place your Goliath bets with, particularly if you are looking at placing Goliath bets on a variety of sports. Because although we’ve talked about placing Goliath bets on horse racing and football, that’s merely because these are the two sports here in the UK most often associated with Goliath bets. But with William Hill’s selection of over 40 different markets, featuring live sports betting from around the world in all of the main sports and many of the minor ones, there’s plenty of chance to put your Goliath bet down in any market. And with William Hill offering very competitive betting odds across its sportsbook, you know any Goliath bet you make will have those all important eight selections at great odds.

Option 2: Betway, excellent football odds and selection

If you are looking to make a Goliath bet on football, then there’s no better choice as far as we’re concerned than Betway. Not only do Betway cover all of the major (and minor) leagues and competitions in depth, but they also offer some excellent odds for football as well. Here at Open Odds, when we were constructing our top list of football bookmakers online, we thoroughly researched and reviewed the very best online bookmakers for derby football betting. And it was Betway that came out on top of the football bookmakers, with their final rating at Open Odds of 95 out of a possible 100. In addition to being a great online bookmaker with excellent odds for football, they offer a great joining sports betting bonus of £30 in free bets. Betway is a great place to get the best odds for a Goliath bet.

Option 3: Ladbrokes, guaranteed best horse racing odds

When you are making your Goliath bet, you choose your eight selections for bets and then sit back and wait for the results to come in. But if you are making horse racing bets the odds can change all the time. And the worst case scenario is that the odds for the horse in one or more of your selections will go up and up nearer to the start of the race. That means that when your Goliath bet comes off, you’ll be missing out on even more winnings. This is where Ladbrokes’ incredible best odds guarantee for horse racing really comes in handy and could make you a lot of cash! No matter what odds you pick for your eight Goliath bet horse racing selections, if they get better after you place the selection, Ladbrokes will automatically give you the best odds.

open Betway accountt

Goliath bets are a great way to really max out those winnings

Now that you’ve seen Goliath bets explained and we’ve shown you our Goliath bet example, we trust you have a much better idea of what they’re all about. You have to know what you’re doing when placing a Goliath bet, and as you’ve seen, to make it worth your while, five or more of your selections have to win. But in terms of winning potential, the possible profits from this type of bet is just as gigantic as the name suggests!