Corner betting strategy: A different type of soccer wager

Betting on corners has become a popular form of betting on football. Many experienced punters now have a corner betting strategy that they keep in their punting armoury. The concept can seem a little strange to some newcomers to the world of sports betting, but it is actually a useful way of boosting your betting profits when it comes to football. You do need an in-depth knowledge of football, and the dynamics of how football matches work, to do it successfully, though.

Here, we will take a closer look at this type of football betting, and offer some advice on how you can formulate a successful corner betting system of your own.

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Coming up with a corner betting strategy: The basics

Betting on the number of corners in a game is an activity for football obsessed punters and should be a part of any decent football betting guide. The great thing about soccer is that, although a very simple sport at its essence, there is a host of more complex detail which intelligent punters can get their teeth into. The growth of popularity of betting apps has made this type of betting very easy to access and it corner betting now features amongst all good football betting tips.

This type of soccer betting requires a good understanding of team tactics, as well as an ability to read the likely flow of matches. Football is a sport where the underdog can frustrate a favourite, and often even hang on for a shock win. This makes it different to a sport like rugby league, for example, where the favourite will usually be able to use their greater physicality and organisation to dominate a weaker side. A side that loses a game, or succumbs to an unexpected draw, can still win a good number of corners, though.

Corner betting background info

Football corner

There are different types of corner betting on offer at bookmakers. The most basic market is to bet on the total number of corners won by both sides in a match. A bookie will often set a limit of 10 corners, and your bet will be based on whether you think there will be more or fewer corners than this number. Other markets with corner betting rules applied to them include half-time corners, which is basically the same market as the total number, but the cut off point is at half time.

A corner match bet is where you place a wager on which team will win the most corners in the game. Another possible market is the corner range, where the bookmaker gives you a series of ranges for the total amount of corners in a game, for example, from 0-6, 7-12 etc. Punters can also bet on which half of the game will feature the most corners, as well as on which team will reach a certain amount of corners first. There are also live betting markets, where punters can bet on the time of the first corner, or the next corner, or even the last corner in the game.

Keen sports betting punters can formulate a separate betting strategy for each of these markets. When it comes to betting on corners, though, there is a range of factors to take into account, most of which can apply to any of the above markets.

Formulating a corner betting system: Tactical insight is key

The key to betting on corners is the same as it is for more conventional forms of betting like goal-line wagering: knowledge. Betting on corners means that you must be aware of patterns of play and team tactics. A team as dominant as Celtic are in the Scottish Premiership, for example, will tend to win a lot of corners. This is because they put teams under pressure every time they play domestically. Teams who have to defend are often forced into conceding corners. This can even happen if a team like Celtic don’t score. They might win 35 corners over the course of 90 minutes, and had out a real hiding, but still draw the game 0-0.

Making corner kicks predictions is therefore slightly different to simply predicting the result or the winner of a match. The number of corners a team might win during a game is also dependent on their style of play. Teams who attack on the flank, with right footed wingers on the right, and left footed wingers on the left, will tend to win more corners. This is because they will look to swing in out-swinging crosses, mainly aimed at the far post. Defending this kind of cross is tough, and defenders often are forced into putting the ball out for a corner.

Your corner betting strategy: Other factors to consider

Corner kick

Another thing to consider when formulating corner betting strategies is how a team usually approaches a match. Some teams, like Manchester City when they play in the Premier League, will be dominant all the time, looking to maintain possession and create plenty of goal scoring chances and this should influence your Premier League betting. Other teams may well play a much more cagey style, looking to draw the opposition onto them, and then hit on the break. Teams may switch styles during a game too, depending on what is happening.

That is why studying corner betting statistics is important for anyone looking to place wagers on this type of market. It pays to look at factors such as the average amount of corners in a football match when certain teams play. Your corner betting strategy should also take into account factors such as a team’s league position and their recent form. Teams who are struggling in the league and losing a lot of games will also often concede a fair amount of corners. Of course, for live betting markets, a team really pushing for a late winning goal will always be likely to win plenty of corners too.

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How to find the best corner betting strategy

Weighing up the odds on different markets for betting corners requires patience and thought. In many ways, it is a similar process to weighing up bets on horse racing. There really is no limit on the most corners in a football match, so it’s up to you to consider just how high the total can go. Tight games between sides in good form can produce far fewer corners than games between unevenly matched teams. You need to be well aware of the form of both teams going into a match when you want to use your own corner betting system.

Focusing your research on less well-known leagues and competitions can also bring some good value. Knowing a lot about certain leagues and the teams within them can help you to identify good value markets more easily. By focusing on more obscure leagues and teams, you will also pick up good value bets that many other punters will miss. If you are serious enough, then you can take notes on the performances and statistics of teams, and use it to produce your own betting guide, as a source of useful information for your future reference.

Live betting requires more concentration. For live betting on the number of corners, or when a corner will next occur, requires you to be watching the game. This type of betting means you must be very sensitive to how the momentum of the game is flowing, and pay close attention to events, such as red cards, which can change that momentum.

Possible options for a corner betting bookmaker

When choosing from the best online bookmakers for corner betting, then it wise to look for one which places football betting at the front and centre of its services. You should also check out the type of sports betting bonus on offer. As well as lucrative welcome bonuses, many bookies also offer recurring bonuses for football punters, such as accumulator boosts or bet insurance. Here are three good bookmakers to consider for corner betting.

Paddy Power: Creative marketing makes this bookie a hit for punters

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power is well worth considering if you want to use corner betting rules to bring in big winnings. It is a company which offers punters plenty of markets for corner betting. In addition to standard corner markets, punters can also combine bets on corners with bets on the number of cards in a game, in specially tailored joint bets. There is also a good welcome bonus for new customers, with all everyone who registers for a new account receiving £10 risk free first bet. Paddy Power are also known for their irreverent marketing campaigns, which turn up plenty of event and sport specific additional bonuses of which punters can take advantage.

Bet Victor: A solid all-rounder with a good welcome bonus

Another worthwhile bookie to consider for betting on corners is Bet Victor. This British bookie has a big focus on football betting, and there are plenty of leagues and competitions on which punters can place bets. The website is well designed and simple to navigate. Bet Victor also offers a good welcome offer to new customers, with £50 of free bets and £10 worth of casino credit on offer for everyone who registers for a new account.

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Corner betting: rules for a winning strategy

The most basic requirement for a winning corner betting strategy is the same as it is for most other types of sports betting strategy. You need expert knowledge about football. Corner betting takes that requirement for detailed knowledge up a level or two, though. It is not simply enough to know that teams have won games, you need to know how they went about winning those games. Tactics and team morale, along with a host of other factors, shape the number of corners that will be won in a football match. You need patience and genuine knowledge to shape a winning corner betting strategy.


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