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What is Asian Handicap Betting? | Asian Handicap Betting Explained

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You’ve almost certainly heard of this betting technique, especially if you’ve spent some time reading through our OpenOdds reviews. But, what is Asian handicap betting exactly? Asian handicap betting essentially creates a handicap so that the chances of a team winning are evened out. Most of the time one team will be better than another one, even if the difference is small.

How does Asian handicap betting work? An example of a handicap in football might be that the more dominant team has to score more goals in order to win. In basketball a more dominant team may have to win by a certain margin of baskets for them to win the bet. It essentially creates a match-up where the chance of either team winning the bet is 50/50.

This system of betting first came into existence in the first part of the 21st century in Indonesia. Journalist Joe Saumarez Smith first coined the phrase “Asian Handicap” during November of 1998.


  • Advantages: the advantages of Asian Handicap betting will be explained so that you can figure out why this betting type is worth taking advantage of.
  • Types: the various types of Asian handicap betting will be shared to give you a basic understanding.
  • Betting tips: some simple Asian handicap betting tips will be given so that the smart bet can be placed.

Advantages of Asian Handicap Betting

First of all Asian handicap betting can potentially improve your odds when compared to betting on sports in the traditional way. An Asian handicap betting system can be implemented where the odds are potentiality in your favour, and not the bookies. This gives you an opportunity to make more money from betting, which is another advantage.
Also with Asian handicap betting you can place a bet on a team that is an underdog at even odds. It wouldn’t be possible to do this with a traditional betting setup.

Finally, the thing that punters love most about Asian handicap betting is that it allows the bet to be a flexible one. For some punters flexibility is important and the main reason why they would go with Asian handicap betting. Using a simple betting strategy the average punter can take advantage of the betting format to make some money.

Types of Asian Handicap Betting – How does Asian handicap betting work?

For football betting there are 3 main types of Asian handicap betting:

  1. Full goal: this is when a whole number is used to give the underdog a head start. For instance, a negative value is assigned to the stronger team, or a positive value is placed on the weaker team. An example would be that a matchup between Manchester United and Chelsea would start with 0-1 in favor in Chelsea.
  2. Half goal: this is when half integers are used to give a certain team an advantage over another one. With this option the draw in football matches is eliminated and that means there can only be two outcomes – a win or a draw. If you are the kind of bettor that hates a draw then the half goal Asian handicap might be just the thing that you are looking for.
  3. Quarter goal: the quarter goal Asian handicap uses quarters in order to manipulate the scores so that it is an even match-up. This type of bet is the most difficult to understand for the average punter because there are 4 possible outcomes. These are a win, loss, half win and half loss. This adds another dimension of complexity to the betting that you might enjoy or dislike.

What are Asian handicap betting tips?

In order to get started with Asian handicap betting you need to use some basic strategies. Make sure you understand Asian handicap betting before getting involved as it can be confusing for newcomers. Asian handicap betting is all about figuring out when the handicap has been assigned to the match in a manner that you feel is not justified. For example, if a really big handicap is given to a certain team, perhaps you can capitalise on that by betting on them to win. Just like with traditional betting you need to spot the matches where the odds are not reflective of what they should be in your opinion.

Claim Betfair bonusConclusion: Asian Handicap betting explained

Now that you have a basic understanding of what Asian handicap betting is all about you can select one of the best online bookmakers from our list and give it a go for yourself. You’ll see that nearly all of the top bookmakers offer this betting format as it has been quite a popular entry to the betting industry.

When checking out a new bookmaker with the hopes of doing some Asian handicap betting don’t forget to take advantage of the welcome bonus offers to give yourself a better chance at building a bankroll in the first few days of betting.

Still asking yourself "what is Asian handicap betting?" If you need Asian handicap betting explained to you in greater detail before you start betting, we encourage you to do some research of your own now that you have been introduced to this top betting technique.

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